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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another bloody sunrise in Guadalupe Distrito Bravos


It was a bloody sunrise for the people of this dusty Mexican border town on Tuesday.

Police found two male heads on top of a cement wall in the plaza of Guadalupe Distrito Bravos, a town on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, right across from El Paso, Texas.

Two headless bodies, one of them stabbed in the back, were later found in two separate homes.

Another man and a woman were then discovered in a nearby house with their throats slashed.

Chihuahua state police said they believed all the killings were related.

The first victim appeared to be Cruz Alfonso Salazar, 32. His wife reported to police that she had seen men shoot him dead early on Tuesday, then cut his head off and stick a knife in his back.

Officers found Cruz's headless body in his own home and then the headless body of 25-year-old Daniel Marrentes Hernandez in a house across the plaza.

At the fourth crime scene, at a nearby home, police discovered the bodies of the man and woman whose throats had been cut. Officers found a rifle and two bloody kitchen knives. They identified the man as Jesus Rivas Ramos, 35, but didn't release the woman's name.

Town on lucrative drug route

Authorities did not discuss possible motives for the slayings or indicate whether the killings were drug-related.

The town stands along a lucrative drug corridor being fought over by the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels.

Guadalupe Distrito Bravos has no police department after the only officer, Erika Gandara, was kidnapped in December.

It is now heavily guarded by soldiers and federal police who set up random checkpoints on the highways that connect it and other farming towns to Ciudad Juarez, which has become one of the world's deadliest cities.

The public transportation system cancelled bus runs between Ciudad Juarez and the town after drivers said they had been attacked by gunmen.

The bodies of three relatives of a slain rights activist were found in the desert outside Guadalupe Distrito Bravos in February.

Eerie quiet

The case of Josefina Reyes, who was killed in 2010, and her family gained notoriety because they were attacked over the course of a year and remaining relatives recently fled the town of Guadalupe to live in an undisclosed city in Mexico.

Although residents said on Tuesday that it had been quiet for the last few weeks, at least a dozen homes and businesses look closed and burned.

"People here only go out to do their activities. They don't go out to have fun, they don't go out for a walk, they don't go out to the bar," said a cotton farm worker, who insisted on not being quoted by name out of fear for his safety.


  1. JUST HOW BAD WILL IT GET WHEN THERE IS NO LAW ENFORCMENT WHATSEVER ?? The poet,the gangs the left all want the military and feds out just think how peacful it will be then. IDIOTS !!

  2. "Guadalupe Distrito Bravos has no police department after the only officer, Erika Gandara, was kidnapped in December." And the criminals know it!

    Even if there are army personnel setting up ckpoints etc. there is no official law enforcement officers in charge of the town, doing investigative work, to solve the criminal cases that happen daily in this community.

  3. Jus heard on multimedios nuevo leon el piolin man arrested for murder of agent jaime zapate was killed in a prison by a rival group borderlandbeat u heard dat yet?

  4. For the good people of Mexico it's time to infulltrate the cartels and set them up for eradication. Stand up and change your government
    bring God back into your lives FIGHT BACK TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY. MR.PREZ, feed your people, give them work, pay your people a good wage. PROVIDE!!!! US we need stronger drug laws, we need to close the borders, no one in or out.

  5. Don't think its the same Piolin

  6. Its not about removing all law enforcement. Its about getting rid of the prohibition on drugs so mexico doesn't have to waste funds and resources they should be using to fight the violence. The prohibition creates such a lucrative market that someone will always be ready to murder someone for the profits. We need to take responsibility in the US that our laws fuel much of this violence. We need to legalize with mandatory education and age restrictions. I don't think any drug dealers check ID

    Aaron H


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