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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Governor of Sinaloa is Accused of Meeting with El Chapo

At least eight banners with slogans against the Governor of Sinaloa, Mario López Valdez, were hanged on bridges early Monday in several different cities.

The messages made reference to an alleged meeting López Valdez had with narco-trafficker Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, in which he allegedly asked the politician to clean up the northern part of Sinaloa so he could move about in the region as well as provide him with information.

In the banners they also accuse the General of the Ninth Military Zone of supporting the police in Sinaloa, who are at the orders of "El Chapo" Guzman.

Three of the banners were located in the capital of Sinaloa, one of them on the bridge Soriana Zapata, located on the Boulevard Emiliano Zapata in the neighborhood of Lomas del Bulevar, another at a pedestrian bridge over Club de Leones, and one in Puente Negro Bridge on Niños Héroes Boulevard.

Police also found banners hanging from the bridges over the road Millán and 16 de Septiembre at the intersection of International Mexico Highway 15, in the City of Guasave.

One more was found in Sinaloa de Leyva and two more in front of a school in El Fuerte, where classes were suspended for fear of violence.


  1. The Beltrans and Zetas are really stepping up their offensive against Chapo/Sinaloa lately, I still think it amounts to very little in the grand scheme of things, but they seem to be increasingly violent and challenging Sinaloa in their own territory. We'll seee where it stands at the end of the year.

  2. wonder how i could get the plaza for narco banners could be lucrative

  3. Damn! I hope el chapo keeps his head down. Looks like they are really gunning for him. He's too big of a name to stay out of the head lines as long as he had. Its about time some information started to trickle down. The next few months should be interesting

  4. The Zetas, B.L and Mazatlecos have entered Culiacan to heat up the plaza for los Antrax. Cheyo and Frankie Antrax have been killed in a shootout with the military already, they were very close to M1. The circumstances of their deaths are a bit iffy, they might've been betrayed.

    The Mazatlecos if you're wondering are of course really just an extension of the B.L, led by a "Chapo Isidro", and rumor has it most of the Zetas in Sinaloa are B.L who simply took on a stronger brand name to instill fear and to keep heat off the B.L. Apparently they don't even take orders from 40 or Lazcano. So if you want to keep things simple you could say the Beltran Leyvas have entered Culiacan.

    Los Antrax have been keeping a low profile as the B.L throws grenades at government institutions, kidnap and execute people and put up these nice narcomantas. The sanguinarios aren't the bravest or most effective bunch. Chapo and Mayo are sending reinforcements. Los Antrax are probably hoping the police and military will take care of the contras, after all, if they don't then what good is paying them?

    Either way, large convoys of Zetas/B.L/Mazatlecos, whatever you want to call them, have entered so whatever they're trying to do they're serious about it. I'd expect alot of shootouts in and around Culiacan in the following months.

  5. BB, I really appreciate the updates to who is hanging the narco banners and where, but I find it hard to believe that you would use these banners as reference to the title of your article. I honestly dont think anything written in Nacro banners can be taken too seriously, even if it is just "accusing" someone.

  6. @ 7:02 AMNews is news. The banners themselves explain some of the conflicts, and who is involved. It is getting much harder to figure out who is fighting some places. I appreciate BB putting the info out there for us to filter. I would tend to agree with what is in the banner but that has been common knowledge about the governor and Chapo for years.

  7. @ anon 7:02

    Sounds believable to me. I would assume chapo meets with the gov of sinaloa a couple times a year

  8. Just another "Mexican Novella" Like the American
    Show As the World Turns or "All My Children" !
    Who gives a F--k if El Chapo,the Zetas,BL's or
    whoever runs Sinaloa? It's all drugs and money my friends thats it.

  9. How can he meet up with the governor he el Chapo was in Argentina??


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