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Monday, May 30, 2011

Document Reports Hunt for Capos

The Gulf and Sinaloa cartels will put a price on the heads of seven collaborators of Nazario Moreno "El Chayo" leader of "La Familia Michoacana" or "Los Templarios", whom the federal government has presumed as dead since December 8 2010.

A federal intelligence document indicates that of the seven targets, two are behind bars and is related to Cipriano Mendoza, "El Remy" and Antonio Arcos Martínez, "El Toñón," and this last one was captured hours before "El Chayo " allegedly lost his life during a chase.

Others implicated have not been arrested nor is there news of their death.

According to the document, organizations of Tamaulipas and Sinaloa deployed cells of gunmen in Michoacán from late 2010, to finish them, along with officials who allegedly protect this criminal group, although their names are not listed.

The document states that their main targets were, at the beginning, "El Toñón" and Alberto Guizar Reyes "El Bato," trusted close partners of "El Chayo".

According to the report, four of the seven members of the security protection circle of Moreno, formed part of a list of 25 prisoners that were rescued by "Los Zetas" in a criminal assault on the operation of Apatzingan on the January 5, 2004.

The authorities have confirmed that this rescue was ordered by Carlos Rosales "El Tísico" former operator of the Gulf Cartel in Michoacan and Guerrero. He was the boss of Nazario until 2004 and close friend of Osiel Cardenas. Rosales is currently incarcerated.

The personal body guards of "Chayo" listed in the document that were rescued from the prison 7 years are Alberto Guizar "El Bato," Cipriano Mendoza "El Remy," Eleuterio Guzmán "La Botella" and Juan Carlos García Martínez .

The documents also signals to two individuals only identified as "El Calabazo" and Armando "El Mandos."

Among the alleged targets of the Sinaloa and the Gulf cartel are "El Toñón" who was arrested in Morelia on December 6 2010, a few hours before his boss "El Chayo" was shot in the Sierra Apatzingán by members of the Federal Police and the military.

Several of the seven collaborators of Nazario Moreno at the time were members of the Gulf Cartel when Osiel Cardenas was boss and their armed wing were "Los Zetas", who they broke away in 2006. When Moreno consolidated his leadership, some of which were his bodyguards who even went on to become leaders of plazas.

According to the document "El Toñón" was one of them, he was a sicario for the capo and years later became the leader of the plaza in the town of Apatzingan, where Nazario Moreno is also from.

The profile of the other sicarios is very similar in age and experience.

"El Bato" is a young, 26 year old, gunslinger born in Uruapan and wanted by the justice for two killings attributed to him in 2003.

Eleuterio Guzmán "La Botella" is another of the persons accused of murder in 2003 and escaped the prison of Apatzingan the following year. His accomplice Juan Carlos Garcia was wanted for a murder committed in 1997 when he was just 22 years old.

The police record of Cipriano Mendoza "El Remy" has him charged with murder since 1995 in Apatzingán and it is said that after his escape from justice in 2004, he was spent time recruiting "kaibiles" from Guatemalans to work for "La Familia." On February 16, 2007 he was recaptured.


  1. This article makes no sense. Very hard to follow

  2. yeah what the hell, could someone rewrite the article so it makes better sense.

  3. 10:08, Your right I was confused myself and read it sevral times. But dont get it. CDS and CDG wana kill of members of la familia, why,,?

  4. I thought it made perfect sense. Ya'll have to know the main players to understand this.

  5. This whole time I thought la familia where allies of sinaloa and golfo? What ever happened to carteles unidos? Sucks for la familia though if this is true...

  6. 100% true. Sinaloa has not supported la familia for a long time. Everyone thinks that CDS backs them up because of Gerardo Ortiz and other fantasy corrido artists. Just go to any area in Jalisco that is controlled by CDS/CDJNG and tell them you are from LFM or la resistencia and see what happens.

  7. As I have said before, cartels unidos does not exist and la familia are on every ones hit list due to te fact that they rob, kidnap and extort innocents. There is also an unconfirmed report that they sent the military to kill Ignacio Coronel in hopes of taking the lucrative plazas of Colima and Jalisco, this never happened.

  8. @11:57 am
    True. Even Gerardo learned this the hard way in villa de Alvarez Colima (controlled by la resistencia) when he was nearly killed.

  9. So, why were those banners hung last year? Did the alliance just break down, or was it never really there? Just a bluff, to intimidate the Zeta's?

  10. It makes sense to me and easy to follow, for people who do not follow the Mexican narco events in detail, I can see how this does not make sense.

    In simple terms, the Sinaloa and Gulf never did (and does not) trust the leadership of La Famila, even way before they were la Familia. La Familia, just never seemed to fit in. The Gulf recently tolerated La Familia because they needed help with Los Zetas, but La Familia can't even hold on to their own turf, yet alone help anyone. Sinaloa does not need La Familia, why would they share real state or profits with them?

    We know that when La Familia was working with Sinaloa, Sinaloa really never trusted them and even tried to kill them (above). This document from intelligence on the relationship between Sinaloa and even Gulf clears a lot of questions for sure!

    Right now La Familia and crew are getting in the way, they need to be taken out and guess who wants to do that?


  11. Actually this came from a long intelligence report, confirmed by many principals involved, Buggs just translated it, it is up to you to decide what it means, for some of us, we have known this for a long time, except of course for the ones who get their news from CNN!

    This means that La Familia never had a chance, and that is why there is fighting within, right now Sinaloa and Gulf know Zetas will try to encroach on Michoacan and Jalisco, La Familia has never been able to defend their region because CDS has not been very supportive, just tolerant. CDS has been too busy in Juarez and TJ, but now that La Familia is a problem, expect changes!


  12. Shit! Explains all the recent turmoil around Michoacan.

  13. Texcoco Mex said.

    Anon May 31, 2011 10:08 AM
    This article makes no sense. Very hard to follow.

    Well I read this article in Spanish and it make no sense aether.

  14. After reading all these comments you guys haven't payed attention to recent events that have taken place in Acapulco and in Tijuana with LFM and CDS, those narcomensajes in Acapulco that had Guzman spelled wrong, the message was contra La Familia and was one of a couple narcomensajes contra LFM. LFM has obviously splintered into two groups.

    I can make an educational assumption that Los Cabberos Templarios are that group allied with Chapo(CDS). I believe that this is obviously been going on since El Chayo passed away and alliances where chosen then but we the public have bearly caught on....... Please inform yourselves before making an emotionally based comment....

  15. There isn't really much fighting in Tijuana, there are murders, but it really doesn't seem (to me) to be one cartel fighting another. But, there was period when several LFM members were killed, and narco messages left with them, from Sinaloa affiliates. Probably a result of that conflict, or maybe the Familia just got out of line, they are paying taxes (allegedly) in Tijuana to Ingeniero, who (allegedly) has an agreement with Sinaloa.

    It's all really convoluted, and complicated to follow, even for people that are on here everyday. I don't think either of the La Familia groups are affiliated or backed up by Chapo. La Familia, I think is going to go the way of Beltran Leyva, heavy fighting for 9 months to a year, then an almost total breakdown, where they will be assimilated into another group. It's too bad, because the violence will get bad in Michoacan, etc. Just look at that vidoe, they are weakened, but still have the capacity for a lot of violence and bloodshed.

  16. La plaza de Michoacan will return to CDS control as it was several years ago.

  17. i think the caballeros templarios are allied with or at least supported by cds. if u notice most of the large arrests are from members of lfm or los zetas. cds is using the mexican army to weaken both cartels and at the same time making it look like the army is fighting the war on drugs.they nevermake any big arrests of cds or cdg.sinaloa is in cahoots with the army! some of the army is probably cds . chapo is trying to turn all big cartels into mini cartels and eventually absorb them . cds was chosen to clean up mexico and bring it under controlled narco state supported by the army .

  18. @11:58pm
    Yea sure.
    List of CDS members and affiliates captured or killed in recent years.
    Ignacio Coronel in Guadalajara
    Theodoro Semental AKA EL Teo in Tijuana
    EL muletas in Tijuana
    EL jabali in Sonora
    Vicente Zambada alias el Nino
    Javier Torres Felix AKA El JT

    Any questions?

  19. i didnt mean they havent captured any cds . they have to arrest some so it doesnt look like the army is favorin the sinaloa cartel. the only big guy arrested thatu listed was coronel.and chapo probably gave him up! just like he did to the beltrans! thats y they broke off from them . chapo doesnt want one guy gettin to influentual in the cds . kind of like trying to start a coup and overthrow him.the other ones from tijuana were just puppets whos loyalty was originally to the arrellano felix. would u trust them ? he just used them to weaken the for vicente jr.the u. s probably provided the intel on him so they had to act. i think that evetually its gonna be sinaloa against the zetas. the reason so many people are dying is because of blood feuds. im from el paso and i know some people affilated with the juarez cartel who keep fightin even tho they probably wont win becuz of their whole families being wiped out by their rivals . they have nothin to live for than revenge. thats how u get all these little groups who fight on against unbeatable nos. to much bad blood. thats y know one can truly ever win. would u forget if ur mom and dad were brutally murdered and u had a chance to get revenge?



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