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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clashes sweep through Monclova, Coahuila

Un agradecimiento especial a las fuerzas armadas Mexicanas, héroes que dan la vida por la ciudadanía ya que la policía local ha sido sobrepasada si no es que absorbida por bandas delictivas.

“Our warmest gratitude goes out to our Mexican Armed Forces who are giving their lives to protect citizens because the local police have been overwhelmed, if not absorbed, by criminal gangs.”

The above is a gesture of appreciation from a resident and blogger from Monclova, Coahuila.

A resident of Monclova shot in the leg on Bulevar Harold Pape

From the late night hours of Tuesday to early Wednesday morning the third largest city in the state of Coahuila, Monclova, was the scene of armed clashes between bands of criminals fighting each other and the authorities.

According to witnesses the clashes began at 11:00pm Tuesday on the bulevar Harold Pape, the main commercial throughfare in Monclova, lined with businesses and restaurants. It appears that two rival groups of gunmen fought a running battle on the boulevard, scattering late night pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Several injuries to innocent bystanders were reported.

A clash was reported between marines who arrived to seal off the boulevard and gunmen in the vicinity of the Teatro de la Gente where grenade explosions were heard.

Harold Pape boulevard remained closed until 8:00am Wednesday morning.

Witnesses reported four bodies being recovered in the area of the Cuatro Vientos restaurant on the boulevard.

There were other widespread clashes in the city. After midnight gunfire was reported in the Estancias area, and gunfire erupted in the Colonia El Pueblo at 2:15am Wednesday.

In a statement to the press, Coahuila District Attorney Domingo Gonzalez Favela announced two marines were killed in the latest incident in Monclova. Gonzalez also confirmed the death of an innocent bystander in the fighting. The victim, identified as Raul Avila Rodriguez from Sabinas, Coahuila, was caught in a crosfire in his vehicle.

No deaths or arrests of the criminals involved was confirmed but twitter entries spoke of up to fifteen gunmen killed.

The latest information released in Thursday's Zocalo Saltillo newspaper is that the Coahuila Attorney General's Office confirmed four soldiers were killed in the clashes. 

The fighting in Coahuila is sure to add fuel to the campaign fire as the race for Governor heats up between Ruben Moreira of the PRI (linked to Los Zetas and younger brother of former Governor Humberto Moreira) and Jose Guillermo Anaya of the PAN (Senator and compadre to President Calderon, and linked to the Beltran Leyva cartel and Sergio “el Grande” Villarreal Barragan)

The signs of vehicle traveling on rims after its tires have been shot out, Miguel Blanco street in Monclova,

Stray bullets filled the air, bottom two images.

Forensic team gathering evidence outside the Cuatro Vientos restaurant

Balacera en #Monclova desde twitter

Balacera en Monclova, la mas mejor

Asesinan a 4 militares en Coahuila


  1. How is Ruben Moreira of the PRI linked to Los Zetas?

  2. God bless those marines who died protecting the populatiuon from these evil scum.

    To answer the above posters question, I'm assuming Ruben Moreira has ties to the Zetas due to his brother, former Governor Humberto Moreira, being a well known Zeta. When Humberto was in power, he was known as Governor Zeta.


  4. Tha dirtier you are and corrupt, makes it more likely to get you into office in mexico, peolpe are just to terrified to go out and vote for anyone else sad but true an the u.s. dont care


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