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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Attacks on police continue in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon.

The murdered police officers were identified as (l to r) Rafael Guerrero Castañeda 39, Raymundo Cruz Moren,51, and Carlos Alberto Duarte Castro,37.

In a shootout with grenades and high-powered weapons that lasted at least 15 minutes, three municipal policemen from the Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, force were murdered and one officer was seriously wounded by gunmen Wednesday morning on the highway to Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The attack occurred shortly after 2:00 am in the Colonia Xochimilco area.

According to initial reports, three police units exchanged gunfire with suspects during a pursuit on Avenida Israel Cavazos. Upon reaching the highway to Reynosa another group of gunmen ambushed the police vehicles, pinning down the officers between both groups of gunmen.

It was unknown if the gunmen suffered any casualties, and no arrests were reported. The police may have only been armed with standard issue sidearms.

Last year the army and federal authorities confiscated all assault type weapons from several municipal police forces in the Monterrey metropolitan area as part of efforts to cleanse the departments of personnel linked to organized crime.

One of the reasons was to check the ballistics of the weapons for matches to homicides.

In particular the San Nicolas, Apodaca, Escobedo and Guadalupe municipal police were heavily infiltrated by Los Zetas, with officers providing intelligence, early warning and protection to the drug cartel.

Hundreds of officers have been removed from the departments after failing the vetting process, some have been incarcerated.

In the case of Guadalupe, since the current mayor, Ivonne Alvarez Garcia, came into office in 2009, approximately 400 police officers have been dropped from the force for failing the vetting process or for being the subject of criminal investigations.

Earlier this month, on May 5th, 23 Guadalupe municipal police officers were arrested by army troops and transferred to the custody of the Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s office for investigation of their alleged role in the disappearance of the Apodaca chief of police, Milton Alvarado Rojas, and his ten man security detail.

Matan en balacera a 3 policias

ejercito detiene a 23 policias de Guadalupe


  1. So by taking away the honest ones assault weapons they get severed up on silver platters, now that's not going to get any better, help them out and get more recruits armed with some real weapons.

  2. Killing police officers in Mexico is epedimic, seems that the Fed would make a special taskforce to AVENGE,create respect, take some special measures,should be public hanging for cop killers. As far as I can tell killing a police person is just another unsolved Mexican Murder, WRONG.

  3. Of course the problem is how exactly do you know who is a honest cop and who is not.

    So is it CDG assaulting alleged Zeta cops or Zetas attacking cops who have no joined?

  4. Considering their age, they have been in for a while so they are probably Z cops.

    The feds stripped the Juarez Police of their weapons to give the Sinaloens the advantage and left the Juarez cops and the public as sitting targets. Calderon and the feds don't care. As long as his team is on top, it doesn't matter!

  5. Did anyone see the video on the police confiscating airsoft guns? LMAO!!


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