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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Urban warfare erupts in Acapulco

A clash between security forces and gunmen in the early morning hours of Monday resulted in 3 fatalities and a commercial area in ruins in the metropolitan area of this troubled tourist destination.

The fatalities included 2 gunmen and a Mexican Army soldier. The fighting also left 2 policemen, a soldier and an innocent bystander injured. 7 Gunmen, including 2 with gunshot wounds were apprehended.

The incident began at 4:30am in the Colonia Emiliano Zapata area when, according to authorities, a Joint Urban Operations patrol surprised a large group of gunmen in the commercial zone. (The joint operations unit, known in Spanish by its acronym, BOMU, consists of military troops and federal and state police officers formed to combat warring organized criminal gangs in Acapulco).

Gunfire was exchanged between the BOMU unit and the gunmen for more than an hour during which the fighting spread to the Ciudad Renacimiento area. Grenade explosions were also reported by neighbors and witnesses.
During the fighting in the commercial zone a fire erupted that engulfed and destroyed the Acatianguis market complex, destroying up to a hundred stalls and a neighboring Comercial Mexicana installation and warehouse in addition to several parked cars.

Both buildings and their inventory were destroyed and the economic loss was reported to be considerable.

According to a source in the Secretariat of Public Security and Civil Protection (SSPPC), the confrontation between gunmen and the BOMU unit occurred when the gunmen, who were travelling in at least 3 vehicles were intercepted while they were in the process of setting fire to the Acatianguis market complex.

The market complex was being disputed by rival ciminal gangs and was reported to be a lucrative source of income where hundreds of merchants were forced to pay extortion “cuotas”, or fees..

The fire was put out by firefighters from the municipality of Buenos Aires by 7am.

Three vehicles belonging to the gunmen and an undetermined numbers were seized. Also seized were several bulletproof vests marked with the initials “FEMK”.

According to a state SSP official, “FEMK” means "Fuerzas Especiales de Melón y Koreano”, or "Special Forces of Melon and Koreano”.

Melon and Koreano are the aliases used by 2 cell leaders belonging to the Cártel Independiente de Acapulco (Cida), or the Independent cartel of Acapulco. This criminal group is fighting for the Acapulco “plaza” against bands of criminals led by Heber Jair Sosa Carvajal “El Cremas” and Cristian Hernández Tarín.

Earlier Monday morning, at approximately 1:00am, two human heads were located on Avenida Escenica not far from a burning Volkswagon sedan. Authorities responding to the crime scene reported that the bodies of the victims were missing.


  1. Are those two mentioned after the CIDA leaders, Sinaloa cartel reps or another local group, vying for power? Acapulco is a mess, it's evident that the CIDA have an El Teo like faction to contend with the opposition, guys who are probably bloodthirsty, desperate, and willing to do whatever to keep the amounts of money coming in. Probably heavy drug users like Teo's crew too. Sad state of affairs.

    I was trying to explain to a friend why Acapulco is not somewhere to visit now, because regardless of whether they would be targeted, which could easily be the case, the violence is erupting in tourist and local areas. You go out to a bar, and as you sip a drink, gunmen execute 10 random patrons.

  2. "In the latest effort, the 2008 Merida Initiative, Congress approved $1.3 billion in military resources for the Mexican government. To date, however, the State Department has allocated only one-quarter of the funding and the violence has escalated."

    Because government officials are pocketing the money!

  3. I frequent Acapulco and though it's a gorgeous place with some of the best people on earth, it's a ticking time bomb and anyone who goes is truly taking their life i their own hands. I have had many disagreements with friends over this because they always say they don't want to bother tourists..BS!! So many innocent friends of mine have been pulled over by armed gunman, beaten and robbed. Kids around 15yrs old with AK 47s...Nobody reports the armed robberies and yes they are happening in the tourist zone frequently. Many think because they don't see something, it didn't happen...BS! I honestly think pound for pound, Acapulco is more violent than many border areas. You guys only report some of the violence there...I follow it on a daily basis and there's NOT one single day I can think of this year where a headless or dismembered body didn't show up.

    The nightclubs are beyond dead. Good friends down there keep thinking by flaunting Habla Bien De Aca that good things will happen, but the wealthy from DF are afraid. Shoot outs are now a weekly occurance in heavily populated tourist areas. I feel sick knowing my favorite spot is a danger zone now...I also feel vulnerable to being robbed or worse late at night. Desperate times can lead to some bad shit! I don't know anyone where I live that's had to endur this crap or even know people robbed, but there I know at least a dozen.

    The article while good failed to mention the 12 bags of dismembered body parts found one block from the main avenue directly in the tourist zone along with one head on the roof of a jeep.....Even if this shit stops, it will take many years to regain it's notoriaty....very sad state of affairs...This is years of corruption and blind eyes that has led to this.

  4. El segundo grupo se formó a partir de una escisión del Cida y firma sus narcomensajes como La Barredora. Esta banda es liderada por Heber Jair Sosa Carvajal, El Cremas, y Cristian Hernández Tarín, El Cris, hijo del exlugarteniente del cártel de Juárez Arturo Hernández González, El Chaky, detenido en abril de 2003.

    Reportes oficiales consultados por Proceso indican que su campo de acción abarca la zona conurbada de Acapulco, sobre todo las colonias populares Emiliano Zapata, Ciudad Renacimiento, El Coloso, Puerto Marqués, Luis Donaldo Colosio y La Poza.

    Los mismos informes señalan que se trata de un grupo de sicarios y operadores locales que formaron parte de la estructura del narcotraficante Édgar Valdez Villarreal, exlugarteniente del cártel de los Beltrán Leyva, y que decidieron conformar el denominado Cida a partir de la captura de este capo en agosto pasado. La razón: no aceptaron el liderazgo que asumió su suegro Carlos Montemayor, El Charro, también aprehendido en noviembre último.

  5. La ruptura se debió, según una fuente de seguridad que pidió el anonimato, a que la organización de Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán decidió apoderarse del puerto a través de la célula dirigida por El Cris y El Cremas.....this means that CIDA vs El Cris and El Cremas who are now part of Chapo guzmans group....remember the 5 found recently in acapulco???? who was it signed by???

  6. I believe it's 3 groups fighting fortutus plaza. CIDA, CDS, and LFM. They found a dead LFM member dead a couple of weeks ago with a narco message by him.

  7. It wasnt the CIDA that did that forsure


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