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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dan Rather Reports, Excerpt from Mexican Standoff

Jorge Castañeda Gutman is a Mexican politician and academic who served as Secretary of Foreign Affairs (left) and talks about legalization of drugs.

We've all read the newspapers and seen the headline surrounding the bloody drug war in Mexico. The death toll soars as the United States backs Mexico's war on drug trafficking and tensions between the two governments threaten to fray this vital partnership.

So far, 34,000 Mexicans have been killed and now the drug cartels have expanded their reach from beyond the borders into all parts of the country.

Anxiety is high and many are saying it's time for a radical re think.

The 2006 election of President Calderon signaled a new cooperation. Calderon deployed his nation's military against the drug cartels who in recent years have grown into vicious criminal gangs. But some are saying what's being done now isn't enough.

In this special Dan Rather Reports, we travel to Mexico City to meet with top experts and observers to find out what is happening behind the scenes and what the future of Mexico holds.


  1. Where are the models of countrys in the world that have LEGALIZED drugs? What can society expect? Tax drug sales, A JOKE, drug dealers will not pay taxes,BIG NEWS criminals do not obey laws,any laws. Drugs are only one criminal problem Mexico has,only one--what about kidnapping,protection,car hijackig,How to you kiss up to get these crimes under control??

  2. Oh yeah, Castaneda has a fucking clue. He has had a big impact on his country over the past 20 years - not. Try reading one of his books about Mexico, in Spanish or English and see if it isn't the biggest intellectual gobbeltygook you ever tried to read. Ask him how much time he spends in Mexico vs time in the US.

    Of course we all know about honest Dan Rather and 60 Minutes. What a useless pair.

    And so the heavy-duty, profound answer is to make dope legal? That's it? That's the best the smart guys can do? Make it legal and tax it and we know how efficient the govt is at collecting taxes.

    Remember all that money from the Calif lottery that was going to make Calif schools so much better? Well, it has not happened. Calif schools still suck and still suck up all the money and they still scream for more.

  3. If drugs were legalized, drug dealers wouldn't be criminals, genius.
    Alcohol was once illegal in the US, now it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that is every bit as taxed as other businesses.

  4. WOW.. Should we also legalize kidnapping, human smuggling, collecting territory protection fee, prostitution, car jacking etc....???

  5. 9:57 - brilliant, so we can instantly convert el chapo from a murderous drug dealer to a non-criminal just like that? what are we waiting for?

    It's so much more complicated than that but you're the genius so 'splain it to us. But there are no logical connections to Prohibition so don't get on that soapbox, genius.

  6. @April 5, 2011 9:57AM,

    If Mexico legalizes drugs, it would'nt make damn bit of difference because the drugs would still be illegal in the U.S.-genius. The relationship between the U.S. and Mexico would all but be severed!! Mexico would be treated like a Cuba..economic sactions would be in place and Mexico's economy would be severely jeopardized!! No more funding from the U.S., no more NAFTA..etc.


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