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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going After the Zeta Bosses

The Mexican government announced that they are deploying special police groups to capture the leaders of Los zetas, who ordered the executions of hostages; according to SIEDO sources.

The federal government deployed special groups task in intelligence work in order to capture Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, El Z-40, and Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Lazca, leaders of the cartel of Los Zetas, as well as 10 others, including Omar Treviño Morales, El Z-42, for their alleged involvement in the killing of at least 120 people whose remains have been found in unmarked graves in the town of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, federal officials said who are collaborating with the Office of Special Investigations on Organized Crime (SIEDO).

They indicated that the number of victims that have been found so far (over 120 as the day of this report) in clandestine graves has overwhelmed the Forensic Medical Service of Tamaulipas in processing all the bodies, which has led examiners to conduct some of the autopsies in the field, that is in the interior of refrigerated trucks without the having the sufficient ability to preserve the remains.

The situation has prompted authorities to take the same action as was with the remains of the 72 migrant executed in August of 2010 by the same criminal organization (Zetas), and an undetermined number of the bodies will be transferred to Mexico city so that the office of the Attorney General (PGR) can start to make identifications.

Governmental officials have said that 17 suspected members of Los Zetas that were arrested as part of the group that participated in the executions have provided information about at least 15 other suspects that are implicated in the massacre. Many of the suspects had different designated roles such as lookouts (hawks) on roads and towns, all the way to roles of sicario, extortion and drug trafficking.

According to information collected by the Federal Public Ministry, in some cases the killers believed that their victims were members of the Gulf cartel and that is the reason they were killed, in others, for refusing to join the criminal group.

The search for the leaders of Los Zetas is allegedly conducted because the murderers said they operated under the instructions regional and national command of Heriberto Lazcano, aka El Verdugo or El Lazca, and Miguel Angel Treviño Morales. The PGR has offered reward of up to 30 million pesos for anyone who provides information leading to their capture.

According to the informants, Omar Treviño Morales, brother of El Z-40, is the one who operates in the region of San Fernando, Valle Hermoso and Miguel Alemán. PGR is also offering 30 million pesos for information leading to the arrest of this Zetas leader.


  1. Did I call it or what? I'm telling you people that Z-40 and el Lazca are going to fall this year! Just a matter of time. The Zetas are on everyone's shit list including the US. They are going down!

  2. The article probably ment 30 million pesos for Omar Trevino.
    It's looks like one of those zetas that were captured folded under torture, which I don't mind one bit. Catch or kill those bastards!

  3. All hat no cows ,political BS. The Mx Govt is F ing Helpless, because every local town is full of sympathisers who are alligned with Zetas,Gulf, Sinaloa, you name it, the whole place is a mess. Americans can not fathom the mentality,the culture, Mexico has ALWAYS BEEN A FAILED STATE,it is now in the process of EATING ITS SELF, little wonder, prejudice has been and is being EARNED.

  4. No! Please don't "capture" these pricks! Shoot on sight, license to kill approach only, just like with Pablo Escobar. These madmen are so warped they make those Colombian dudes look like amateurs, now they're killing babies, if you can believe it! If you capture them, the corrupt legal system will cut them loose in no time. Just yesterday, some fuking judge cut loose more than forty motherfukers from La Familia MIchoacana, those bastards are vicious... Don't take any more chances, make an example out of these fuking subhumans, and please, i don't wanna hear about "derechos humanos" shit anymore !!!


  6. They Are Not Gonna Get Them ! They Are Too Hard ! Trust Me

  7. Like the government is actually gonna pay all that money.they'll probably give people a couple of thousand and say your info was a little off.I bet the gulf is gonna think they won when the cops were the ones that got them and the gulf is having a party right now.But its only a matter of time before sinaloa tries to move in on the gulf like he did back in the day.

  8. I just wanna see the shootout.

  9. $30,000.00 pesos = how many U.S. dollars?

  10. Miguel and Omar treviño are in the state of Coahuila. Omar married a young girl named Carolina Fernandez who lives in Allende Coahuila. Her father Jesus Fernandez is a high ranking Zeta as well due to the marriage. She gave birth last year to a baby which she had in Eagle Pass, Texas. Omar has been seen in Allende and has a huge ranch close to there in Santa Monica,Coahuila.

    Allende was recently attacked by a group of Zetas that defected to the Gulf Cartel. Several families were kidnapped and not seen from again. Women and children were also taken when they attackers couldn't find the people they were looking for.

  11. Its about damn time

  12. What am I missing? Did they send an engraved announcement also? this is soo stupid, soo Messico.

    You want to know what I think? I will tell you anyway, I think Mexico looks so incompetent or suffering from a gross lack of concern for the poor migrants and the world is so pissed at the inaction after the grandiose promises of last August that they must divert the attention. e.g. Quick! tell the world we are getting bad guys!!!!

    Ah! but Mexico, you are the bad guys also, for allowing this tragedy to repeat. But really, did they Banners? send Zs a pretty announcement?

    Zs aren't going anywhere. This is the dog and pony show. They are too huge and in too many countries now. going after the capos does not work...sorry...unless you include 100s of the middle layer in the mix.

    My dos centavos

  13. Every cartel is out to get them, they will fall... Chapo, CDG, La Familia (knighttemplars now lol), and CDJNG, La Resistencia.. Who do the Zetas have? Beltran's leftovers, the remains of the Juarez Cartel? If this is true, it probably means that both the Govt and the Cartels will go on a cleansing project..

  14. 30,000,000 Pesos in todays rate=
    2,531,645.57 USD

  15. Lol the "carteles Unidos" are nothing.and CJNG isnt really fighting with them they just dont like them.This isnt a win for them the cops did it but theyre gonna act like it was all them.

  16. It seems like Zeta's are against the wall, do they have any allies, besides the Beltrans? Which is essentially none, as there influence is limited to northern Sinaloa and some holdouts in Sonora. I hope they are greatly reduced in the next months.

  17. A faction of the Zetas in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon rejoined the CDG and as proof of loyalty to the gulf they went on a killing spree throughout Coahuila and Nuevo leon kidnapping many of their supporters. The mass graves in San Fernando sealed their fate. They won't last much longer.

  18. I'm half surprised that CDG would allow them back, maybe they will be killed when they have outlived their usefulness. Is there an official story on the Zeta's in Coahulia/Nuevo Leon, or is it just word of mouth at this point?

  19. Mexico is so confused right now they cant even keep the dead body count straight! Seriously, they have miss counted the amount of dead bodies found and because of all the pieces and parts they cant figure out exactly how many there are so they just are throwing up numbers they think are close to the actual amount!

    Mexico is the world capital for every psychopathic serial killer on the planet, you can kill someone in Mexico in broad daylight with crowds of people, even police and walk away and it will be like nothing ever happened they just scoop up the bodies AND THEY GO THROUGH THERE POCKETS TO STEAL CELL PHONES AND ANY VALUABLES!

    No, Mexico doesnt need a death penalty, their catch and release program is working just fine! How dare I suggest a death penalty! I must be a racist of some kind for not coddling the criminals "human rights"

    Over decades the cartels have used psychological social engineering to condition the population to live in this huge, huge lie that they are selling the drugs to the "gringos" and taking care of the good people of Mexico and in doing so they have developed that attitude that is against the death penalty, it has nothing to do with human rights at all!

    The only problem is the cartels forgot to take care of the good people of Mexico and that Robin Hood bullshit was ALL a lie and Robin Hood has now turned into Freddy Kruger and Mexico has no idea what to do...

    Mexico should be erecting statues of General Carlos Bibiano all across Mexico because he realizes exactly what Mexico is facing and is not afraid to meet it head on, if there were more men like him in Mexico things would sure be allot better! Poncho Villa would be extremely proud of General Carlos Bibiano!

    Hopefully these "special groups" can dispatch and do away with these Zeta scum rather quickly and I pray to the good Lord above they do not make the mistake of stopping there, like ANY cancer to make sure it does not flare back up ALL of it must be removed which means Chapo, Coss and ALL the rest need to be dispatched and done away with as well!

    Only them can Mexico begin to heal but if they leave the other cartels intact then it has ALL been FOR NOTHING! That would be the biggest shame in the history of the entire world if they leave ANY of the cartels intact...

    To the good law abiding citizens of Mexico my heart goes out to you, no one should have to live in the conditions being imposed by the cartels, it is not just the Zetas it is ALL of them, Its is like one hand and the Zetas are the finger that is picking the nose but the other cartels are still fingers on the same hand...

    Cut off that entire hand and do way with it... Bring a new day to Mexico! Can you imagine the possibilities that will open up? The freedoms the Mexican people would have? It would be a wonderful day to be free...

    "ViVa La RaZa!" - Grande Goat Horn, A concerned "gringo"...

  20. So 2 Zeta brothers are fugitives and escaping justice,why not just kidnap their wives,children,and mommy,would they turn themselves in ???

  21. @GrandeGoatHorn

    Goat who are you to tell the Mexican People what we want and need? Its more complex then just your simple death penalty or death squads. This coming from some "Gringo" who doesn't live in Mexico. If your that concerned how about you come down here and do something about it couch commando instead of talking tough all over the internet. Of coarse this from some Gringo who lives comfortably across the border but doesn't have the balls to come join the fight. Yeah you show REAL CONCERNED. And How dare you talk about LA RAZA? WTF


  22. Don't get your panties in a wad Kyle. This is a forum for expressing opinions and that's all Grande is doing.

    You call G a couch commando but then you resort to name-calling and insults. You think you're the only one that understands anything because you live in Mexico?

    You're not a racist but you hurl "gringo" at G to insult him - ?? You want G to "join the fight"? What fight is that? What fight are you involved in? Why don't you tell him where and when to join you? 'Cause you aren't doing anything and you are afraid he does have the balls.

    What is La Raza? You? Since when are you the protector of this Raza? Describe a member of La Raza for us.

  23. All hat no cows ,political BS. The Mx Govt is F ing Helpless, because every local town is full of sympathisers who are alligned with Zetas,Gulf, Sinaloa, you name it, the whole place is a mess. Americans can not fathom the mentality,the culture, Mexico has ALWAYS BEEN A FAILED STATE,it is now in the process of EATING ITS SELF, little wonder, prejudice has been and is being EARNED.

    I have read a lot of people talking shit about Mexico including someone who call me Dear Blame and doesn't know about the origin of the items he think we make in Mexico.
    U.S.A people are loosing their houses by the thousands corruption is on the rise teachers are on strike shootouts are happening in schools bank robberies are increasing after 10 years of war they have not defeat the enemy in the middle east an enemy that has less than 500 million dollars the quality of life in the U.S is going down credit card fraud and identity theft is increasing they are still the # 1 consumer of drugs + drugs are coming in to U.S.A by the tons and I don't see U.S.A seizure of big quantities by U.S.A law men China is buying U.S.A and they are calling Mexico a FAILED STATE just because Mexico is fighting criminals. Four years ago Mexico was producing 980 billion dollars today Mexico is up to 1.5 trillion and the riches men in the world is in Mexico. I was born in Texcoco Mex and I learn English all by myself my education is low and I see how things have changed but not only in Mexico things are changing all over the world. I like the U.S as a super power but if you people don't get your head out of ass you will not be a super power no more. U.S war on drugs started when? I wonder when will you win that war? People the world will always be more impress by the power of your example than by the example of your power. (President Clinton said that he was a good man)
    Que viva Mexico que viva Calderon y que viva la militar Mexicana. and fuck all the haters.

  24. I don't like it when people criticize Mexico. But when people do it the way this guy GrandeGoatHorn did is acceptable. I was born in Texcoco Mex I don't agree with one or two things he said but I do think Mexico should use capital punishment.
    The dead penalty is need it here in my Mexico.

  25. @April 14, 2011-4:02 AM,

    First, I don't like it when people talk shit about the United States! The richest man resides in Mexico...yea he has a monopoly on the cell phone network, which would be illegal in the U.S. Plus, if Bill Gates (An American) didn't give a great deal of his fortune to philanthropy (charity)...he'd still be the richest man in the world!

    Second, the war in the Middle East (Iraq and Afghanistan) has been over the U.S.'s strategy (which I don't agree with) is to try and stabilize, rebuild, and support the new gov't factions coming to power. As for the new offensive in Libya, that's supposed to be a joint operation, as were the others. The U.S. tends to get singled out because let's face it..the U.S. is the greatest super power in the world, whether you like it or not.

    Third, if Mexico is so rich (social/economic structure is not) why do they need assistance from the U.S.? I'll answer that for you...without the economic support from the U.S. In things like (NAFTA), oil purchasing, tourism, various manufacturing facilities (American), etc...Mexico would be screwed!

    Understand, both countries have a long history and standing relationship with one another. You got to take the bad with the good. You can blame the U.S. all you want but that is not going to change, what's going on! Without a healthy relationship with the U.S. Mexico can not thrive!!!


  26. Useful tip. Mexican authorities should: delete the language "of up to". Just plain out pay the reward, flat! Second and most importantly: must add "Dead or Alive". Only then will the reward offer be effective.

  27. In reply to the last post, yeah buddy it's called a biletaral relationship, not unilateral. Don't be deceive and brainwash by maintstream media as most Americans are. There are facts and studies conducted that proof that NAFTA has not enhance Mexico's economy, like every other treaty it's disadvantegous to Mexico. We are in a commercial trade imbalance with the US. We don't have monopolies in the US? haha, please obviously they are not as evident, but why the heck is the majority of the wealth accounted by less than 5% of the population, and I highly doubt you are one of them, are you? There is unquestionable evidence that demonstrates impunity and corruption exists in the US, you just don't see it. Have you asked your self what is the US's real purpose or motive to aid all those foreign countries? are we all of the sudden the liberator or protector of the world? Eminent domain my friend, imperialism those are the values of this nation and unfortunately they are instill and promoted which prompts us to be incosiderate and illiterate when it comes to global issues such as Mexico's war situation. Analyze and judge our nation first before ranting on about other nations. Don't be bias and please do yourself a favor and educate yourself to establish credibility before commenting on other country's. It's irrefutable the linkage exits between the two countries and in order to find a resolution they must bilaterally and legitamelly cooperate with one another.

  28. I wonder how many will end up working for them... Isn't this how Los Zetas were formed in the first place?

  29. El Lazca y El 40 no van a caer este ano! I think these jerks will get ripped off with their guts hangin` out!

  30. Anon 11:15 AM

    It is worse than you stated. 90% of the wealth in the US is with the top 2% of Americans.

  31. I wonder how Omar Trevino can sleep or raise a child.He has many deaths on his concscience, and also army with United Cartels on his back.Maybe he has some money but he lives in constant fear.I think that he is not happy man. When army catch them, army should kill them immediately.Keeping them in jail is:too small punichment for them,keeping them in jail is risky and too expensive.They don't deserve to live after all this savagery.

  32. Texcoco Mex

    Why will people think NAFTA is the one changing Mexican Economy?

    Carlos Slim has a Cell Monopoly but he has a lot more investments not only in Mexico but also in the U.S and in South America and he also has charity for college and housing for low income people and much more.

    Now if the war in the Middle East is over were is Osama Bin Laden and when his trial will begin? After all Osama was the enemy.

    I like the U.S as a #1 Super Power so please don't let China take over. China is buying U.S.A debt and since U.S. is the greatest please buy it back because remember this the borrower will have to do what ever the lender said.

    I don't wont your pride to be damaged.

    Let's face it we all have problems.

  33. In respond to 9:08 AM
    Texcoco Mex said.

    Thank you for your help but out 182 countries of the world we are now on the 11Th place of the GDP list and we are producing 1,567,470 million dollars a year or 1.567 trillion thank you from the bottom of my hart now you should help São Tomé and Príncipe they are the last ones on the GDP list making only 311 million dollars a year or help Panama Salvador Uruguay Bolivia Honduras Costa Rica Guatemala they make less than 70,000 million dollars a year after all you guys are pure heart look at what you did for Iraq you stop the biggest producer of weapons of mass destruction of the world and saved the country from that terrible man who used to buy poison mustard gas from U.S.A to kill his enemies and his own people.

    Let's face it the other countries don't have what U.S want and nobody is perfect. I like the U.S half of my family live there as U.S citizens born in the U.S.A.

  34. Yeah you should see how these guys dress. Old suits like from some italian movie or some old arab movie. When they dress up they stick out like sore thumbs.

  35. Being a millionare drug lord is really not about wearing new fancy suits like the action movies like mexico is NOT the crime capital either, crime is around your neighborhood. what about the crazy americans who go for the school and movie theater shootings??? put your feet on earth because you are here!!

  36. Thank God,these criminals lived across the street from my family and nobody knew where they went after the initial take down by the marines


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