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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boss of Cartel del Pacífico Sur Killed the Son of Javier Sicilia

The lawyer of poet Javier Sicilia announced that Jesús Hernández Radilla, alias "El Negro" and Jorge Luquin are the killers of Juan Francisco Sicilia.
Jesús Hernández Radilla, alias "El Negro" boss of the Cártel del Pacífico Sur (CPS), and Jorge Luquin have been identified as the killers of the son of Javier Sicilia, announced his lawyer, Julio Hernandez.

Attorney General's Office, through the National of Rewards, will announce today the amount of reward offered for information leading to the capture of criminals.

Hernandez explained that in yesterday's meeting "with the Attorney General's Office, Marisela Morales, the governor of Morelos, Marco Antonio Adame, the local prosecutor, Luis Benítez Pedro Vélez, and the Deputy Attorney General, together agreed that now was the right time to release this information, and photographs to the National System of Rewards.

When questioned about the amount of rewards he responded that he did not know the amount although he explained that it was substantial amount in the reward "to encourage citizens to provide information on the suspects."

He also said that the authorities assured him that "these tips from sources are very safe, they are what they tell me, that there is no risk."

Hernandez said that the board that determines the amounts met this morning.

Im respect to investigations of the case, he said authorities already have general information of the geographical place where the crime occurred which is of course different from the place the where they found the victims and the place is said to be located on the edge of the city of Cuernavaca and in the town of Jiutepec as possible region where the crime was committed and it's expected that in the next coming days they will have the specific location."

On March 28, seven people were found dead inside a van abandoned in the highway Autopista del Sol, at the edge Las Brisas, in the town of Temixco, Morelos. Among the victims was Juan Francisco Sicilia Ortega, son of poet and writer.


  1. A reward. For what? What justice will these men face if caught. Somebody please tell the Mexican government to please stop pretending they give a shit about the public.

    Mexico needs a Mylasian style government and furnaces to dump those involved in the drug trade straight into hell. From the moment they are caught or wounded and sent straight to the furnace. No trial. No godamn human rights group!

  2. Typical Mexico WHAT IS THE TRUTH, Why Did these murders occur,who did it , who gave the order, Mexican reality is half truths,counter accusations,TURMOIL,CONFUSION,INACTION<ARREST OF LOW LEVEL PEONS. In the end nothing happens of substance,the fuss is glossed over,back to business as usual, WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO WORTHLESS??

  3. Haha nice political game Mexico. Hit two birds with one stone, El Negro is an important ally of los zetas.

  4. Why did they try to blame this one CDG? That whole thing struck me as strange, and El Negro strikes me as one of the most unscrupulous narco leader in recent history.

  5. J, is el general(hector) still in charge? whats the situation about the beltran leyva cartel?

  6. This poor guy is just wasting his time. If he has the resources, he should just put a hit on the heads of the beasts that killed his son and the others. Why deal with a government that is rife with corruption?

  7. lol I wish I knew more, but as far as I know El H is still boss in name, but he seems to have gone into hiding, and left Morelos to El Negro, who hasn't shown much besides a few bodies and child sicarios in the way of financial success or business acumen. The remnants of Beltran Leyva's are alleged to have a pact with Zeta's, and the remaining elements have territory in northern Sinaloa, and Sonora. But, they are holding on for scraps. Also fighting in Acapulco, and probably Jalisco and Colima. Although, it seems they have been muscled out of Acapulco/Guerreo but CIDA. I think they are limited to Morelos, Sinaloa, and Sonora, and on there way out, if not there already.


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