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Friday, April 29, 2011

Tamaulipas to vet 9,000 cops


Authorities in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas plan to scrutinize 9,000 state and municipal police for possible ties to the organized crime groups blamed for hundreds of killings.

The vetting process will be carried out by private firms, state government secretary Morelos Jaime Canseco told reporters.

Another Tamaulipas official said the state government is turning to outside contractors because it wants the investigations to be completed by the end of 2011.

"To meet the goal we have to resort to hiring private services that have national certification," that official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Tamaulipas, a Gulf coast state bordering Texas, has made very slow progress compared to other Mexican states in the effort to clean up law enforcement agencies perceived as ridden with corruption, the federal interior ministry says.
Hundreds of officers have been fired nationwide.

Once the bad cops are weeded out, Tamaulipas will begin the task of professionalizing its law enforcement agencies, Canseco said, adding that he is still waiting for the Mexican government to respond to his request for federal agents to be seconded to the state police.

Plagued since the beginning of 2010 by a vicious turf war between the Gulf and Los Zetas drug cartels, Tamaulipas is now the focus of media attention for the nearly 200 bodies recently found in mass graves not far from the U.S. border.

Most of the victims are men kidnapped from passenger buses by Los Zetas gunslingers, possibly with aim of recruiting more foot soldiers for the cartel.


  1. they are all crooked don't yall get it?

  2. Of the 9000 I'll guess that about 7000 will be arrested for having tie$ with the cartels. Then a few weeks later they will all be released from custody without charges. Then they will simply go back to work for the cartels. It will be "Michoacanazo Part II" only this time in Tamaulipas. Another day in Mexico. The most dangerous and corrupt place in the world.

  3. Pinche chuntaros coruptos, open your eyes Mexico, the only solution is revolution, take out all corupte politicians. PRI to start with, Villa should have not allied with these assholes, only interest is steal as much money without being caught, damned judios. Mexico would have been better of with Carranza & Madero, Mexico was duped a long time ago! Promises never kept, time for a change, PRI must be destroyed, in order for a change in my beloved Mexico.

  4. Pinches Panistas chupa reatas de gueros.
    The War started with you Conserviturds on both sides of the border.

  5. The problem here is that it is the PAN gang that has to 'clean up' the PRI gang. Did all you BB readers forget that the battle between the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas is not the only gang warfare going on in Mexico?

    While we're all sitting around waiting for this miracle of gangster reform to occur inside Mexico, how many US Right Wingers will begin to tell us that we also need to vote for the Republican gangsters to clean up the Democratic Party Cartel's turf? Trump 'the Reformist' and Calderon 'the Reformist'... for Right Wing business thugs!??? Don't make us laugh, PLEASE. The war shall continue when we all have to supposedly choose between one gang or the other. We have to clean up both gangs from operating are the corruption and criminality just keeps getting worse. Same in Mexico.

  6. @ 11:47 Huh? Is there a point to this post? Are you feeling alright? I'm guessing you don't think much of others because your post is so condescending.

    @10:00 You're right. They seem to go for the big sweeping arrests but when nobody confesses they have to let them all go. I hope the Mexican authorities are getting better at investigating and gathering valid evidence. They're getting a lot of practice.

  7. They arrested all those cops in Tijuana a year ago, and let them all go last month. They arrested what, 15 mayors in Michoacan, and let them go after 9 months. They replaced most of the Juarez Police Department twice, only to find that the new ones support La Linea again and for good reason. They like living.

    And lets not forget, Calderon put an all knew Federal Police that he chose himself to replace corrupt ones that were in place in Juarez. The knew ones ousted there captain because he supported El Chapo and the Juarez Cartel was killing them off daily for supporting El Chapo. They also caught him with cocaine, lol, what a surprise.

    Nothing will change in Tamaulipas either because, "you either accept the $650 a month that the cartel offers or you accept the bullet that will come."

    If the PRI regains Mexico, in 2012, it should improve. They negotiate and will demand peace. Mexico could go back to what it was 6 years ago and that would be a welcomed change. They should restore leadership back to the states with less federal interference. This sound ridiculous but it is how there system was set up and it runs better without the feds cutting into the states piece of the pie.

    And the band played on.

  8. Just kill dirty cops O K

  9. and the "private firms" doing the vetting will either take the money ..or get the lead..and nothing will change

    after the next election ..if the cartels leaders agree to support PAN will all settle down...PAN is kicking ass to line up support ...and deny PRI the money and intimidation that the DTO's can offer

    Mexico is corrupt from top to bottom ..always has been ..always will be ...they just need to quell the violencia..and it wont matter


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