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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mexican Army rescues another 52 kidnapped Migrants in Reynosa

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Army troops liberated 52 Central American migrants who were being held captive at a residence in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico's defense department said Friday.

The group comprises 34 Hondurans, 12 Guatemalans, five Salvadorans and a Nicaraguan, the department said in a statement.

They were rescued in the wee hours of Thursday by soldiers from the 8th Military Zone acting on an anonymous tip that people were being held at a house on Naranjos Avenue in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a city just across the border from McAllen, Texas.

Mexican gangs target undocumented migrants bound for the United States, grabbing travelers and contacting their families to demand ransoms.

The Central Americans freed Thursday were turned over to immigration authorities and will likely be repatriated to their respective countries of origin, the defense department said.

The rescue was carried out by soldiers assigned to Operation Northeast, an effort to curb the violence associated with a turf war between the Gulf and the Los Zetas drug cartels.

Los Zetas is blamed for the massacre last August of 72 mainly Central American migrants who were found dead on a ranch in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

Nearly 200 bodies have been discovered this month at another location in San Fernando. While only two of the victims have been identified, the majority of the dead were men abducted by Los Zetas from buses headed to Reynosa.

This week's rescue of kidnapped migrants was the third this month in Reynosa.

Forty-four Guatemalans and three Mexicans were freed on April 9, followed by the liberation of 68 people - including 56 Mexican nationals - on April 19.

Mexico's independent National Human Rights Commission estimates that as many as 20,000 migrants were kidnapped in 2010.


  1. Good work military,keep it up.

  2. Isn't Reynosa CDG's? Are they preying on migrants? Man, talk about a steep fall in the gutter. El Coss? Nah, El pinche.

  3. Man, the war is getting crazy. We know the Z's employ a lot of central Americans. Can these all these guys be z's? Only the people invovled would know but I found an interesting comment made on BDN.

    CDG, awevo compis pues si ya se la saben...
    asi raza, estos pinches fedezetas tratando de abrirle pazo a los zetacuaches pero aqui con el cartel del golfo se topan a puro plomo los vamos a recibir.

    It says that Fedezetas (Federal zetas) are trying to open a passage for the z's.
    I also read a similar comment when the Feds opened the passage for the z's to enter Miguel Aleman last week then the Army got in a shootout with CDG. Seems like the feds favor the z's but who knows. Just thought i share the info.

  4. What I keep asking is were they being held against their will, or just waiting to cross the line? No, I don't think they were captive Z's, CDG probably doesn't show that much mercy to any Zeta affiliates.

    I think it's just human trafficking, not kidnapping & murder.

  5. It's probable on the human trafficking comment. I'll be easier to get a big group, and take them through a known safe passage into the US.

  6. CDG has always done this, people have just been too damn stupid to realize it, they believe everything these morons tell them. Bringing people across nets them a lot of money, this is their plaza so they are controlling it and anyone who tries to cross it. Wake up people CDG is not doing Gods work, the military is!!!


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