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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poet whose son was slain decries Mexico's "rotten" heart


The heart of violence-wracked Mexico "is rotten," poet Javier Sicilia, whose son was found murdered earlier this week in the central state of Morelos, said Friday.

Mexico's "political parties are not contributing at all," he told MVS radio. "We are living through a national emergency and no one is really working in earnest."
Juan Francisco Sicilia was among seven people whose bodies were discovered Monday found inside an automobile parked near a hotel in Temixco, Morelos.

The victims, who bore signs of torture, died from strangulation, the state Attorney General's Office said.

Javier Sicilia said Friday that he was abroad when he learned of his son's murder and received a telephone condolence call from Mexican President Felipe Calderon.
"He spoke to me, he was very upset and he told me that he personally was going to press for the (investigation) to be taken all the way," the poet said of his conversation with Calderon.

The elder Sicilia, who writes articles and commentary for the respected newsweekly Proceso, told MVS that Mexicans are fed up with the rampant violence.
"We are tired, very hurt. Every boy who is dying is becoming the son of each human being in this nation," he said.

Mayhem blamed on conflict among rival drug cartels and between gangsters and the security forces has claimed some 35,000 lives in Mexico since December 2006, when the newly inaugurated Calderon put the armed forces in the vanguard of battling the drug trade.

"Unfortunately, the issue is not outside, it's also inside the institutions, and that is terrible," Javier Sicilia said. "We are destroying the best of our people, of our boys. Those who have meager chances and are good people ... those who don't have opportunities and are cannon-fodder for the cartels."

Morelos Attorney General Pedro Luis Benitez acknowledged Thursday that former police officers are among the suspects in the killings of Juan Sicilia and the others found with him.

Javier Sicilia rejected the idea that his son or the other victims were informants for the army, as suggested by media accounts citing a message allegedly left with the bodies.

Mexico is sinking into a "demented, demonic decomposition," the poet said, calling on other parents who have lost children to the drug war to come together in "groups of solidarity" to resist the onslaught.


  1. Mexico- rotten heart- how about its brain? A country that has sponsored everything that has ever been illegal in the U S for a 100 yrs. then when the criminals who were nutured by Mexico turn on Mexico itself Well its all because of the U S. B S It is sad that this mans son was killed,but odds are that this person was in some way involved in the criminal business,BY CHOICE. This Crap that if you are poor it's an excuse to be a criminal has been cryed out in every court in every country for at least 50 yrs, OLD HAT liberal Puke. Mexicos culture is morally challanged, on the mostpart, HOW DO YOU SOLVE THIS ?? How do you implement higher standards. Forget this concept that its OK to smuggle drugs to the US because it only hurts Gringos Mexico you reap what you SOW !!

  2. poor father. i feel his hurt and anger. then Pendejo Calderon has to F' it up again by calling the father to feed him lies. Calderon is'nt gonna do shit about this. he's too busy watching novelas and eating tacos de puerco in his presidential office to place any attention on another "Juan Doe". pobrecito papa.

  3. I am seeing things that really bother me. So many of the victims look and dress like they have nothing, much less look like a threat to a cartel. Women in older vehicles with children in the cars get attacked and shot 15 times with 80 shell casings left at the scene. Small burrito stands get blown up. Bars and the patrons get bombed and they kill the patrons. Families plead to authorities to help find their missing. The same authorities that actually took them. An 18 month old baby beheaded. Two 13 year old girls and a 16 year old slaughtered because the hunters could not get to their father. A 13 year old sicario talked about getting paid for hits and when they could not find the enemy, they choose an innocent victim and told their boss the job was completed. Groups dressed as military or dressed in black take people everyday never to be heard from again. Clandestine graveyard with 50, 60 bodies are found regularly. You can have someone killed for as little as $0 bucks in Juarez.

    Business is down, tourism is a thing of the past. There is no opportunity because if you can make money, you have a target on you back for kidnapping and extortion.

    I don't believe Mexico's heart is rotten. It is a beautiful country and if you look closely, you can see much more good than evil. But I know the is an EVIL in Mexico that is so strong, that the Devil himself fear entering. I believe their is an Evil presence in Juarez for example that that would tear Satan to pieces like jackals on a rabbit. Greed, and Power over the week are the primary sources of the Evil.

    To feel totally defeated, hopeless, helpless, worthless with no way to defend yourself or family is a political crime that a sorry government should be held accountable for.

    I pray for health, peace, prosperity, and happiness for all the poor and troubled of Mexico. I pray that corrupt officials and criminals find their judgement also.


  4. T_R_C Says it just as it is, I would only add that to be next to a big drug consuming nation does not help at all.

  5. FROM THE HAIKU GENERATOR: "March"(for Javier Sicilia): As the blood of sun-drenched soil:: Shroud's a poet's sun:: March with shadows of last words::

  6. the guy who posted the first comment is a moron first of all you stole our land now be quiet you're a ass hole why doesn't the usa stop being cowards and doing drugs ?????????? what have you guys americants done to help mexico in the drug war nothing you guys just keep and keep buying and making them stronger. why dont you deploy your damn military to the border you cowards?????

  7. WTF la eme is not controlled by cartels becuz if el chapo came up nd cut da head off la emes leader el chapo get smoked in a sec la eme controls thousands of sureno hardcore gangs in US Mexico nc central AM by da way ms 13 nd 18st both sureno varrios nd why r people makin a big deal of a 13 year old who kills for miney ive heard of nine year old In LA wholl do it for respect


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