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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mexico’s Top Cop Says Drug Violence to Subside by 2015

Genaro Garcia Luna, cabinet level head of Mexico's Federal Police

Latin American Herald Tribune

MEXICO CITY – The drug-related violence that has claimed 35,000 lives in Mexico over the past 4½ years will begin to subside by 2014 or 2015, federal Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna said Wednesday.

Mexico has made “substantial” progress in the battle against organized crime since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006 and militarized the struggle with drug cartels, Garcia Luna said in an interview with Televisa television.

Citing the experience of Colombia and major cities such as New York, he said it takes “seven or eight years” to see results once authorities confront crime “with full force.”

In regard to ending the armed forces’ role in law enforcement, as demanded by domestic and international human rights organizations, the secretary said it would be possible to do so within three years of the Mexican Congress’ approving Calderon’s plan to overhaul and streamline the country’s myriad police forces.

Mexican states and municipalities must have adequate numbers of “trained” police to take over from the military the responsibility for public safety, Garcia Luna said.

Calderon’s scheme calls for the country’s roughly 1,600 police departments to be consolidated into 32 agencies – one for each of the 31 states and the Federal District.

Garcia Luna vowed to resign if the government ever heeded suggestions to negotiate with the drug cartels in the hope of reducing the violence.

Asked who the government regards as the most dangerous drug lords, he mentioned Heriberto Lazcano and Miguel Treviño of Los Zetas and Sinaloa cartel bosses Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman and Ismael Zambada.

Guzman escaped from a maximum-security prison more than a decade ago and is said to be hunkered down in the mountains of his native Sinaloa state, where the fugitive Zambada granted an interview last year to the editor of leading newsweekly Proceso.



  1. He may be right but for other reasons, demand reduction in the US, along with drug replacement therapy , methadone , suboxone and recovery from all drug use.
    The fact that they will no longer have the funds to pay off the officials and low level criminals, the ones that are killing each other now will be gone, and just maybe the goverment will get serious and really do what they say.

  2. Lo Siento Amigos con puro respeto:
    El mejor problema es con el govierno. Mucha corruption, ponga la lana en su bolsa, chinga la probresa. Ni Modo si no hay comida, ni educacion. Estan fallando mi pais. Mi corazon esta muy pesado por Mexico. Yo quiero la paz pero nunca. Voy a ir a la tumba con la tristeza a pensar de la gente tan buena y tan loca.
    Adiosava y matame para sacar la corazon herida.
    Todavia quiero mis compadres comadres.
    Hog Cock & Muchas Gracias

  3. Oh so mexico is supposed to wait another 5-6 years for the violence to go down huh....I feel bad for what you people in mexico have to go through cause we have to deal with the same corruption and violence in my country....smh this is pathetic

  4. Attrition is already showing by how they recruit.
    Probably sooner then later a clear winner will emerge.

  5. Wait, wait, lessee ... 2015? Luna, you pathetic deception artist, it's not 2015 but 2012! In 2012 your sorry ass will be fired with all of the PAN and your bloody mess find its end!

  6. LOL at first poster. Reduced consumption?? As someone who lives in the US and is a drug addict in recovery, let me tell you that drug use is not going to diminish by very much. It may fluctuate 10% here or there, but your talking about a $40+ billion industry. Its been consisten for 20 years its not gonna change cuz Obama allocated an extra 200 million towards treatment. That's peanuts. And besides, Sinaloa moves 75% of the drugs anyway. Much of the violence is perpatrated by the smaller cartels running bodegas and extorsion etc, fighting for what's left of the pie. Less money for the cartels doesn't mean less violence it probably means more. And no matter how small their income is, they'll still be able to offer their underlings more than the no income most would be receiving otherwise.

  7. How many more million dollar houses are you going to build Mr Luna? Super cop? yeah right, more like super crooked..
    If you want proof, just watch this video..

  8. Whether drug demand dries up or not is not going to make a difference. Also I doubt demand will dry up.

    These criminals will resort to more extortion, kidnapping etc against the people in addition to drug trafficking. I believe one thing....Results take many years. We are a society of a quick fix...for everything..crash diets, prozac etc.....This corrupt government of weak institutions will take a long time to correct. 2015 is generous, though I suspect it will get better by then a little bit. I hope so anyway.

  9. Lets hope Mexico has will and sticks to reform,turning back to the old business as usual PRI,would be a tragedy for Mexico because we would soon enough be forced to suffer another attempt to civalize Mexico.

  10. I don't believe for a second he can base these dates on other organized crime battles that were so different in so many ways. This just makes Luna look like a real ignoramus consulting his eight ball. He should save the speculative press conferences until he can give us something with merit backed up with viable statistics.

  11. No educated bb reader believes this garbage! The mexican people will continue to get raped,extorted,looted,burned,hanged,decapitated,beaten,tortured,murdered,tormented,stepped on, and lied too! Victory from this plague of evil will ONLY come from innocent people uniting and executing vigilante justice! And for you cartel sympathizers that come on here to say "that's not right" Do the innocent people of mexico a favor and jump off a bridge.

  12. It could be that the good honest hard working people of Mexico just might rise up ,vote wisley,report crime, demand accountable govt, arm themselves,participate in politics, create neighborhood watches,invite gringo govt reforms,develop pride,dignity, reward honesty,vigalante justice is better than no justice or public order. The collective power of the people of Mexico can direct their destiny,passive public = chaos.

  13. I hope supporting El Chapo made these bitches enough money for several generation because PAN is history forever. This was the worst case of hit and run politics that I have ever seen or recall. We all talk about how ruthless all the cartels have become, of how the innocent people of Mexico are being effected, and that it continues to escalate. But it all falls on the Mexican Government, Calderon, and bitches like Luna.

    These cold hearted politicians have no respect for the people. They refuse to negotiate with criminals? What the fuck or they? I'll tell you. They are elitists, that are stealing more than was stole from Mexico in the Salinez administration which was billions.

    The 2015 date is mentioned because that is when they get the majority of the carrot that the US dangled in front of them to keep the War On Drugs image going.

    To suggest that the Mexican people should trust these bastards and expect 4 more years of living in HELL but after that, things will get better. I suppose they should vote for them in 2012 to make sure this promise comes through. How vein can politicians be?

    Let me tell you this too, If Mexico goes to a single law enforcement system, there will never be anywhere in Mexico that is protected. You talk about a Totalitarian System, that would be Mexico. Their Army does what they want and doesn't answer to anyone now. What do you think the accountability of a one police system would be? You think "0"?

    The politics being played at the Mexican people's expense is like out of an ongoing cynical comic book. I keep seeing postings here that demand Mexican citizens revolt. With what, pitch forks and shovels. Most of the citizens can ill afford food and heating oil. They damn sure don't have a gun. They are outlawed in Mexico without a permit. The government has the people exactly where they want them; without voice, helpless and hopeless.

    What I am amazed by is the Mexicans Citizens ability to cope, endure and continue with "no" support from the government. To the poor of Mexico, I give all the respect and honor because a few of us know what corner they are forced in to.

    We talk about how we can't stand looking at the horrible images of victims of the violence. I can't stand looking at Luna lying through his teeth and acting like he is predicting wisdom we should all listen too. A cartel sicario kills because it is his job, to feed his family and to further his career in the organization and I understand this. This mother fucker and all the Calderon bitches are making Millions upon Millions of Mexican suffer to know end so they can bleed the country dry for their greed for the almighty dollar. They are the criminals.


  14. Luna is a SPIN MASTER! A PR LEO Either he has so sense of the Real Time reality on the ground or he IS IN Chapos pocket as well. Mexico is Corrupt from the Top Down. Ever wonder why you never see "Arrests" by the Mex. Police on the Sinaloa Cartel?

    The Grand Strategy of El presidente is to prop up Sinaloa (hands off approach) defeat the Zetas, and other smaller cartels....then call a Truce with the Sinaloa Cartel.

    Mexico Needs Remittence $$$$

    60 Billion comes from Narco Trafficing!

    Right now, Chapo and his band of Campesinos like Manuel Felix Torres, M1, Misael Torres, Gramps, and M2,M2,M3,M4, the whole Torres family are Carte Blanche with the Mexican Govt.

    If anyone wants to any of the Narcos, they all have their web pages on with monthly posts and

    What I find humerous and pretty stupid is that their family members (ie women) all chat online telling everyone WHAT URBANIZATION they live in, WHERE THEY LIVE, and where they get their nails done...

    The BEST Intelligence Mole is ones own family member.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships

    And the Sinaloa Cartel has Many

  15. Hey T_R_C
    Calderon isnt making Mex. Suffer, its the Cartels that are bleeding the county dry and terrorizing the country.

    Mexicans Killing Mexicans All for the pinche Dollar.

    Thats the REal shame.

  16. Take your rose colored sun glasses off, Calderon supports the Sinaloa Cartel. Not encouraging peace between cartel which are more powerful than him, allowing the military to act with no accountability, and functioning as a dictator instead of a leader with the peoples interest in mind is his crimes. And for what, to prolong a silly cartel war to increase Sinaloa power and profits, so as to increase his kickbacks. Come on man, Calderon and PAN are the core of this hole problem.

    Every hardline decision not to negotiate and to go after the smaller cartels has created and escalated the violence. Calderon is the core, the true evil, that will keep Mexico in this situation until the bitch is run out of office.

    I don't mean to come across so harsh but I can't stand him because he is so easy to see through just as Luna is.


  17. 2015..not likely. it took 15yr to take down noreiga and escobar may be dead but his dto still runs columbia. good luck mex


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