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Friday, April 8, 2011

6 Gunmen killed in Nayarit shootout

Six dead was the body count in Tepic, Nayarit, after a clash between rival gangs of gunmen erupted along Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard during the early afternoon hours of Wednesday.

The shootout occurred shortly after 3:00 PM and continued along L. Donaldo Colosio blvd for approximately one kilometer, from Plaza Forum to the Tierra y Libertad area as the opposing groups of gunmen fought with automatic and semi-auto weapons and grenades.

Abandoned and wrecked cars, armored SUV’s and pickups, dead bodies, weapons and at least one unexploded grenade littered the thoroughfare, causing terror and panic in the eastside neighborhoods of Tepic.

Most motorists and pedestrians caught in the crossfire were miraculously unhurt by stray bullets and from grenade blasts. However one 35 year old woman was hit by gunfire and a 48 year old woman was injured by shrapnel.

No arrests of fleeing gunmen was announced by the authorities.



  1. damm! the first dead guy in the white tee, it looks like his head was split open.

  2. What a beautiful sight, every cartel member needs what these cockroaches got, but since the worst cartel is the corrupt "Officials" that wont ever happen...

  3. Shoot out in the middle of town and the police did not shoot any of them,did not arrest any of them,thats Mexico. At least 6 more grunts are gone good,but time and again these thugs shoot up towns and the police are nowhere to be found,many accounts say local police run away WTF.

  4. Who is fighting the Nayarit plaza?

  5. What's truly amazing to me is that residents aren't out scavenging weapons from these shootouts. Sure, weapons are illegal to possess, but so what? Do you want to be defenseless in the face of these monsters? Take their guns and arm yourself.

    In America, there is a saying that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. The proof is right here in Mexico.


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