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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Juárez traffic officers get weapons back for their safety

By Marisela Ortega / EL PASO TIMES
Officers from the Department of Traffic of Juárez will be able to carry weapons for their safety as a result of deadly attacks carried out by gunmen against two officers Tuesday afternoon, Juárez officials said.

"In light of those events, we are making changes in Traffic Unit policies in the matter," Juárez Mayor Héctor Murguía said in a statement. "It was a cowardly and sneaky action committed against both officers."

Murguía added that local police officers will escort traffic officers in order to prevent another deadly attack.

Two Juárez traffic officers were shot to death Tuesday afternoon while patrolling the streets. Both were unarmed.

"They (the killers) are trying to scare us away," Murguía said. "But we are not going to give in."

Javier García Herrera, 28, was gunned down Tuesday while riding his motorcycle on Panamerican Highway, officials said.

An hour later, another officer, Héctor Rodríguez Trevizo, 38, was shot to death while driving in his police unit on Juan Gabriel Avenue and Barranco Azul Street.

Juárez authorities took away the weapons carried out by traffic officers during the tenure of then-Juárez Mayor José Reyes Ferriz, a local official said who doesn't want to be named because he is not authorized to comment in the matter.

"Back then, they decided to remove those weapons from the officers," the official said. "The gunmen used to attack the traffic officers to steal their weapons."

Both victims were unable to fight back sincethey didn't have their weapons anymore.

For safety reasons, Murguía declined to disclose when the officers will be armed again nor would comment about the safety steps implemented to protect law enforcement officers.

Both killed officers were buried with honors, Murguía said.


  1. Getting guns back will not make a diference. In mexico the gangs will attack and kill convoys of military personel with 50 cal machine guns and mark 19 grenade launchers. do you think they will be fear full of traffic cops with pistols?

  2. Unarmed public,unarmed Metro police, Criminals Armed to the teeth ??? I WILL SAy IT,MEXICANS ARE INCAPABLE OF MANAGMENT,how stupid can they get? Whats up with MEXICOS HORROR about members of the public being armed ? Do they not know that criminals can buy any weapons they want, well maby no nukes, YET. The Mexican Mentality concerning LAW and ORDER is beyond Bizzar??? Is it a State Control Issue ??

  3. @April 28, 2011 6:40 PM

    Are you really that stupid?

    "Unarmed public,unarmed Metro police, Criminals Armed to the teeth ??? I WILL SAy IT,MEXICANS ARE INCAPABLE OF MANAGMENT,how stupid can they get?"

    How about you come here to Mexico and tell us who the municipal police is working for there numbnuts, its not to protect the citizens, I will tell you that much..its obvious you do not have a clue about Mexico...what an idiot! How about you do some research before you open your mouth!!

  4. Everyone should be armed and dangerous. Everyone. The gangs have control because they are the only people with weapons. Get the government to purchase one handgun and one shoulder weapon for every citizen over the age of 18 who has never been convicted of a crime. FFS, people, the cartels are arming EVERYONE ELSE!!! Give law-abiding citizens both the right and the responsibility to protect themselves.

    BTW - don't buy heavy assault weapons only. Some people aren't capable of lugging around a 12 pound weapon all day, let alone use it. Give the ladies a small framed handgun, and a lightweight rifle. If/when some women hear a woman scream, they can ALL jump in to save their sister!

  5. Texcoco Mex said.

    Yes yes we all want weapons. Conosco un dicho que va asi.


    Or maybe is this.


    But yes we want guns that way we can be more like the United States Of America our government is not strong enough yet to stop the criminals so let's all get guns so we can all kill each other.
    I think it will be better if we activate the death penalty once again.

  6. You need a judicial system before the death penalty will do any good.

  7. Unfortunately, in this case it would haven't made a difference if these guys were armed because they were killed while operating their motorcycles. Obviously, it was a surprise attack. I agree though, if your in law enforcement you should be armed.

  8. "Juárez traffic officers get weapons back for their safety "

    Make sure they only get one bullet and it stays in their pocket. Don't want gun violence to get out of hand.


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