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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reynosa: Police rescue 68 kidnapped bus passengers, arrest 2 Gulf Cartel members

Sergio Chapa
Valley Central News

Two people are behind bars after authorities rescued 68 immigrants who were kidnapped off passengers buses in Reynosa.

Mexico's federal police reported that the rescue took place at a home in the Privada Las Americas neighborhood on Tuesday.

Federal police officers were patrolling the area when they saw two armed men heading into a house near the corner of Avenida Amado Nervo and Calle Mar Jonico.

Authorities found 12 Central American immigrants and 56 Mexicans being held against their will inside the house.

All of the victims said they were abducted aboard passenger buses headed to or at Reynosa Central Bus Station by armed men claiming to be with the Gulf Cartel.

Authorities seized weapons, ammunition and six vehicles from the home.

Federal police identified 24-year-old Henry Ricard Rodriguez-Garcia and 30-year-old Jose Ernesto Varela-Herrera as suspects in the case.

The rescue comes weeks after the discovery of 145 bodies of bus passenagers who were kidnapped and murdered near San Fernando.


  1. Zetas pretending to be CDG, a good way to heat up the plaza for them.

  2. I thot CDG didn't harm innocent victims, or kidnap, or hold people for ransom. they were the "good" guys ridding the city of the scum zetas (being super sarcastic, btw)

  3. They should be shot on the spot and hung by thier balls from high telephone poles for all to see. It will show the citizens that they are there to protect them and it will show those asshole lemon fucks that this will happen to them to if they don't cut this shit out!!!

  4. Welcome to the Holocaust of 2011, nothing has changed in 60 years except the country. God help us!

  5. it was Zetas pretending to be CDG to get some heat off them

  6. At least with the Holocaust, there were the Allies + Russia in a coordinated all out effort fighting against the Nazis. In Mexico, there are no morals and's as though the politicians and uber wealthy only care about themselves and their money...they do not care what happens to immigrants or others deemed less worthy in Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Coahuila etc. It's a crime that Mexico is ruled by such people.

  7. Is this really CDG or Zetas trying to frame them?

  8. I don't care if they were zetas of CDG, they should kill these 2 bastards.

  9. only way to help curb this problem is execute these fucks on sight. EXECUTE ALL CARTEL MEMBERS... ALL.

  10. they were not CDG...i dont even think they were zetas just some fools trying to make some money. The zetas would be plain crazy to be in reynosa. that is metro 3 territory

    Atte: CDG

  11. First thing I thought was Zeta's saying they were CDG. Maybe an order passed down from above.

  12. Does it really matter which cartel is responsible? They are all the same..murder, kidnapping, extortion, etc...are the tools of the trade for cartels, all cartels! There are no exceptions. It always trips me out, when people favor one cartel over another. It's like choosing your own form of poison or way to the end your still dead, does it matter how you died? "...there is no honor among thieves."

  13. It is difficult to know what to think. I'd like to believe it. I would. But this is a dirty war. War always is. It wouldn't be too hard to patsy up a couple known local punks, and claim a victory by stopping an inevitable massacre. It is cheap to do, and a great media victory. I hope not. I hope it is true. I hope they are on top of this as they make it look. I really hope so. And if so, then that is good police work and a morale booster.

    Also, if so, then this could be a game changer. Right now, this demonstrates a war that involves aribitrary killing of innocent civilians. Indeed, when compared to a suicide bomber, the consequences are the same. Basically, it falls within the definition of international terrorism.

    There is still a code of war. Governments like to fight each other man o man. It has rules. When people step outside of those rules, it is called terrorism and as such, it is treated differently with regards to funding from the World Bank as well as it's apparent threat level to the rest of the world. Maybe this could be the excuse that they need. Calderon wins as he can look like the decision was not his. The USA look good, as they can show once and for all that they will be doing something about this anarchy south of the border.Protecting innocent civilians, was after all, the same reason used to intervene in Libya, was it not. This has graduated from innocent passers by, to terrorism in the neighborhood as a purposeful weapon of war strategy. Watch this space.

  14. Something about this story doesn't seem right. It seems odd that there were only 2 gunmen + Reynosa is Zeta territory, so there is no way CDG gunmen could be hijacking buses over there without running into groups of armed Zetas.

  15. It was a bunch of mexicans kidnapping & killing other mexicans. Plain and simple.


  16. I hate to burst the fantasy I know how some of you are so into CDG being good guys and protect people and Zs are the bad guys...listen carefully THEY ARE ALL BASTARDS THERE ARE NO GOOD CARTELS...

    There are NO Zetas where this occured, which is 114 kms (apx 70 mi) for San Fernando CDG is in Reynosa 100% NO ZETAS..

    I knew when I read this story you supporters of CDG would think it was false. But break it down, logistically, the witnesses testimony etc. do I think they are also responsible for San Fernando? NO! that is Zs place of business,
    and Reynosa is CDG..

  17. Reynosa is not Zeta territory. the opposite. And, the guy two posts above, very articulate presentation, but I seriously doubt anyone massacred hundreds of people to make the ZETA's (of all people) looks bad (even worse). Not everything is a conspiracy.

  18. I think it's safe to assume there are some Zeta's in the Reynosa area, there is still violence there, and some CDG in Zeta areas. Come one. No one is saying 100% it is true, just throwing it out there, and thinking critically, like most of us do.

    And for the record, can we stop the constant 'ALL CARTELS ARE BAD' mantra? Obviously, and clearly. Anyone who doesn't know they all kill people/innocents (some more the others) isn't getting the message from you guys. However, to suggest there isn't a difference in way they all operate, and policy is wrong as well.

  19. J
    there are no Zetas in Reynosa are you nuts?
    Who are you to tell us not to state our opinion about cartels, many think CDG are great guys. you may not care those of us that it effects do, because this is what is said and with that mentality nothing will ever change. where do you live LA?

  20. Where are the people who knew criminals were active in their neighborhood?? The authoritys accidentally stumbled on the CDG Thugs. This is typical of the rotten situation in Mexico, the public is not participating anywhere near what is needed. All the excuses won't get it Mexican society is fully complicent with the Chaos in Mexico,just like the ghetto dwellers in the US that never see anything or hear anything, clean up or quit bitching.

  21. lol... I thought CDG didn't extort, kidnap, kill, etc... roflmao... What happened to them doing Gods work? lol Can I say I told you so????

  22. You fools that that think CDG are angels sent by GOD to clean Mexico of all evil are idiots. Wake the fok up and know that all cartels are vermin you dam fools. It's no wonder why they cant be beat, because of people who given to the idea that think one cartel is the good guy and the other is the bad guy. Seriously....

  23. @ j the CDG thing being the GOOD cartel is a huge thing in Mexico. why would you say something like stop the cartels are bad mantra. I respect your opinion and usually are thoughtful, but man I can't figure your statement out, why would anything like that bother you?

    and NO, there are no living Zs in Renoysa. That CDG territory solid as a rock.

  24. Every time operations like these occur, more members are arrested because of the snitching that occurs. If more CDG members arent arrested from this, I doubt they were actual CDG to begin with.

  25. To annoyomous, I didn't say there were no Zeta's in Reynosa. What are you rambling about?

    Buela, it's just tiresome, maybe I've just read too many of the tedious posts on the forum lately, but some posters have worn that into the ground. I mean, mostly people are just expressing opinions, or questions, about motives and actions regarding cartels, yeah, a few idiots are cheering on CDG, but you can't reach them anyway. It just feels redundant and unnecessary to point that out, at this stage in the game. No offense to you personally.

    still doubt this was gulf cartel. It would be absolutely thoughtless and irresponsible to do something like this right after the San Fernandao fiasco, which CDG isn't.

  26. Of course its Zetas pretending to be CDG. How often do gunmen make an announcement of who they represent? Your telling me that AFTER the Zetas got caught kidnapping off buses, the CDG thought it was a good idea to start stopping buses, and announcing what cartel they run with? They are dumb but they arent stupid...

  27. Just because it's CDG "territory" doesn't mean there are no Zetas or any other cartel working underground, same with San Fernando or Nuevo Laredo etc. Maybe the guys were Zetas and identified themselves as Gulf Cartel members so that they won't get f***ked over in jail/prison by Gulf Cartel members or maybe not, who really knows. The good thing is that the Mexican military is cleaning out the Zetas out of Tamaulipas.

  28. You people are freaking idiots! How in the hell can you make excuses for these scumbags kidnapping innocent people?

    This is CDG 100%, there may be Zetas doing recon in Reynosa but they can't, don't and won't openly operate, holding 68 people hostage. 68 people being held hostage cannot happen without police protection (which is solid CDG), and without being noticed by CDG look outs.
    But of course CDG will put their public relations group out to clean up the mess and blame Zetas and you idiots will eat it right up.

  29. While you're all here blaming the Mexican people lets not forget how Americans are the number one consumers of the drugs the cartels produce!! It doesn't matter who's responsible but both countries are to blame.

  30. to anonymous at 8:14.

    so answer me this....if it is the US fault because of all the firepower that is sent from our country to many guns does it take to chop off a head and skin a person alive????
    I own a bunch of guns here in the us, and also know how to buthcer and skin animals, yet I somehow choose not to kill who should we blame for that??

    do you blame your pen/pencil for misspelled words or do you actually take the responsibilty for your acts??

    why for over 40yrs have these people happily supplied the (gringos pendejos) with the drugs and never blamed us for the riches ammassed in mex, but now that you can't control the degeneration of your own society, you need to find blame in others....typical mexican way of thinking...never resposible for nada!!

  31. a Mexican will sneak into the US illegaly, not pay taxes, send his money back to mexico, then commit crimes in the US.........and still have the balls to say it is the fault of the USA............ MESS-E-CO nuff said

    they'll watch as a brother robs from a sister and then tell the sister he saw nothing just to protect the brother.....f'd up shit in my book.

    and yes I lived in mex for 13yrs full time and saw this over and over and over

    I saw a guy get stabbed in a fight one day, when the cops showed up...none of us saw nothing, as we would have been hauled off as "witnesses" making us just as guilty as the stabber until the "investigation" was completed. nothing like sitting in a jail cell as a "witness" next to the actual mex you are guilty until you prove your innocence....thats tough to do from a jail cell. think about it

  32. Anonymous 9:16am, I rather doubt that anybody like you has ever lived in Mexico for 13 years. You racist Right Wingers USA will say any damn lie to try to mislead people with.

    'a Mexican will sneak into the US illegaly, not pay taxes, send his money back to mexico, then commit crimes in the US.........and still have the balls to say it is the fault of the USA............ MESS-E-CO nuff said'

    Your lies are so damn obvious to read through...

    '...and yes I lived in mex for 13yrs full time and saw this over and over and over'

    blah blah blah and what you write is total bullshit. You never lived anywhere in Mexico I'm willing to bet. Not for even a week.

  33. facts are facts guy. yes in mexico you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent....that's not my's fact.

    yes witnesses are held until an investigation is completed.....fact.

    mexicans sneak into the USA......fact
    they send their money back to mexico...fact
    they don't pay taxes.....fact. (yes they at times get charged taxes because they use fake or bought ss#, but that only benefits my corrupt govt, not the US in general)

    so where did you get that what I wrote are "lies so damn obvious to read through"

    yes i have lived in mex from 97 until june of 2010, believe it or not, that's not up to me.
    but what I've seen there is not is fact.

    sorry that the truth hurts so bad that you need to resort to namecalling, but like I said before....typical mexican fashion on this arguement. hahaha

  34. I have lived in Mexico for years and I have witnessed a lot of stuff. I do not mind the Mexican on Mexican violence. What I do mind is a bus driver not giving me correct change in the bus only because I am a gringo and he either thinks I am stupid or he hates gringos. I have punched several in the side of the head over this "mistake". In a country that makes so much money from tourism, nobody as change. They think all gringos are rich and that this is a valid reason to steal money from them. I have found out though that if you go nuts and start tearing their store up, the change comes out quickly. I have more than once had to give a cop 200 pesos for tearing up a tienda over 20 pesos in change. Once you make something see that there is a penalty for being a thief and a dishonest person, they stop.

  35. Texcoco Mex said.

    One thing we all have to remember is that cartels do things for the money not for the good of the country. The only good guys I see here is Calderon the honest Police and Military men and women. One thing I like about Sinaloa Cartel is that they don't do extortion or kidnapping for ransom as far as I know. They only do the drug distribution.

  36. @ J

    got it, but have you ever thought that there are constantly new folks logging on that no little to nothing about MDC and MOC? Points that are important to me, not necessarily this but anything important, I will repeat to expose that reality to someone who perhaps will be interested or moved to investigate information further. At least that is my thinking, seems a pragmactic approach for one that cares. It is not about us, right? What may be redundant to a brand new world for others.



  37. @ april 21 10:45AM

    What city do you live in? Smacking people? Tearing up their stores?

    You are so full of shit.

  38. Texcoco Mex said.

    Once again the ignorance of people play a part on this game. Two wrongs don't make one right. Paying police 200 pesos for tearing up a tienda over 20 pesos in change will not change much and it will make you dishonest as well. U.S has had a lot of stores like VONS Sav-On and many more Super Stores doing the same thing over charging customers for 5 to 10 cents per item on the long run the 5 to 10 cents will add up to thousands of dollars. About corruption on the U.S on the State you live in and see what comes up. Gringos complain about us but there we have more than 6 million gringos living in Mexico now and the number is increasing fast enough for the U.S to build Hospitals for gringos living in Mexico one of the most violent countries in the world.

  39. Texcoco Mex said.

    Sorry this is what I meant to say.

    About corruption on the U.S type in and search Police corruption on the State you live in and see what comes up

  40. "What may be redundant to us is a brand new world for others." Great comment!

    This is a free forum for everyone to speak their mind and emotions as long as its accepted by the powers that be.....not by the easily annoyed and self-centered. No offense but im just speaking my mind.

    With mexico. No one knows everything except the Devil.


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