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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

31 Zetas arrested in probe of mass graves in San Fernando, Mexican authorities say

BY: Brownsville Herald

Mexican authorities announced the capture 31 Zetas and two “Zetitas” through separate operations by the Mexican navy and the Mexican army in connection with the investigation into the mass graves in San Fernando, Tamps. The two “Zetitas” — teens under 18 — were released to their relatives.

The arrests are part of the ongoing investigation into the finding of 145 bodies in 28 mass graves in the rural areas of San Fernando, which is about 80 miles south of Brownsville.

On Monday, soldiers with the 8th military zone located and arrested nine Zetas in Ciudad Victoria. Among the arrested was Sergio Armando “Comandante Checo” Alvarado Maldonado, who is named as the leader of a team of gunmen stationed in Ciudad Victoria. Felipe Morales Santiago and Oscar Osiel Juarez Zamarripa were identified as members of Comandante Checo’s strike team.

During that same arrest, the Mexican army caught Armando “El Payaso” Rivera, who was identified as the personal bodyguard of Martin Omar “Comandante Kilo” Estrada de la Mora, who was arrested last week. At the time of the arrest, authorities seized three assault rifles, ammunition and one SUV.

On Friday the Mexican Navy arrested 22 more Zetas and the two “Zetitas,” according to information released Tuesday by Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office — known as PGR.

The 22 Zetas were arraigned on charges of murder, engaging in organized criminal activity, kidnapping and possession of restricted firearms, the PGR said.

The group which was led by Esvin Leonel “El Gato” Batres Hernandez was identified and arrested by the Mexican Navy on Friday. The location of the arrest was not released. Authorities did seize a number of firearms and 14 SUV’s.

A Mexican federal judge ordered that the group caught by the Mexican Navy be held without bond for 40 days while the case is further reviewed.

With the most recent batch of arrest, Mexican authorities have arrested 76 Zetas and two Zetitas of which 55 have been arraigned.


Arrested by Mexican Army

1. Sergio Armando “Comandante Checo” Alvarado Maldonado

2. Luis Arturo “El Pollo”, Reyes Martinez

3. Armando “El Payaso” Rivera.

4. Felipe Morales Santiago

5. Oscar Osiel Juarez Zamarripa

6. Mayra Esther Ramos Cortés

7. Ana Janete Reyes Martinez who was identified as the sister or “El Pollo”

8. Adriana Chavez Salazar

9. Elena Enriquez Escandón

Arrested by Mexican Navy

1. Adriana Guadalupe Medina Galván

2. Armando Rodríguez de la Cruz

3. Esvin Leonel Batres Hernández (a) “El Gato”

4. José Luis Alonso Mireles o José Luis Alonzo Mireles

5. José Armando Palacios Vega

6. María de los Ángeles Ponce Razo

7. Miguel Ángel Trinidad Puente

8. Christian Misael Dávila Molina

9. Alicia Tapia Corral

10. Juana Flores Mendoza o María Luisa Flores Mendoza

11. César Coronado Delgado

12. José Manuel Hernández Guerrero

13. Álvaro Alba Terrazas

14. Joel Hernández Aguirre

15. Jairo Emmanuel Cabriales Campos

16. Julio Luna Rivera

17. Gerardo de la Cruz Rodríguez

18. Jobana Susano Cruz o Jovana Susana Cruz

19. Juan Antonio Tavares Arteaga

20. Óscar Julián Cruz Ramírez

21. Gerardo Fabián Gámez Cabriales

22. Miguel Adrián Pérez Olguín y/o Miguel Ángel Pérez Olguín


  1. Ok wait a minute, they released (2) Zetitas? Doesn't Mexico have a law to try minors as adults? If not, then they should START IMMEDIATELY. These cartels are hiring junior hitment. Maybe creating this law will take some steam out of those child recruits. =Apollo=

  2. So if you are under 18 in Mexico and kidnap, then torture/murder 200+ unarmed and helpless civilians (including women and children) you are allowed to go home to your parents?

    Simply unbelievable!

  3. I don't get it, authorities keep arresting all these people and yet killings don't slow down, am i missing something

    by next week won't all these assholes be out in the streets again?

    what ever happened to the respectable druglord back in the day, that had a code of conduct, these new pieces of shit can't even tie their own shoes.

    -sidenote, how come every time i see cartel members get arrested, they always look like shit, i mean common on, i have a fairly decent paying job, i work hard for my money, yet these assholes don't have to work hard, with all that money can't they buy new clothes.. I'm better dressed that most these fucks, every time i see a picture of them, their all run down t-shits torn pants, they look homeless

  4. I'm guessing they don't give a shit about their appearance any more because they know they are not long for this world.

  5. The ideal of letting anyone go free due to their underage status is so absolutely insane. If you can participate in a crime this outrageous, you need to pay or you'll be out doing something even more heinous tomorrow and more innocent people will die. This miscarriage of justice is just disrespectful to the victims who lost their lives. This is wrong!

  6. execute them right away!

  7. everybody in Reynosa say that Zetas are going to try to rescue some of this lacras anytime soon suppostly it's gonna get worse around there..does anybody know about it?

  8. Why arrest when they could be shot on sight? It isn't as if a Mexican trial is going to prove guilt or innocence, and at any rate, with enough money, they will be back on the streets before anyone can say "impunity".

  9. Mexico law is out of touch with what Mexico really is. European correctness?? Mexico is a hell hole ruled by nuevo aristocrats who are interested in there and their familys enrichment. Left wing socialistic BS also plays a part in the weak inoffective legal system,Laws that are COSMETIC with little effectivness, Forfiture statute used 2-3 times since its passage?? WTF is wrong with Mexicans??

  10. They don't want to fix it. Too much money being made by too many people. They just want to hold their little protests. March around with placards and call the politicians bad names. As always in Mexico it's manana, manana is good enough for me.

  11. There we go again with this US Right Winger mantra by BB shit kickers that Mexico is supposedly haven for socialist Lefties?????

    'Left wing socialistic BS also plays a part in the weak inoffective legal system...'

    Where do these morons get this stuff? The legal system of Mexico has often been described as being 'Napoleonic' (coming from around 1804), and last I heard, Napoleon Bonaparte was hardly Mr. Socialist. Only a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh baloney infused idiot would ever think that Mexico's Napoleonic legal code has anything to do with socialism or Left Wing ideology. You Right Wingers are just so damn weird!

  12. It sucks when no one trusts no one, everyone can go around arresting whoever but when there is no real policework done most of them will just get released.


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