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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Valle Hermoso: Mexican Marines kill 8 gunmen

Marines battled for more than five hours with members of the Gulf cartel in the municipality of Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, resulting in one wounded marine and eight gunmen dead.

The Mexican Navy announced the death of eight gunmen after a lengthy firefight early Tuesday morning. One Mexican marine was injured during the fighting; he was listed as out of danger. According to a news release from the Mexican navy, the fighting began when authorities received an anonymous tip of a convoy of SUVs carrying gunmen.

When naval officials sent a convoy of Mexican marines to investigate, they reported coming under fire when they arrived at the city. The Mexican marines fought back and reported fighting off the group, which went into a brushy area and fled.

During a follow-up search of the area, marines found the bodies of eight gunmen as well as five SUVs. From inside the vehicles, the marines seized eight AK-47, four AR-15, a grenade launcher, four 40 mm grenades, 2073 ammunition cartridges of various calibers, 55 magazines of various calibers, and two pairs of camouflage.

Also seized from the vehicles were 3 plastic bags containing marijuana and diverse apocryphal MARINE vehicle decals, similar to those used by the marines to identify themselves during operations.

Although the press release didn’t state which criminal gang the gunmen belonged to, sources indicate the gunmen were members of the Gulf Cartel.

Following the attack, in a telephone interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga, the mayor of Valle Hermoso, Efraín de León León admitted his fear while declaring his powerlessness against the violence that has taken hold his city.


Sources: Milenio, Grupo Reforma, SEMAR, You Tube, Valley Central, Es Noticia


  1. One wounded marine. Eight dead scumbags.

    I have to say it was a good day.

  2. When the Navy comes under gunfire and these scumbags run off into the bushes, isn't that the time to drop some kind of close range explosive on their asses?? What better way to freighten them off and have them think twice about these shoot-outs?

    Especially in Tamaulipas but not only. Sure you can't do it in a city but...They need to be confronted by something bigger than them every time they try to engage the military.

  3. That´s the official count, no where near real numbers.

  4. too bad it wasn't los zetas getting killed

  5. Is that a Russian Gunship Helicopter?

  6. yes it is a russian gunship helicopter

    **note two bubbles above windows


  8. They were Zetas, initial report was wrong. Military killed 8 Zetas and a few hours later CDG and Zetas got into a heavy engagement with about 50 trucks involved, the military didn't intervene.

  9. @anon 8:25 am

    Thank you for the update and correction!

  10. What's up with the Mexican military only killing Zeta gunmen and not Gulf Cartel gunmen??? I have never seen Gulf Cartel gunmen get killed by the Mexican military besides the Tony Tormenta incident. Strange.....

  11. EarniesWorld, it's just a coincidence :)

  12. last year they were killing only CDG uhrns whirled

  13. @March 4, 2011 10:42 AM

    Thats not true. Just today la Marina captured 3 members from el cartel del golfo in Mtty. What is it with these cheerleaders who every time they see a cartel get attacked they go on the offensive and start crying why the other guys aren't getting hit.

  14. It is obvious by the bullet marks on all the windshields that this convoy of cartel members were ambushed...not a bad thing but the cartel did not shoot first this time...

  15. Well CDG didnt even start the gang war im from valle hermoso myself & i can tell you that the zetas are the ones that started the whole shit if anyone should be getting killed its the zetas, im not saying CDG has nothing to do with it but if it wasnt for the zetas MExico would be what it used to be.


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