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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Battle for Guerrero continues

Photo from archive
Two narcomantas were hung from a bridge on the overpass of Cuauhtémoc avenue, located in Acapulco, Guerrero. Both  were signed by the Sinaloa cartel.

Authorities received an anonymous phone call that the banners had been discovered,  the content was directed at the general public. It urged them not to give into extortion, among other things.
The Text

"To all citizens in general and the functionaries of the state: Do not allow yourselves to be extorted, nor should you pay cuotas to the people working for Victor Aguirre, El Coreano, Melon, Padrino. This is the only way they finance themselves. We GUARRANTEE protection, we do not dedicate ourselves to such activities and we seek to put an end to these miscreants. ATT. The Sinaloa Cartel.
Four men executed. 
In another incident, four men were found executed along the Iguala-Chilpancingo federal highway. They had signs of torture and appeared to have been beaten to death. Along with the bodies, investigators found this message:
“Humberto Velázques El Wuacho, esta va para ti también, te fuiste esta vez, si El Flaco te la perdonó yo no lo voy a hacer perro desgraciado, chaquetero”.

“101.7 la verga hijos de su puta madre, putos mugrosos quieren pelea, el color sigue en su gente y se los va a cargar por chaqueteros, mordieron la mano que les dio de comer. La verga sigue siendo la verga. Atte. Los Rojos. Puro Guerrero”.

Humberto Velázques El Wuacho, this goes for you as well. You may have gotten away this time.  El Flaco may have forgiven you, but I will not be as forgiving. You disgraceful dog, chaquetero

101.7 You fucking sons of whores, filthy putos who are looking for a fight. The color  follows your people. They will pay for being chaqueteros, you've bitten the hand that feeds you. The shit will continue to be the shit. Atte. Los Rojos. Puro Guerrero

Graphic Pictures and other stories after the jump 

Sicarios execute four police officers

In yet another incident, four ministerial police officers where gunned down as they were driving in a white Ford  F10 pickup truck. The assailants pulled up next to them as they traveled along the Chilpancingo-Zumpango federal highway. The investigators have recovered over 400 spent  AK-47 shell casings at the scene.


  1. what happen to the pictures??

  2. Pinche Chapo nunca va cambiar sus ideales de "BATMAN". Quiere ganarse el apoyo del pueblo con actos violentos. Con matar esa gente pobre piensa que va componer a todo un pais? Ya no sea MARRANA y si quiere un CAMBIO SOCIAL porque no REGALA un HOSIPTAL o una ESCUELA? Es mucho mas BARRATO MATAR a pobres LIMPIA VIDRIOS...

    FUCKING Chapo is never gonna change his "BATMAN" ideals. He wants to win the people's favor through violent acts. By killing poor people he thinks he is gonna fix a whole country? Quit being a FEMALE PIG and if you wanna bring about SOCIAL CHANGE, why don't you donate a HOSPITAL or a SCHOOL? Isn't much more cheaper to kill these poor WINDOW WASHERS...



  3. El chapo is a dirty lil' bastard. I can't wait for the day he has to meet his maker. All the guns in the world and money in the world wont help him then. The day he dies, I will party all night long, as if it were new years eve. I can't wait! Its gonna happen sooner or later.

    All Kings fall....

  4. I follow the violence down in Aca and almost every narco message threatens this El Coreano and Melon guy. I'd hate to be those 2 cats. Does this mean Acapulco will be another Juarez soon, not that it's that far off in the list of most murders?

  5. Oh my, noble little chapito protecting the innocent from extortion.

  6. @ 777 and ajulio,

    The only reason he is doing this now is because "OPERATION MERCURY" has been launched and ALL roads lead to him, the U.S. has made him a number one target and they want to make sure to take down his entire money making structure first so that when he is killed someone else can not just step in and continue the business... This is where Mexico has made a huge, huge mistake (Along with being currupted...) They have started at the very lower level of street soldiers when anyone with any sense knows the way to take down a cartel is to start at the top, cut the head off the snake and work down then the body will die, going about it like Mexico has done is proof that they have never been serious about ending the narco life style and trafficking out of Mexico, it has all been smoke and mirrors to make it seem as thought they were fighting the cartels when in fact this entire time they have been doing the exact opposite! This problem should have been eradicated long ago and it would have been if Mexicos government would have been serious about ending the narco life that has become such a part of Mexicos culture... The Mexican military has just been caught red handed transporting 900 kilos of Chapo Guzmans cocaine!

    This story should be in every news facility in Mexico and around the world! The Mexican military has been using its soldiers, trucks and planes to move and protect Capo Guzman and his drugs... Hopefully with these new arrests and bringing it out in the open this will be the turning point. The psychological damage that has been done to the youth of Mexico runs so deep it will take generations to put being a narco at the bottom of the list of aspirations for Mexicos young men and women... To the good hearted Mexicans, "Viva La Raza My Friends, God Speed..." - Grande Goat Horn

  7. Who are those guys affiliated with? El Coreano and Melon? CIDA, Montemayor faction, or Beltran Leyva? What is going on with Sinaloa in Acapulco now? Since they haven't refuted it, I'll have to assume they are legit, and laying claim to the plaza.

    On a related note, the Beltran's are about completley done now it seems like. They have lost everything.

  8. El Chapo probably has bitten off to much to chew. He seriously wants to control too much territory. Most of the violent crimes in Mexico are done by another cartel to another cartel. Many do die in shootouts with the government but most of the killing and most likely 70% of the 35000+ deaths are related to narcos killing narcos in one form or another. Wars have been waged because so many of these drug lords can't just be conformed to living and operating one or few terrotories. " The scarface syndrome " has this dudes over the edge. Everybody wants to be the bad guy, the baddest dude. El mas huevudo.

    Everyone wants to believe that when another president steps in for the next term they will find another strategy to fight the cartels or possibly let them operate under the water. That PRI will cut a deal and Mexico will be a safer calmer place like it was in 90's when all the gente movida were making money. Were drugs flowed to the US and dollares flowed to Mexico por costales.

    But reality is that even when the government says ok let by gons be by gons and lets push weight and oorruption will not seek to exist as long is we all get our cut. Other cartels like the Sinaloa cartel are still gonna be raging a war in Juarez, they will still be raging a war in Tijuana. They will still be raging a war in Acapaculo. The Juarez cartel will still be fighting their territory in Chihuas till the death. The Beltranes will still be fighting what little they have in Sonora and Guerrero. The Zetas will still be fighting Coahulia, Nuevo Leon, Tamps, SLP, Zacatecas with the Gulfo. Those dudes have a very personal war that will never end. Ugly shit that even the evilest of dudes don't know about.La Familia will still always protect Michoacan and there fokeros.La gente de Milenio will always protect Jalisco. Los Arrellano and their faithfulls will always protect Tijuana. The cartels right now don't know how to confine and trust anyone that is not their immediate people. Too much hating going on, no one cartel can let another prosper because it's war. That will still be the downfall of all these cartels.
    Bien dice el dicho que union hace la fuerza pendejos. Quit the bullshit and work! Que ya cuando los carge la chingada nadie va prosperar.

    Saludos desde Italia,

  9. @Grande Goat Horn

    Thats the best news I've heard in a while...There still is HOPE after all to ruin The Midget's image. ALL these youngsters grow up with the mentality of one day walking in his shoes (LA MARRANA/CHAPO). Instead of growing up to do something "POSITIVE". The money he accumulated all these years only provided temporary happiness. Now he has to pay for all the damages along the way...


  10. @Grande Goat Horn
    "They have started at the very lower level of street soldiers when anyone with any sense knows the way to take down a cartel is to start at the top, cut the head off the snake and work down then the body will die"

    Do you even know what you are even talking about????

    The reason there is so much violence is because they have been cutting off the heads..and it leaves a power vacuum which in my opinion doesn't really work. For example on 14 de marzo de 2003 Osiel Cardenas Guillen was captured. Guess what happen next year? CDS tried taking over Nuevo Laredo bz they knew their boss wasn't around. Then Francisco Javier Arellano-Felix, alias El Tigrillo was arrested followed by Eduardo Arellano Félix, alias “El Doctor” guess what happen after that? The most deadly turf war in TJ history which led to the war between el Inge and el teo over control. In December 11, 2009 Arutro Beltran Leyva was killed. Guess what happen next? Barbie and Sergio Villarreal Barragán/Héctor Beltrán Leyva went to war over control. That is why you see all the violence in Morelos and ACA now. El mochomo was captured and this led to war between the los Beltran and CDS. Then Ignacio Coronel Villarreal was killed and guess what happen after that? You prob guess it, Guadalajara started getting all violence you never saw before? So probably want to rephrase that stupid comment you made!!!

  11. @ grande

    thats why mexico is so screwed. every group or gang in mexico has some form of corruption. from the bottom up.

    i agree with you about attacking the cartels from the top first. like you said, kill the head and the body dies.

    but if anything, mexico has got to clean up their military first. the military is the government's protector and if your military is corrupt, then you really have nothing. the military should be the strongest and most dependable security force a government has and right now, mexico's military is contaminated with criminals.

    what makes the military special is its focus on discipline and leadership. mexico's military really has neither. you should hear the stories about the military's abuse on juarez citizens. that's why the citizens chased them out of juarez.

    but lets also acknowledge the many good soldiers who die in the line of fire or risk their lives for their country.

  12. one of the guys in front of the white truck has his brains all blown out.

  13. @9:19pm
    Very true. Let's say someday the government manages to capture or kill chapo, do you think the drug consumers will just say "well chapo is dead/gone now I guess I won't be smoking crack anymore"? Remember that rest of his orginzation will still continue to run the cartel. His 2 sons,his brother, mayo, macho prieto, los antrax,bravo,M1,el 20,el 6, chino antrax, el fantasma, el flaco, ect. It would be symbolic for mexico to get him one day but nothing would change. Would the rest of the cartels dissapear after his death, los zetas, beltranes, la familia, cartel de TJ,jurez cartel cartel de golfo, cartel de jalisco, and the others? No. There are more people than ever doing coke,crack,heroin,marijuana,meth, and opium. And no, legalizing these drugs won't help either there will always be a black market for drugs look at vallium and xnax both are very abused and lead people to f*** up their lives. People need to get a grip of themselves and just stop putting crap into their bodies.

  14. how pathetic is the sinaloa cartel!!!how can they say they dont kill innocent people or extort!!!all of us in mexico know they do!!!!!!!that midget pig chapo is the worst piece of human shit in mexico!!!seems cds has all thier cheerleaders,fuckers that dont know the truth!!!see if you people cheer him on when he is taken down which is going to happen sooner than you expect!mexico is how it is because of chapo guzman!thinking his cartel could take over mexico,ha ha ha,yeah right!!cds barely controls sinaloa,not really though,look at the facts.anyways,not even with federal help and mex army has he been able to win chihuahua plaza,and its been 3 years!!!cartel de juarez still intact and still recruiting more and more people!!!whats the point?ALL THE KILLINGS WERE IN VAIN!!!all over the country!!!my opinion and all of my circle of family and friends...FCK THE PIECE OF CRAP OF EL CHAPO!!!YOUR GREED IS TO BLAME FOR THE THE BS.THE BEST PART,YOU HAVENT AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO REACH YOUR PATHETIC GOAL!!!BURN IN HELL FAGGOT JOAQUIN GUZMAN!!!

  15. Well at least the bodies are intact.
    But the guys in the first pics still have their pants pulled down, someone wanted a good look and feel.
    If only they would stop with this cock fetish business and not kill any innocents.
    But they want to be big and macho, not realising they are small and queer.

    i think chapo guzman must have taken something from behind in prison....all his "men" go round pulling other guys pants down......very gay.

  16. for all of you ignorants thinking that cutting the head of the snake will take care of the problem, for you i have two words "LERNAEAN HYDRA"!!!

    and for the rest of the haters, stop hating and if you want to make a change, go out there with a cuerno at hand and give it a shot.

    get involved, go to mexico and help! do your part, and stop writing crazy shit on this blog from yor mama's garage, go on and get a life and stop envying the boss of bosses.

  17. The thing is how does one know if these cops are innocent? Knowing how the majority of Mexico police forces are, they were more than likely corrupt and under one of the cartels influence.

  18. @7cerdos

    "lernaean hydra" it would be nice if they were all attached to the same body. No Hating, NO killings. They are not. And that is their weakness. It WILL be exposed...


  19. are they talking about El Flaco from La Gente Nueva?

    El TRIple6

  20. Mexico needs to target and KILL all of the Mo Fos... Chapo and his 2 sons,his brother, mayo, macho prieto, los antrax,bravo,M1,el 20,el 6, chino antrax, el fantasma, el flaco, Coss, Z40, Z42, Lazcano!!! they are ruining Mexico with their cowardly acts, killing women and children and innocent people. Its going to take generations for Mexico to recover from this if it ever does... Small children are being traumatized for life and women and the elderly as well, these monster scum of the earth are not even Narcos, they are scum!

    Only cowards kill women and children, pussy scum cowards is all they are! Coked out junkies that have lost their minds and the have black hearts! they are going to burn in hell for eternity and the sooner the better. Only scum kills their own people and harms their country! Pancho Villa would be ashamed of them all! Real narcos are supposed to use the money to make Mexico a better place, to build schools and hospitals and to help the poor people have a good life! All of these punk ass pussy ass cowardly coked out psychopathic monsters do not even register and they deserve no respect, they deserve to be spit on and boiled in diesel oil for what they have done to Mexico and its people.

    I think that all throughout history these so called cartels are the worse scum to ever be on planet earth and they do not deserve anything but a very slow painful death and then to burn in hell for eternity, the sooner the better!

  21. That's y all u dumm fucks are not putting your names so fucken get your shit stright .....,. This will never stop ever.. So cry about everything u like been doing name is Juan mata burras u can find me in Los Angeles ..... ... So fuck all u cry babys .. N the us gov n Mexican gov work together to keep the flow going that y they can keep thir job ..... Like the CIA sold crack to the niggas now it's just a millon to billon $$ game n I down for the piece of change hahahhahahahaha


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