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Friday, March 25, 2011

Thirteen gunmen killed in a clash with the Mexican Army

At least 13 suspected criminals were killed in a shootout with Mexican Army soldiers in the municipality of Rio Bravo, in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, officials said Monday.

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) said in a statement it had located a group of armed persons while on a routine patrol from Valle Hermoso to Reynosa. The gunmen, who were surprised by the presence Mexican Army, opened fire on the soldiers while trying to flee.

The statement said that the soldiers "in defense of their physical integrity and the lives of the members of the community", repelled the attack, which killed 13 assailants and led to the detention of one.

After the confrontation, soldiers seized seven vehicles, one of which was armored, 25 rifles, six pistols, two hand grenades, 173 magazines and more than 6,000 cartridges.

“The bodies of dead offenders, the detainee, vehicles, weapons, and ammunition magazines were made available to appropriate authorities,” the statement added.

The Department of Defense said that the operation is part of the Mexican government’s comprehensive strategy against drug trafficking and organized crime.


  1. Good job Ejercito Mexicano!

    News like this makes my day. One day Mexico and its beautiful people shall rid itself from these scum.

  2. Job well done! Forge ahead soldiers...

  3. Excelent! More news like these, please!

  4. Wonderful news -- God Bless the Mexico Soldiers!!!

  5. This happens all the time. why so little news coverage?
    Maruchaneros pendejos, a Little Pase, Tequila
    A.R. 15 or Cuerno de Chivo to feel like a man. Stolen vehicle to flirt with the ladies or intimidate old people, (De a Monton)
    Maruchan Soup for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.
    400 pesos every 2 weeks, and have your photo on BB or BlogDelNarco with your head split open.
    some career that is,
    Mis Respetos al Ejercito Mexicano.

  6. VIVA Mexico!!!

    14 crackedout wannabies vs Soldiers = 13 dead and 1 captured with no dead Soldiers.

    why do these lazy drug addicts even bother??

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  7. 13 down, Thousands more to go!!

  8. Not that it matters, but which cartel are these pieces of shit from?

    312<------the blue line

  9. you'd think that with all the money these cartels make, they would hire professionals to train their
    goons, obviously the training (if any) is not working(at least not against professional soldiers) although they perform great against unarmed civilians.

  10. Sign me up!

    Viva Mexico!

  11. Great job! they are finally on the right track... This is how you get rid of the cancer that is effecting Mexico and its people! KILL THEM ALL! - Grande Goat Horn

  12. No que no putitos? Pinches arrastrados!

    --El Chorizon

  13. @ Porno

    They do train their goons to some extent but you can't compare 6 months of training with a 2 weeks of training. They may win against municipal police and get tied with state police but not against trained professionals like the Mexican Military or Marines especially in Tamulipas where they can't hide behind buildings or run away because it's just filled with ranches and small towns. Turret machine gun>cartel goons.

  14. cartel guys arent newbies to high caliber guns they got a whole lot more ak47 bullet busting credit then all these american rappers claiming the credit but there going up against highly trained killing machines for example take a pretty good street fighter that will beat up most people icluding probably almost all from here posting but you put that street fighter against a highly trained mma/ufc fighter and the ufc fighter is likely to win but then agian never forget that some soilders are on the cartel side like the original zetas and others rumor has it el chapo has 200+ soilders to battle.

  15. Ande putitos!!! What good is it having all those guns if you don't know how to use them...What they should do is have themselves another "narco pachanga" like they did last time. Settle their differences and go into hiding because these nothings are no match for the Ejercito and Marina.



    I respectfully disagree, "real men fight with their fists..." Uh, no they don't. In a "real world fight," where your opponent is trying to kill you, your gonna use whatever you can to survive! If that means biting, eye gouging, choking, be it.

    Also, professional boxing and MMA fighting are two different animals (sports) of course.'s a proven fact a professional boxer does not stand a chance against a skilled MMA in point Couture (MMA) vs Toney (Boxer). The fight lasted all of about 30 seconds..first round submission.

    Just my two cents..

  17. This aren't Zetas I wish they were but this time the CDG was hit hard. I'm Mexican but like millions of my people will support a US invasion and proudly will serve in the US ARMED forces. Give the US the green light to go freely into Mexico and see the downfall of the Cartels for good just like the Cosa Nostra it can be done, a couple of satellites and drones pointing at the drug kingpins homes and lets rock and roll

  18. Beautiful. Yet another 'patriotic' señorito Regio Daddy's boy posting on the computer about the how he's confused the US eagle with his native Mexican eagle on his flag. Luckily for Mexico, there simply are not millions of like minded Mexicans who will support a US invasion like he seems to think there are in his own poor deluded mind.

    Sadly though, this is a typical kid though coming from Middle Class neighborhoods throughout Latin America. They often lament the fact that they are not living in the US or Europe in a style more befitting to such royalty. Life is so unfair to them! Oh! ..the humanity!


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