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Friday, March 25, 2011

''They should kill more", says ex Governor of Nuevo Leon

According to PRI Federal Deputy, Benjamin Clariond, authorities are not only reacting, but making progress in their battle to combat criminal organizations in the state of Nuevo Leon.

"Yes, they're doing something (about the insecurity), they're killing a lot of them (criminals). They should kill more.", said Clariond on Thursday.

Before entering the annual assembly of CAINTRA, (Chamber of Transformation of Nuevo Leon), the ex-Governor made it clear that cartel violence and the subsequent lack of security has affected the entire nation, not just Nuevo Leon.

Additionally Clariond stated the effort to combat organized crime is being hindered by the lack of coordination between the three levels of government.

source: Grupo Reforma


  1. Kill more criminals,just like himself and his men.The police on NL are "halcones".

  2. Why do I get the feeling that BB is wholeheartedly supporting Mexican alcoholic political clown thugs like this one? Why do so many US citizens think it cool when Mexican elites encourage death squad mentality and organizing?

    1. Yes, I agree. I lived in Nuevo Laredo in my teenaged years in the 80's. Back then, Columbians ran cocaine and Mexican cartels ran weed. My uncle was a Black Mexican and they (Blacks) got it bad there. So he worked for the Columbians, as a hit man. For real. His office was in the municipal building in downtown Nuevo Laredo. His "boss" in his fake job was some local administrator over the jails and stuff. This so it would be easier to "touch" people on the inside (locked up). Corruption was and still is rampant. Death squads will only serve to empower whichever organization the corrupt officials serve. I know. I been there. I seen. We used to skip school in Laredo Texas and go borrow my uncle's car and fuck around in Nuevo Laredo. Police pulled me over once, thinking I had stolen his car. They all knew who he was. Then they knew who I was. I did whatever the fuck I wanted. I stole cars in America and sold them to cops in Mexico. 15 years old, cuttin up. Why do I say all this? Because I can honestly say that the corruption is real. I know of people who were "arrested" and delivered into the hands of the narcos. They used to tie their hands behind their backs, hang them from a tree by the rope between the hands (dislocating shoulders), cut their dicks off and shove them down their throats. Watch them choke to death on their own dick. Police were doing this. Federales. I was bad. I was in all that shit, a white teenager from America living in Mexico and running with coyotes and traffickers. My step-family was all in it. I'm glad we got out before the Zetas came along. I hate to say it but the guy I was, I'd have been with them. The corruption gives you a sense of invincibility. I went to jail at 16, before they knew who my uncle was. I beat a couple of guys near to death with a chain and got locked up and the next day I was out. Like nothing ever happened... So to get back on topic, yeah, we need not let these corrupt politicians pretend they're fighting back when all they're really doing is fighting WITH.

  3. Ardent said...
    Why do I get the feeling that BB is wholeheartedly supporting Mexican alcoholic political clown thugs like this one? Why do so many US citizens think it cool when Mexican elites encourage death squad mentality and organizing
    change the words a little bit, and youre mirroring George Dumbyah

  4. They should kill them ALL! they are nothing but cancer to Mexico and its people! Fight fire with fire and kill them all! God understands and is OK with this... - Grande Goat Horn

  5. ardent
    why do you consistently use inflammatory words in your posts? Like - wholeheartedly supporting... alcoholic political clown thugs... why do you try so hard to be provocative? many US citizens... Can you back that up? How many is so many?...Mexican elites... Can you back that up? How do you know poor Mexicans do not encourage vigilantism?

    You are not interested in any factual information and you are not interested in exchanging ideas with anyone that does not agree with your pseudo-leftist, defender-of-the-downtroden, condescending views. You are only interested in posting inflammatory, emotional, verbal assaults.

    You have nothing to backup your post of 2:19 so you try to sneak up with "why do I get the feeling..." as though you have some inside information that no one else is bright enough to perceive.

  6. I was merely pointing out, Mr. Anonymous 2:57, that the fact that many of BB readers have shown a penchant for looking favorably on the idea of using terroristic violence to supposedly stop the drug cartels. One can see this in the constant comments stating such and the fact that BB seems to constantly choose a selection of commentaries to publish to seemingly try to animate this sort of commentary from the peanut gallery.

    'You are not interested in any factual information and you are not interested in exchanging ideas with anyone that does not agree with your pseudo-leftist, defender-of-the-downtroden, condescending views. You are only interested in posting inflammatory, emotional, verbal assaults.'

    This is a standard Right Winger POV you have about those who don't go along with the constant US pro militaristic thinking of our D.C. government. Your own comment in turn is definitely 'inflammatory, emotional, (and) verbal assaults' on your own part againsdt those who are not in line with our aggressive and imperialistic US foreign policy.

    'Grande Goat Horn' and his comment at 12:39PM is typical of the attitude I mentioned and that you take offense at me for doing so. You Right Wingers simply have a real blood lust to harm others. There seems to be a lot of sadism involved in being a Right Winger... Now let that offend you, too, Anonymous, as I know it will though it is absolutely true.

  7. Nombre weyes, Right wingers dont go into harms way, they send others kids to do it for them.
    All of the Armchair Commandoes here dont ever speak of ging there themselves, they laways want to call up "our Military" and press the play button on the remote.
    the real Heroes in this war are the "Mexican Soldiers" not Cia drug runners or ATF gun peddlers.

  8. Ardent said...
    I was merely pointing out, Mr. Anonymous 2:57, that the fact that many of BB readers have shown a penchant for looking favorably on the idea of using terroristic violence to supposedly stop the drug cartels.

    You're so right Ardent. The right wingers are the ones advocating "terroristic violence" not the cartels. (sarcasm) Maybe we should just ask these cartel murderers politely to stop butchering innocent people. Maybe if we give them a hug and sing kumbaya together they will surrender their weapons. liberal pie in the sky thinking that's not rooted in reality! What a coward !

  9. @E1

    you are 100% personal attacks and op critical. with sacrasm and meaness at that. Why don't you ever state an intellingent opposing point? Just try that, because sometimes you are correct but people can't get past the attacks. You were correct twice that I saw and told you so, I ate crow so to speak. Assange was one and if you saw my forum post of Mx Army now being the largest cartel I gave kudos to you.

    I know it is not in you to be kind, and mannerly but how about just dropping the atttacks and state your op?

    I agree with Sr. Chivo
    I will not apoligize for saying I want these bastards killed on sight. I would not say that in most other places where due process is a patent process, but in Mx the perp walk then what? Judicial standards of guilt changed and no one can make sense of it. Now there are new laws and presumption of innocense is supposedly on the horizon, but if you have money most often you will go free one way or the other. The prison system is a joke even Max security. So I say shoot on sight I want them dead so innocents will live. Emotional? I don't really give a rats ass.

    @ 7:13AM Loved your comment. It made me laugh

  10. well, If old Ardent(ernest1) has a good idea how to stop the constant slaughter that has KILLED Mexico`s tourism and businesses, maybe he`s like to give ol Chapo a visit in person? Ask him to "tone it down a bit". C`mon Chaps, take it easy. Can`t we all just get along? Chapo: Sure Ardent, right after we string you up, cut off your frank and beans, stuff them in your mouth, and disembowel you after we have called your familia and taken every ounce of savings you ever had. You got it buddy. Nice to hear from you and good thinking. I cannot believe I didn`t think of that myself. Just ask nicely and we could just get things done in this violent profession we`ve chosen. You the man Ardent, now, I gots ta cut ya.!! ME: And I`m a liberal, but more than that, I`m a realist and Cartel mindset is different than rebels in Libya rising up for freedom. It`s a whole nother ball game and as much as I like Ardents points at times, he just doesn`t understand that not everyone else is to blame, sometimes you just have to blame the actual people that are to blame. Peace and love world.

  11. Oh tut tut tut ardent you're like an old hen going around clucking in disapproval at everyone. and so perceptive at nailing everyone's political pursuasion and then cutting them to pieces with your razor-sharp wit. you know what, ardent/yerny? fuck yourself

  12. ardie

    unless you can back this up with numbers it's just more of your inflammatory bullshit. you better start counting ardie or shut up.

    ...many of BB readers..., ...shown a penchant for looking favorably..., ...constant comments...,BB seems to constantly choose..., animate...from the peanut gallery - don't mean anything, get it, have no meaning, as in bullshit.

    and there's more. ...Right Wingers have a real (as opposed to unreal?) blood lust to harm others. Inflammatory AND accusatory with no back-up....seems to be a lot (how many is a lot?) of sadism...being a Right Winger. More inflammatory statements with nothing to substantiate it.

    you are just a bag of hot air ard - you have no point of view - you think hating the US is a point of view. you think that your "point of view" is validated by the fact that you can piss people off with emotional, inflammatory assertions. you think your taunts and accusations have meaning because others react to them. you enjoy deceiving yourself.

    You are entertainment, not substance.

  13. You dittoheaded Right Wingers that congregate here on BB are the ones full of hot air and not me. Actually it pains me to even bother to reply to you nuts with your constant cheering on for more violence, more war, and more stupidity in Mexico's misleadership hooked by our own US misleaders.

    The world is in literal meltdown and radioactivity is our future with Nature having been totally destroyed in my lifetime, and you thugs haven't scarcely a real thought in your heads. Cartel violence is the theme here but your lack of thinking is a constant on all issues. All you have is bloodlust. You have nothing new to offer the world other than the 'Let's Kill 'em!!!!' mentality predominant in militarized corporate America Today.

    'They should kill more", says ex Governor of Nuevo Leon
    Friday, March 25, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

    Hey, this is a man, the ex-PRI guv of NL, for you dips! Look at his picture again at the head of this article... You clownish USA bred thugs should organize a cheerleading fan club for fat head PRIista Benjy Clariond, Buela. He's definitely one for y'all. He's the type of ally the US government will pick up among the Mexican people, too. A monied, alcoholic fool. He's a real killer for you great patriotic saints... LMAO at you Right Wing thugs....

    'you are just a bag of hot air ard - you have no point of view - you think hating the US is a point of view.'

    You are a dittoheaded Right Wing clown, Mr. 2:46. You're no lover of anything, let alone the US. You're damn right too. I despise everything nasty you herd have turned the US Empire into. So damn what? Do you really think the world is in love with what you represent?

  14. @e1

    I see you took what I said to heart.
    Talk Erny say something constructive
    say a couple of points that you feel
    would make a difference. All you know to
    do is to be rude and hateful.

    As for the Gov..I know he is a piece of work and a piece of shit. So what? So I can't agree with one thing a person says while disagreeing with everything else? I did that with you. In fact you and the Gov are very much alike.

  15. Yawn... Buela, you and the other Right Wingers here on this blog, can't seem to get over the fact that there is anybody in the US who is not also a Right Wing nit in the world just like yourselves. Get over it, dummies, because there are those folk! So when somebody expresses an opinion different than your own, you then all flock out and all go bananas together with YOUR own insults flying.

    You always say jerky stuff such as this, too...

    'The prison system is a joke even Max security. So I say shoot on sight I want them dead so innocents will live. Emotional? I don't really give a rats ass.'

    I know that you don't give a rat's ass nor do any of your racist Right Wing US buddies here either. You believe in extrajudicial killings no matter how you try to prettify it with talk about 'innocents' being hurt and you're supposedly going to stop that by making people dead dead dead first. Bullshit!

    Now you're going to give me this shit about me telling you that I don't agree with your desire to kill people without trial, just like the ex governor BTW says he is for, and that it's me supposedly being 'rude and hateful' to you and others?????

    You're really a comic genius with this stuff. A Rush Limbaugh type who gets some of his own medicine back and then begins to weep about people supposedly being hateful to others. STUPID!

    'in fact you and the Gov are very much alike.'

    No, Buela, it is you yourself and the ex Gov who are just alike. You both believe in extrajudicial killings with yourselves set up as judge, jury, and executioners. You're not just dittoheads, but wannabe DRONEHEADS. And there is a whole lynch mob of US Right Wing DRONEHEADS just like you two, too. (Now go ahead and go call me 'rude and hateful' once again, Crybabies.)

  16. E1
    you really can't be that stupid as to not comprehend what I write. You twist and turn words to fit your twisted mind. You are RUDE and HATEFUl to everyone. I have been very upfront of my political alliance, also that the alliance is centered meaning I will vote for the best availble not matter which party produces that candidate.

    I will repeat this...I say SHOOT TO KILL narcos. What that does? It effectively assures that bastard will not kill another person, ever, not an innocent, not a child...ever. Trial? Hell no, not in Mx. and my comments are solely for Mx. I have explained why many times.

    Now what hell would do E-1? Please do tell. because each comment including the last solely attacked me...nothing of subtance, ever.

    Sorry I already said you are like Gov. and it is so true, you both speak out your ass and say nothing. You both do nothing for society, oh excuse me I forgot the people in the trunk and tacos on the train.

  17. You are not just advocating shooting to kill narcos, Buela. And neither is the ex PRI governor. You both are advocating to shoot and kill first, and then to ask questions later.

    You say that Mexico has no functioning Judicial System and money talks (just like in the US, too, Buela) and therefore that's why you have your position as you do. I'm not twisting and turning your words at all here.

  18. you are so silly ernie.
    that's the nicest thing I can say.

    Mexico is just like US, right Ernie?
    You so funny Ernie.

    Just Narcos Ernie. you can not speak for me, I am saying what I intend. Just narcos Ernie, just bastard baby killer Narcos ernie.

    Correction silly, shoot need to ask questions.

    my opinion and I am sticking to it until Mexico has accuntability in justice and can protect its people.

    It is all so simple Ernie. So very simple.

  19. No, Mexico is not the US, Buela, though I never said that it was. However that is no good argument for your shoot first and ask questions later approach to supposed law enforcement in countries with defective legal systems, like the US and Mexico BOTH have.

    It is so simple, Buela. So very simple. A country with your approach to killing often times innocent people is what Mexico already has. It's why you and the ex PRI Governor, whose opinions are being discussed here, are so very messed up in your ..uh... thinking.

    'Just narcos Ernie, just bastard baby killer Narcos ernie.'

    And people like you and the ex Governor and Mayor Mauricio Fernandez will decide just who they are... right? What a prescription for total disaster! ...if I might so politely say to you Droneheaded Right Wing thugs. (see wiki[pedia about death squad advocate, Mauricio..ández_Garza)

  20. They are easy to spot silly ernie.

    wikipedia? really ernie? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

    a few months ago someone posted wikipedia link and you scoffed at it saying how unreliable the information is on wikipedia...

    talking out both sides your ass again silly Ernie your schtick is really old and tiresome

  21. Buela, I never 'scoff' at wikipedia merely because it is not the Bible so I know that you talking hot pedo de su cola air here or perhaps have me mixed up with somebody else?

    Wikipeida over all can be an excellent resource for people to use IMO. I don't 'scoff' at them when they make some occasional mistakes or miss some details here and there.

  22. @Ardent and Buela

    Both of you are acting like little kids, going back and forth like cats and dogs...grow up!! Take this shit to the forum!! Really mature both of you.

  23. this is all very interesting but:
    ardent: I have always heard "If you don't have a better solution to a problem than the one on the table then Shut Up" Now other than Whining and wringing your hands and pissing down both legs at everything everyone else offers as a possible solution, What do you propose as the fix to this mess. You can not continue to go Back in time, what and how things should have been. "In a Perfect World". Too late for all that now. The jackals are killing the sheep, What do you propose???? I honestly would like to know what you would do if you were King. Quick...we need answers now, not just blame and bs....

  24. @March 29...6:34 PM

    SO why not just pass us by?
    But also count 1-2-3-4-5-6- other slams at Ernie. right here.

    I stand by my comments beginning with the first suggesting Ernie state some op and not just slam, because sometime he has a good point but it is his presentation that sucks.

    so unless I am tampering with your right to post or read something...just pass us by.

  25. I agree, abuela and ardent are cluttering the comments with personal attacks, that add nothing to the topic, and most of us do not care, how about it moderators!!!

    They need to take their BS to the Forum where it belongs, I am another that is tired of trying to leaf through the BS!

  26. In drastic times, drastic matures are taking, like cock roaches you don't look for the guilty one, you wipe out the whole nest, and let God sort them out.....sounds cruel...but what can one do besides leaving one's country like a coward!


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