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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Mafia: Suburban Invasion

New video by The Daily reports on the Mexican cartel influence in the US, not sure what to make out of it, but interesting viewing. Most of the information is fact while some will say the overall picture is pure exaggeration.

"A brutal new crime wave from Mexico is hitting America's suburbs. Drug cartels and their heavily armed henchmen are moving into the house next door, torturing and imprisoning victims for profit in middle-class neighborhoods.

Law enforcement agencies from Texas to Northern California report being overwhelmed by the surge of violence. By Josh Bernstein, produced by Shalini Sharma.

Drug cartels and their heavily armed henchmen are moving into the house next door, torturing and imprisoning victims for profit in middle-class neighborhoods.

Law enforcement agencies from Texas to Northern California report being overwhelmed by the surge of violence. … ‘What we’re talking about is nightmares, the stuff of nightmares,’ said Los Angeles-based special agent Jorge Guzman of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ‘[It’s] playing out in suburban America — playing out all over America.’"


  1. I am Canadian but have lived and worked for years in the US. I have been following borderland for quite some time now, I find myself getting angrier and angrier watching what is happening to a country that I love so much!!! I have a huge pride for the US. They're the first one into a fight and the first ones to help ANYone in trouble. WTF? This should be priority number 1 for the government! This is going to be really bad for America if they don't lock it down and square away the situations in Mexico. Way to much red tape. Bring your troops back and put'm on your own border!!!! Best of luck. Your Canadian Neighbor.

  2. Over 200 cities, thats probly way more than what the italian mafia operates in

  3. @10:31

    The reason U.S is the "first" one to respond is because they have the resources to do it unlike most countries in the world, the reality is that the U.S is the least generous country and one of the stingiest countries in the world. Sorry to burst your bubble but the U.S is NOT the Peace Corps you were led to believe and is quite the contrary.

  4. What are you talking about Sahid? The U.S. is the most generous, during disasters more aid and money comes from the US than from any other country. The private donations are even greater than what the govt. gives.

  5. The real reason for the massive influx of poor illegal aliens in the last four decades is GREED. They want what what others here have. How many people starve to death in Mexico, or Honduras, or Brazil, or El Salvador. NONE!! Central America is not Ethiopia or Somalia.
    "My compadre is making $60 a day. I want that too." They trek north at the expense of leaving their families behind and running the risks mentioned in this story.

    Don't call them victims!! They placed themselves in this situation.

  6. It's an open door policy for anyone that wants to victimize illegals who generally won't trust authorities, but to try kidnaping and extortion on the public? I don't think that would fly for long.

  7. The is sad. A block from where I live, their is a tire shop that just recently opened. A police officer told me that they use the tire shop as a front to sell drugs. The police here have been taking pictures but are waiting for the right time to get these criminals. The neighborhood I live in is descent, there is crime here. I would have never thought these type of people would move in just a couple of house down from where I live.



  10. The death penalty needs to be imposed on these predators. They have no respect for life and humanity in general..There is way too many of them..What good is to deport them only to have them come back..These is a cancer that needs to be cut off..It's time for the GOVERNMENT of U.S. to wake up to the enemy that's here..It's out of control, and if nothing gets done, it's gonna get worse...

  11. As much as i like BB, I saw 3 very unreliable people in them...First "Terror Baby" Louis Gohmert, a total asshole from texas, then we have sheriff babeau, or however you spell his name, hes a fucking liar too...his county isnt even on the fucking border!!! and finally we have Jan Brewer, who is seeing headless bodies in her desert....except there havent been any reports of beheadings in AZ...its all pure propaganda to hate on the mexican...ill admit that if i didnt know these clowns already, i wouldve thought that they are legit.


  12. "EXCUSE" me, is that dumb looking "ASSHOLE" on the front cover, is he suppose to "Scare" someone. The "ONLY" reason he has three weapons is because he can't figure how to use any of them, really scared. Can't wait to see the look on his face when he meets one of our Army Rangers, from FT Bragg, or their insertion teams that are being sent down there, ever see the movie "CLEAR & PRESNT DANGER" because they are on the way. They will show him how that weapon is used.

  13. all fake!!! P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A!!!!

  14. @ El Regio

    90% of our foreign aid comes from military aid and large part of that goes to the Israeli military the rest goes to the Middle East and left overs to Sub Sahara Africa. The U.S might give the most but per capita(.19) the U.S is the least generous developed country and one of the most stingiest countries on the planet.

  15. It's funny how many of you will denounce the U.S. You KNOW Mex needs the help, but it's people and President are way too proud to accept it. If you feel that you don't like the U.S. and live here, you should leave it immediately. Without the United States s' help, Mexico will keep it's head in the ground, and things will only get worse.

  16. Sahid,
    You sound like you are well versed in your anti U.S.rhetoric.
    You are one of these clowns who will find any excuse to shit on my country with baseless accusations. Truth is we are not the worlds well fare office, we donate more than most countries combined. We are always first to offer aid, and our citizens donate large sums willingly, yet there are always ass holes like your self who troll looking for the opportunity to regurgitate that garbage. Keep sipping that koolaid, one day it will catch up with you.

  17. @ 3:27 PM

    Another misinformed American, Mexico does not need military or economic help but if it wasn't for the United States's drug on war campaign the violence in Mexico,Brazil,Colombia etc. would die down or wouldn't be any drug related violence at all(which is responsible for most of the violence itself). At it takes is to the U.S decriminalize and/or legalize drugs but it won't happen because the pharmaceutical American corporate companies will lose 10's of billions(100 billion or two) every year and don't forget the private prison/jail industry.

  18. @ March 16, 2011 3:27 PM

  19. From another Canadian who has lived and traveled through out the US for years. When I think US. I think what an amazing country with amazing people!!!

    Why? Why is the government not protecting it's people? Are there other issues higher on the priority list? Priorities like the budget set aside for the problems that illegals bring?

    The problem is getting out of control, cartels are getting more and more confident everyday that goes by. Even the innocents crossing (illegally) have no respect.

    Lock it down, get rid of the bleeding hearts in power and focus on America.

    Love Canada.

  20. Somebody comment sayin there hasn't been any beheadings in Arizona?? Google it. There was a report of a man being found dead and his head was 10 feet away from the body. He apparently stole from a cartel and got killed.

  21. This is where Messico ( ;-) Buelita) is heading, and it has little to do with the cartels:
    Caracas: 16,000 casualties in '09. Beats Messico. Foocking good read.
    Broken societies. No hope. Brutal turf war. Kill the guy on the next street. No future. Chavez = Calderon. They have created these infernos.
    It's a total social destruction. It's Indios unable to cope with the Caucasian rules of war and domination.
    It's a poor dog war. Claws and fangs.
    Let's hope it won't spill over the border. Let's prevent this social breakdown in our country.

  22. "...and finally we have Jan Brewer, who is seeing headless bodies in her desert....except there havent been any reports of beheadings in AZ."

    HOWEVER, NOW: "A man was found decapitated in a suburban apartment in Chandler Arizona after lying to Mexican drug cartels about stolen drugs. Experts believe this is the first documented decapitation in the United States carried out by the Mexican Cartels (El Chapo).

    "One man was arrested and charged for the murder, Crisantos Moroyoqui. He was a day laborer, who had been living in the apartment complex where the killing occurred. He is charged with second-degree murder. He was found asleep in his apartment with the bloody shoes and pants still on." NOW THIS IS A GUY I ADMIRE!

    Kinda hard to PROPAGANDIZE headless bodies when reporters will be all over it. So the cartels have left a new message for the US.


  23. "I live just a couple miles from where Cota-Monroy was killed. My children attend school a stone's throw away. Obviously, when this occurred I was outraged and wondered what the response from our officials would be. To date: Nada. The articles in the local, leftie rag were muted at best. Very little attention was given to this episode by the police or the press, and certainly not the attention one would think a vicious decapitation might warrant. It is almost as if, since there have been hundreds of such victims in Mexico, another one up here is not big news . . . almost like there is no border separating the locations of the killings . . ."

    (comment of Chandler local posted National

  24. Just because someone is decapitated doesn't mean a cartel did it.
    I agree, the recent beheading in Arizona seems to be cartel related, but not every single one is. say you admire a man who decapitates another human being? You are a disgusting individual.

  25. OMG! If 5:17 post cannot see that I am being sarcastic when I say I 'admire' a murderer, they are more dense in the head than I could have imagined!! Apparently you don't read BB much or you would KNOW my stance on criminals and murderers.
    Please read carefully before you make accusations such as this!

  26. To spell it out for 5:17: I admire retired general Bibiano Villa Carlos Castillo because he "does not beat around the bush." If you know what I mean...


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