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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gunmen in Juárez Kill Relatives of Witness in High-Profile Homicide Case

By Adriana Gómez Licón
El Paso Times
A group of gunmen burst into a home in west Juárez late Tuesday and killed a woman and two men who were relatives of a witness in the well-known homicide case of Rubí Frayre.

Ernesto Valles Maciel, 21, Cirila Maciel García, 40 and Dámaso Maciel García, 35, were killed about 10:30 p.m. Police said Valles testified in the case of Frayre.

Frayre's slaying in 2008 prompted her mother, Marisela Escobedo, to become an activist and an investigator. Protesting a judges' decision to free the confessed killer of her daughter, Escobedo was slain in December in front of the Chihuahua Governor's Palace.

The three judges who released the suspect resigned on Monday.


  1. I'm not sure whether it is a shame or a blessing that even the lowliest of the low have the ability to contemplate the true meaning of life on this small planet flying through something called the universe...and yet here we have these self-made monsters that have utterly destroyed their true capabilities as humans for the sake of fleeting vanity....look up at the sky and remember your place.

  2. Fuck! The Mx Gov can protect the maquilas in juarez rendering it free of violence, but can't protect one family??? It is greater than incompetance, it's not giving a shit about its people plain and simple, Helen Keller could have seen this coming, in fact if any relatives remain they need to get them out.

    This is a two fold action; kill the witnesses and terrorise the people "this will happen to you"

  3. Hey Buggs, why did smurf take down the Julian Leyzaola Perez post and the Chapo post?

  4. I am trying to get confirmation as to what happened to it. I will also look at the Chapo post too!

  5. Any word, Buggs? Is smurf ok or mad? He did kind of got attacked by the readers yesterday over the Leyzaola post.

  6. i think CDS has even BB paid off. Sinaloa came in second after Chihuahua in cartel killings last year. And this year is even worse. yet no one ever mentions that. now BB removing posts like the Chapo one and Leyzaola. strange no?????

  7. The removal of any post that are already published is not a practice of Borderland Beat, Smurf chose to remove it for unknown reasons, but we will work hard for this not to happen again. End of discussion regarding this matter.

    Apologies to our loyal BB community, we are here for you and not for any special interest, regardless what others spew


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