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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Don't Hold Me Back, This Is My Own Hell

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The bodily organs of a deceased gunman from the Cazadores / Salazares mob can be seen sliding away on the inside of his open chest cavity. 

It’s the deboning of his left leg at the knee with a large kitchen knife that’s causing his innards to slither around in there. 

Gunmen from the Los Deltas, lead by Erick Cabrera Cabrera aka El Delta 1, took the liberty to remove his head and heart beforehand. 

Under international law the mutilation of dead bodies is strictly forbidden. In spite of this though it hasn’t deterred the Mexican cartels in the least bit from desecrating their own countrymen. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1:  This is how the lives of the fucking Salazares will end here.

Sicario #2: This will be the fate of every faggot that messes with the La Chapiza gunmen you fucks. 

Sicario #3: We are the absolute Delta mob. 

Sicario #4: Go ahead and place all of your weight on the corpse to make it easier for stability in the removal there. 

Sicario #5: Ok, let me go ahead and start cutting the leg off from this angle…

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  1. Massacre on the side of road in chihuahua la linea killin snitchaloas again

    1. Chihuahua doesn’t make the news around here … yet statistically it ranks Top 5 in homicides year after year while it was #1 in homicides for a few consecutive years in the early 2010s .. either BB doesn’t care, they’re being silenced or there is an agenda to maintain .. either way it’s odd that places like Juarez have 5 to 10 murders a day and not ever is it mentioned here

    2. 2:22 the 3 reasons you mention are all wrong. Do us all a favor and try not waste our time with your bs in here.

    3. 2:22 your such a crybaby.
      Send any information or news links to the BB website, if their credit worthy they may be published. Now don't just sit there hurry up .


    4. Got no dog in this fight, but I don't recall any Juarez news lately, maybe peace and love have settled over the land..🐱😍

    5. Instead of wasting all that they could be getting rich selling bone marrow and organs. There’s a huge black market. Such a waste…

  2. Innards slithering?
    Goodness gracious!

    1. Make you want to eat a pozolazo.

    2. Every jueves, brother

    3. Every Thursday is throw back Thursday, where Char gives great articles.

    4. If Sol's description of a video makes me gag, I don't watch. Innards slithering was it for me as well. I like that he reports the way he does tho. You know what you're in for, if you press play.
      Sol, you ought to write a book someday!

    5. I'm really not interested in money. But I would like to see every cartel completely destroyed.

    6. It would be a great read. A compilation of your reporting from past to present. Your current comments about them, your pictures.
      I want one!!

    7. The best things in life are free
      But you can keep them for the birds and bees
      Your lovin' gives me a thrill
      But your lovin' don't pay my bills
      Money don't get everything that's true
      But what it can't get I can't use
      Now give me money,
      That's what I want
      Yeah that's what I want
      ..Barrett Strong

    8. Yippee Throw back Thursday is coming up! I can't wait to see what articles Char will be churning up.

    9. Money-a song by The Lizards

  3. whats the logic behind dismembering death bodies. Those clowns are the worse scum that there can be, just death bodies walking, not even grow up mans, a bunch of skinny worthless clowns. Just childish loser are into those cartels, alucines with those hair cuts and that way they dress.

    1. Don't underestimate what meth will do to the brain.

    2. 7:50
      Death bodies come up on homes, dead bodies found gagged, but death bodies found dismembered.



  5. These sicarios were once part of the same cartel

  6. Animo Sonora
    The good ole days before the split.

    "Andamos al mil por millón, me sigue un viejón en la madrugada
    Compita, no aguanto lo a gusto, ahorita ni el sueño me baja la viada
    Porque ando bien loco y bien amanecido
    Me alegro y me entono con buenos corridos
    Muy bueno estaba el ambiente, los plebes bailaban en una Palapa
    Por los radios murmuraban, los puntos al cien, todo reportaban
    Había alegría y muy buena armonía
    La noche legaba y amanecía
    El hielo no se ocupaba para las Tecates para las Buchanan's
    El frío era exagerado solo con fogatas bien se disipaba
    Había mujeres al por mayor
    Rolaba el perico de lo mejor
    Era una narco fiesta, todo muy privado y pocos invitados
    En un rancho chacaloso allá en la Sierra cerca 'e la frontera
    Pues era cumpleaños de un viejón
    Es gente nueva de Navo York
    Y seguimos en el camino Lupe Borbón y su Blindaje 7
    Al millón, jálese
    Había gente del gobierno, vestían de civiles y desarmados
    Perímetros a la redonda, estaban los puntos muy bien ubicados
    Hasta un presidente ahí se encontraba
    Y con el viejón seguido brindaba
    Se miraba el festejado muy bien relajado y vestía de negro
    Portaba una súper del once en oro rameada y bien adiamantada
    Cherokee del año, muy bien equipada
    A leguas lucia que era blindada
    Les voy a dar una pista para que se indiquen a quién me refiero
    Tres números forman su clave, empieza con cero, termina con cero
    Si sumas el uno, con el uno
    Te dará ese número y va en el medio"

    1. Esa rola es del "020" El Chupon de la Gente Nueva Salazar de Navojoa.
      Tambien es enemigo ahora de la Ch y la Pizza? .

    2. Today I woke up feeling crudo/hangover.Man I must be getting to old for partying, I think if I drink a gallon of orange juice, I will feel better.

    3. 8:15
      Dost thou think,
      Because thou art virtuous,
      There shall be no more cakes and ale?
      ..Twelfth Night

  7. Literally a kitchen knife! They cut that guys head off with that. Hope he was dead....first.

  8. Replies
    1. "Is this enough ? BB?"
      Will you allow readers the right to watch or not? Readers here will decide not you ?
      Your choice dont watch my choice dont watch,but im not telling everyone they cant watch

    2. 240
      Why come to BB to complain ?

    3. I like work people put into this blog.But there is much more interesting stuff to put on...when this kind of article is put on BB it just helps this animals cause we spread their propaganda and feir smong population.Its better if this is opinion just...

    4. 2:26 Making the public aware of the true depths of depravity of these cartels is the very purpose of BB's contribution to journalism - to shine light on events that are normally (self-)censored by the mainstream media.
      We would all prefer that truthful reality was otherwise. If it turns your stomach, it should, but shooting the messenger isn't the solution.

    5. 2:26 obviously this site is not for you. The title and the headings dictate what the site is about.
      You should go to the National geographic sites.
      We will be Happy ,to refund your membership.
      Have a good day.

    6. At 2:26 another crybaby 😭.
      Common get it together dude.
      Finish high school, please don't drop out. Say no to drugs

  9. Aztecs did the same to the Tlaxcalans but Aztecs were not on meth. There is evil out there, be a good person today and be nice to someone just to be nice.

    Paz y amor

    ~Almo nuthugger

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  10. Bro wtf is the point of this?… these people ain’t right in the head.

  11. Hummm June bug.....let me see 🤔.
    Another backwards thinking of Mexico.
    International law says..mutilation of bodies strictly prohibited, where the hell is the Humans Rights where to be found.
    But when a citizen has a rifle to protect his home, Mexico throws the book at them.
    It is no wonder Mexico is the homicides capital of the world 🌎.

  12. @08:18 they in some other shit

  13. The point of this type of content is to warn off the enemy.. Is it effective? Somewhat..
    My thoughts? Garbage

  14. Sinaloa fracturing you live to see it

    1. LOL yeah fitting for all the cheerleader. now they will grab on to los deltas nuts and claim salazars where bums.

  15. Ohh shit,people come to BB and then whine when they dont agree with something on BB.

    1. 11:44
      Who you referring to Willis, or you talking to yourself.
      My pet Parrot 🦜, talks to himself alot..


    2. Pinchie Lizard you and your bothersome Parrot are going to get kicked out of that little studio apartment , for excessive noise.

  16. These dude feeling like hot shit cuz they killed 1 enemy when they have been losing every single gunfight that has broke out.
    El pia and his squad got dealt with quick and salazares with cazadores killed alot if deltas near saric

    1. 5:23 Pía was a different war. Both sides have been taking losses.between Salazar/cazadors y Cara de cochis vs deltas/pelones

  17. As somebody who reads anything I can find on cartel recruitment/forced or not and training camps. First thing you learn is how to debone a body, often time the body is your bunkmate who couldn't hack it, showed weakness (strikes fear into others who may show weakness, early process of dehumanizing another, forced learned sadism)or it's obviously a captured enemy kept in the back shed alive until the kill/torture technique and skinning lesson begins. 🌈 the more you know 🌈🐙

  18. That country is so fukn corrupt it’s going to keep on going. I think America should be seeing some of this so they can make a decision on vacationing there. I’m sure it’ll put more pressure on Mexico to do something besides taking bribes.

    1. Hearst has a time share hotel in Cancun. I tell not to go, it's not safe over there.

  19. Q horror!
    Pobre hombre


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