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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Former AEI Commander is Executed; 100 Executions so Far in Nayarit

The execution number 100 so far this year connected with organized crime happened in the division of Villas del Parque on the Colosio Oriente Boulevard Colosio. A former commander of the "Agencia Estatal Investigadora" AEI or "Sate Police Investigations" was executed at the front door of his residence.

The victim was described as Juan Gabriel Leal, who a year ago left the police agency and officials said he was attached to the specialized unit "Unidad de Combate al Narcomenudeo" (UCN).

Leal was attacked by gunmen at about 3 pm on Friday when had had just arrived at his home in the street Parque San Jorge.

It was also learned that the victim had been a police bodyguard for several top-level officials in the former and current administration.

Forensic experts and police investigators collected from the scene several spent casings an AK-47 and AR-15 type weapons that were found a couple of feet away from the body. In the mean time the Attorney General said that the state will proceed with a full investigation.

Another Commander of AEI Almost Executed
On March 17, 2011 another commander of the AEI survived an attack from an armed commando. At around 9pm his white SUV was blocked in the middle of the street and was sprayed with a hail of bullets in the middle of the street. The commander was injured but managed to survive the attack.

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