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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chaos and Disorder in San Nicolas, Nuevo Leon

At least five street blockades were reported throughout San Nicolas this morning. The attacks occurred while elements of the Mexican Navy were conducting simultaneous operations in the area.

The central point of the retaliation by the drug cartels was in the northeast area of the city within close proximity of the local Navy headquarters. Federal authorities did not disclose any information regarding the operations carried out throughout the night and early morning. However, the response by the cartel members indicate that a local cell of a drug cartel may have been the target and affected by the Navy's operations.Young armed men initiated the blockades shortly after 2:00 AM using violent and threatening tactics with firearms.

"They were simply young kids, they showed up in a red Volkswagen Pointer and began removing the drivers from the trailers by threatening them with their guns" said a witness.

Police sources stated that the blockades were executed at the cross streets of Lopez Mateos Ave. and Robert G. Sada in Colonia Infonavit Valle Lagrange. The on-ramps to Mezquital were also affected. Another blockade was placed in Romulo Garza at Conductores and Robert G. Sada.

No one was injured during the hijackings and it is apparent that only buses and trailers were targeted. Based on eyewitness accounts at all locations, the blockades were carried out by at least 30 heavily armed men. Convoys of Navy personnel secured the area while the blockades cleared out.


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  1. Senor del ArranqueMarch 26, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    The CDG must of began what they promised. If I recall they left a narco-manta. Ayer saying they were going 2 clean la plaza.


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