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Monday, March 7, 2011

"El Cabrito" Zeta crime boss arrested in Oaxaca

Federal Police announced the arrest Monday morning in the city of Oaxaca of Marcos Carmona Hernandez, "El Cabrito", jefe de plaza (regional crime boss) for Los Zetas in the southern state of Oaxaca.

Investigations undertaken by the Federal Police reveal that El Cabrito reported directly to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, " El Lazca ", reported to be the head of the Los Zetas criminal organization.

This arrest was the result of intelligence derived from follow-up investigations after the arrest of Flavio Mendez Santiago, "El Amarillo", one of the last remaining original Zetas, in Oaxaca last January 17, 2011 by members of the Federal Police.

Carmona Hernandez is 29 years old and originally from Piedras Negras, Veracruz, and according to intelligence reports entered "Los Zetas" in 2006 in the state of Tamaulipas, at first focusing on security functions and as the head of a group of “halcones” (informants). In 2009 he began operating as a jefe de plaza.

Within the Los Zetas criminal hierarchy Marcos Carmona Hernández was responsible for criminal operations in the main cities of the state of Oaxaca, which included the collection of profits from the retail sales of drugs, kidnapping, extortion, prostitution, giros negros (gambling houses, table dance bars), car theft and the sale of pirated contraband.

After his arrest and initial questioning, El Cabrito said he ordered and participated in the kidnapping of some individuals, as well as the killing of several men in the state of Oaxaca whom he hanged, beheaded or shot for refusing or being unable to pay ransom and extortion fees.

El Cabrito also had the support of certain members of municipal, state and ministerial police forces who provided protection and advance warning about operations and actions against Los Zetas.

Another revelation from El Cabrito’s initial questioning was that Los Zetas maintain non-aggression and collaboration agreements with the remains of the Beltran Leyva organization, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes and the Juarez cartel, and Fernando Sánchez Arellano, El Ingeniero, and the Arellano Felix Cartel.

Jorge Chabat, an expert on drug trafficking at CIDE, a non-profit teaching and research center in Mexico City, explains that while these partnerships are difficult to verify they make sense in order to operate in the world of drug trafficking.

"It is normal that at some point alliances are made because it is irrational for everyone to be fight everyone else, it's bad for business."

According to Chabat these alliances are often "very temporary” and do not last too long.


  1. Kill the dirty rotten scum bastard!

  2. speaking of zetas, there is an ultra violent video of the CDG torturing a stanky ZETA. they hang him and then they slice his throat, decapitate him, and then cut off his genitilia. for those who choose to watch it: you've been warned!

    you can click on to it from the borderland beat forum.


  3. esos jeans le quedan medios apretados

  4. Don't really believe the pact, they have been touting that one for years, and it's never really materialized, except in the case of Beltran Leyva's. No one in Tijuana works with Zeta's, I believe that to be just rumors.

  5. I watched that video and that dudes eyes have got to be some of the most haunting eyes ive ever seen. He lost his humanity a looong time ago

  6. leva puesta una camisa similar a la de la barbie, y el JJ. a mi se me hace que seentrego. es una forma de mostrarlo sin decirlo a boca abierta. Iwhats with the shirt? is everyone who is captured wearing one of these? how come those murdered didnt have one?

  7. Todo puto con sus skinny jeans y "La Polo"!!! What will the narcos wear next, MAN PURSES? It is becoming very clear these narcos are on the brink of runnnninnng out of the CLOSET!!!!


  8. I bet there is a big ass Polo symbol under that vest!

  9. i'm sure theres a long line of people waiting to interrogate this guy.

    they will keep him in a 6x8 cell for 23 hours a day for the rest of his life and train him to be a "good boy" and tell them everything they want to know. if he is lucky they might even teach him to do a trick or two (make license plates or mop floors) to get a little extra time out of his cell

    imagine how these guys feel they have all this power and money then its ripped away from them and they spend the rest of their life in a dog kennel for 23 hours a day. a bed, a desk, a toilet, and 3.5 steps worth of pacing area

    ~~~El Swankador~~~



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