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Monday, March 7, 2011

Commando Attacks Family in Tamaulipas

A family traveling from Tampico to Matamoros on the Matamoros-Ciudad Victoria highway, in an area known as "Las Yescas," were attacked by gunmen who fired on the van they were traveling killing two of the passengers.

According to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the deceased were identified as Leticia of 36 years of age and her father Matías 60 years of age.

Wounded at the scene was the husband of the deceased, who was rushed to the emergency room of the general hospital with gunshot wounds in his right leg and chest.

Aboard in the van were her children ages 6 and 10 years of age, respectively, and their grandmother, who escaped injury during the attack.

The armed commando also fired at two buses of the company Transpaís injuring five of the passengers.

The injured were transported to hospital in Guadalupe, where the condition of the victims was reported as serious.

It was also reported unofficially that two other people were killed at the scene, but that version has not been confirmed by authorities.

The attack occurred at around 1730 hours when the driver pulled over to the side of the road, after he noticed that up front was a narco checkpoint and attempted to avoid it.

It was at that point when the gunmen fired their weapons against the van and the two buses.

The driver and survivor that was interviewed at the hospital said that he left Mexico City a week ago bound for Tampico where he was vacationing with family.

He went on to say that on his way home his children asked him to take them to see the international bridge in Matamoros they had heard so much about.

"We just came to see the bridge and never imagined that something like that would happen to us," he said.

The hospital where the injured were taken was being guarded by Mexican Marines.

The stretch of highway where the attack occurred has a constant number of robberies by armed groups. These criminal groups have also left dozens of bodies of men and women who have been executed.

Last week a commando engaged the military in a gunfight at the exact same location of the attack that is located not far from a customs checkpoint.

Las Yescas is a place not fat from Valle Hermoso, where in the past weeks there has been an escalation of fighting between organized crime groups for the territory.

There has also been increased operations from the Army and Marines that has left several sicarios killed and others apprehended.

Source: El Norte


  1. The military must be spread super-thin but the only way to deal with these guys is to go house to house, after setting a perimeter and checkpoints on the highway, and kill them. Trap them and kill them.

    And use some of that US money to pay the soldiers more.

  2. A bunch of serial killers on the loose, like a bunch of rabid dogs. the perverted scum of the earth. When you get this low it's time to shoot yourself, kill the demons within you.

  3. These Narco highway checkpoints SHOULD be easy to identify,even if they are of short duration.This attack was on a major highway??

  4. I don't see why the Mexican Federal police and Military can't easily use helicopters to scan their highways for narco checkpoints, then send in troops. It's unreal how disorganized they must really be.

  5. @anon 9:31am....
    What do you think, mexico is the size of a small city? The americans can't even do that with all their satellites and other resources. What you're suggesting is impossible.

  6. It is not impossible to patrol their major highways by aircraft. I am afraid that we will be hearing of more of these. But then again, how many have we not heard about?

  7. An ensuing statement by Mexican authorities will claim the victims were somehow involved in cartel activity and deserved their fate...and that it's still safe for tourists to travel the country. The magic that is ¡México!


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