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Monday, February 28, 2011

We're leaving - there is no justice

Today in a radio interview on MVS Communications with Carmen Aristegui in Mexico City, Sara Salazar the matriarch of the Reyes-Salazar family announced that she and her four remaining children are seriously considering accepting refugee status being extended by several countries in order to escape the violence of Ciudad Juárez, she would not reveal which countries were involved.

"Juarez is a violent city, there is no law here, here people get killed and are left lying in the streets, and no one investigates it," she said.

She refused to discuss the accusation being made against her son Miguel Angel Reyes Salazar, 26, who in a statement from the Ministry of National Defense, accused him of being a part of a group of assassins known as "The Escajeda."

Sara Salazar said that no state of Chihuahua authority had to date approached her family to offer an explanation on the murders.

According to Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson, inspector of the State Commission for Human Rights in Chihuahua; during the funeral of the Reyes - Salazars which took palce on Saturday morning, there were an estimated 500 soldiers guarding the family and the funeral cortege, but nobody even bothered to help dig the three graves.

Last Friday, the bodies of Malena and Elías Salazar and Luisa Reyes Ornelas Soto, siblings and sister-in-law of the activist Josefina Reyes Salazar, who was murdered in January 2010 were found in the middle of the Juarez-Porvenir road. The three were kidnapped on the afternoon of Feb. 7th.

The victims are siblings and a sister-in-law of Josefina Reyes Salazar, an activist who had been fighting for human rights and a vocal opposition to the abuse by the military and federal police in the Juárez Valley.

Although international human rights groups had alerted the authorities to the dangerous threats the family was enduring, the activist was murdered in January 2010 and later year in August her brother Ruben Salazar Reyes was also killed.

Elias, whose body was found on Friday morning had also received death threats because of his repeated demands for the government to investigate the murder of his sister Josefina and his brother Ruben.
No suspects in any of the killings have ever been identified.



  1. Take the refugee status and get out. Sometimes these issues are better fought further away from ground zero. Especially since there doesn't seem to be much support in finding the perpetrators.

  2. France,Spain,Venezuela,Unites States,and i think maybe Canada is offering refuge for the remaining living family members of the Reyes Salazar family.Mexico is a sorried POS corrupt country that would rather "investigate and incarcerate a law abiding citizen protecting his family with weapons against sicarios than the other way around".GOD BLESS THE REYES SALAZAR FAMILY.

  3. Hahha you compare Venezuela withe the world's 14th larges economy(Mexico), I bet you didn't know that.

  4. This question of giving people asylum here in the US to the Salazar family raises an interesting question... Why hasn't the US government, which intervenes constantly in everybody else's countries, made asylum for abused foreigners the foundation of whom it gives entrance to? Why just the Salazar family and not all the other people who have been screwed over in countries whose governments are allied with the US like Mexico's current government is?

  5. It's funny, Ardent, that out of the 5 countries potentially offering asylum to the Reyes-Salazar family, you pick out the US as a country who is malicious and too selective in whom it offers asylum to.

  6. @ 5:53 Because those other foreigners didnt lose 6 family members in drug war violence within 2 years.


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