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Monday, February 28, 2011

Another family massacred in Juárez

Four people were shot and killed earlier today at the intersection of Plutarco Elias Calles and Ejército Nacional, among them a woman and a 10 year old child that was almost decapitated due to the high powered munitions that were used in the attack.

Two other survivors a teenage about 15 years of age and a 5 year old were rushed to IMSS General Hospital's emergency ward, located less than four miles from the scene of the brutal atttack.

Witnesses indicate that the surviving victims had various injuries, including bullet wounds to their heads. The victims were all passengers in a white 2000 Taurus.

The initial information indicated that the vehicle was attacked as it slowed down at an intersection. Several gunmen inside a van approached the white Taurus and began shooting.
Story developing -

Source- El Diario de Juarez


  1. The killing of children needs to stop. that is just horrible

  2. Mexico has to admit the CARTELS have lost all respect for the Population, Police Force, Military, and POLITICIANS. The whole
    world knows that more than half of the gov. is corrupt, its no big secret anymore. We Understand...But your like the WOMEN that goes to work putting make-up over her bruised face to hide it from her CO-WORKERS. They offer to help you get out of the BAD RELATIONSHIP and you continue to decline the HELP. Why? Why allow this to continue? If you did receive money or whatever was it in exchange for this TREATMENT? You didn't sign up for this right? Don't you feel betrayed? Well buddy that is their "modus operandi" (Betrayal) of the cartels and that is the vaccine of this virus...All Cartels have to be dismantled from TOP to bottom. Make an example out all of them. You should no longer allow groups to BRAND the drug trade. To say you can put an end to the drug trade is a noble statement. And WE UNDERSTAND. BUT ITS IMPOSSIBLE. But if there is any honor left in that Greedy Heart of yours then do the right thing. BETRAY your CARTELS.

    "Un Mexico UNIDO Sin Carteles"


  3. When is enough, ENOUGH? How much more is it going to take? They have turned into gangs of roving drugged up psychopathic animals! No morals, values, loyalty or respect... They have reduced themselves to drugged up roving gangs of evil demented monsters that deserve nothing but the most painful death imaginable and the sooner the better... I know some straight up righteous Mexicans and it is a beautiful country but these psychopathic freaks of nature that make up these groups of monsters have brought nothing but fear, shame and disgrace to the entire country! Killing women and children! When is enough, ENOUGH! The only solution to this horrific out of control problem is to exterminate every last one of them... - Grande Goat Horn

  4. There can be no slow moving justice where these acts are concerned. Police, military, and ICE agents sign up for their jobs knowing the possibility of danger. Random murder of entire families is such an unspeakable injustice that realistically these sorry excuses of humankind should be hunted like the animals they are.

    Find them and put them up in a Guantanimo type of facility and torture them till they spill the beans on every known associate. They deserve no mercy.

    I don't care what their parents might have done (if anything) NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO WITNESS THEIR MURDER OR BE TARGETED FOR MURDER.

  5. It was recently reported a sicario entered IMSS looking to kill the two surviving children.

  6. heart broken.....these sons of bitches need to all be delt with the same way they do to others...heartless monsters...

  7. jesus. What do you say at this point "out of control' and 'hell on earth' don't really cut it at this point.

    La Linea responsible?

  8. Ok, now that children are part of the mix, all bets should be off. The Mexican government needs to issue a new directive to its armed forces: Kill cartel members and sicarios on sight, fuk their civil rights and all that other feel good bullshit. The job of a government is to protect its citizens instead of being concerned with the treatment of these demented monsters, fight fire with fire NOW !!!

  9. Responsible??? The ignorant President Calderon is the one who is responsible.In Mexico we all know this to be true.For all those that puff out their chest and say how brave Calderon is ,that he was the only one brave enough to take on the cartels,etc.,thats nothing but bullshit people.Calderons administration,as we all know,favors the Sinaloa Cartel,nothing new,we all know that.some of you might ask,then why was Nacho Coronel killed???EASY!!!He no longer considered himself and his people part of CDS,so what happened...the well known traitor turned him over to Calderon...killed,out of service.Chapo believed Nachos people were going to unite ,continue with CDS,how wrong he was!!!They are the CJNG,have nothing to do with CDS.People are tired of Chapo betrayals,his greed but this will only continue until 2012,when the new adminstration comes in.President Calderon actually believed,with the muscle of the federal forces,they were going to be able to help the CDS be the one dominant cartel in Mexico,believing this act would stop the killings amongst the cartels.makes you think,his intention was good,maybe,but he should have been more inteligent.How could he have known???After the first year,after seeing so much killing,he should have backed off with his ignorant goals and our country would be much different today.Unfortunately,Calderon can not back off anymore.He has to stick to his plan.We all know its a failure.The number of deaths is fckin unbelievable!!!Over 36,000!!!If i recall correctly from my school books,the Vietnam War there were 50,000 deaths!!!How can this president say he is winning the war on drugs!!!Its BS,a thousand times BS!!!Mexico continues to get worse.I have been living here for 8 years.In those years i have been all over this country,from Ciudad Juarez,Guanajuato,Michoacan,Baja California,Sinaloa,Guerrero and Mexico City and i just cant believe how much it has changed.What does everyone say???No one says how brave Calderon is or anything like that.They all say how stupid Calderon is for believing he was going to be able to put one cartel in charge!!!You people think the other cartels were simply going to lay down thier weapons and give up their drug routes,of course not.Even CDS knows that by now.Which by the way,CDS,has alot of cheerleaders,but people,the facts point to the reality,without the federal forces backing them up,CDS would have lost "alot more territory than it already has."Yes they do kill innocent people,extort,rape and all that stuff.All of them are the same,the thing is,in the past they were all "controlled".By who???By our goverment.Is this wrong?Lookk at it this way,the drug use will never,ever stop in th U.S,therefore the drug shipments will never stop either,thus meaning the drug cartels will always continue.Let the government control them,keep the dog tied up,there will be less violence,alot more less violence,just like it was.So,our opinion,RESPONSIBLE???STUPID CALDERON IS RESPONSIBLE.

  10. @March 1, 2011 11:25 AM

    I think you need to go back and take that history class because,

    "the Vietnam War there were 50,000 deaths"

    The Vietnam had more deaths then that, those stats are from American Soldiers only. The Vietnamese suffered anywhere from 1-2 million dead. Also how do you explain El Mayo son being extradited? And quit crying about the 36,000 deaths wtf do you think, that 90 percent of these people are innocent? No, they were someway somehow connected to organize crime. I only care about those who hurt innocent people but of coarse there are always going to be innocent people far as organize crime, let the cats and dogs kill each other.

  11. Exactly. How can Mayo still be loyal to La Marrana(Chapo)? Chapo seems to be the only on enjoying the benefits of "The Arrangements". Kids get killed in Juarez from Chapo's Bullying war against everyone. He's no fucking Angel. He damned near forced CDG, LFM, Milenio to join his midget ass. As far as family members going, well they have to feed the U.S Press a bone every now and then...You didn't actually think they give a fuck about their kids?

    11:25 makes some good points...


  12. ja....if the gob de mejico gave the order to shoot ALL the cartels members,

    the first ones they would have to shoot are the ones who gave them the order

    then go shoot all the authorities along the mexican side of the border

    then shoot half of the people on the American side in all the little smuggler cove towns

    and then shoot each other

  13. Until the demand for cheap drugs and cheap labor ends at the US, this will continue


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