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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Violence in Northern Tamaulipas continues

The Brownsville Herald

Mexican military patrols were on the lookout Tuesday for a group of Zeta gunmen that had entered Matamoros with plans to carry out several attacks.

Locals reported seeing the military convoys, which were larger and more heavily armed than usual, patrol the city keeping an eye on high-profile vehicles.

A source with firsthand knowledge of criminal activity in Tamaulipas stated that a group of approximately 50 Zetas were able to enter the city and hide amid the confusion of the weekend fighting between the Zetas, the Gulf Cartel and the Mexican military.

On Monday afternoon, the source confirmed a clash between the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas along the highway that connects Matamoros with Ciudad Victoria, on the city’s outskirts. It was not known if there were casualties.

The source also confirmed that an unknown number of Zetas entered Valle Hermoso over the weekend and amid the fighting with the Gulf Cartel, committed various acts of terrorism including torching vehicles, businesses and two strip clubs.

Official figures on the number of dead have not been released, but the source stated that the casualties were high.

According to the Mexican Navy, on Sunday two Mexican marines were injured during an attack to their command post in Valle Hermoso, a press release states. In response to the attack, the marines called for air support and fought back.

During the attack, one SUV rammed the command post, while another provided cover fire, the release stated.

Mexican marines were able to disable both SUVs and arrest the drivers, identified as Juan Francisco “El Chapas” Chapa Gonzalez, 39, and Luis Emiliano “Luisin” Vasquez Mendoza, 24. Another unidentified gunman was killed in the attack, the release stated. Their weapons were also seized. While the Mexican Navy was fighting the attackers, another gun battle between members of organized crime was taking place in city streets.

Also Sunday, the Mexican Army was sent to control the fighting and came under fire by members of organized crime. The soldiers fought back and ended up seizing four SUVs and some ammunition and magazines. Details on the number of dead were not available.

On Saturday, Zetas and Gulf Cartel members clashed in Matamoros, leaving an unknown number of dead and injured.

The fighting turned into a three-way firefight when Mexican marines responded to the gunfight in the city’s La Encantada neighborhood and arrested eight Gulf Cartel members, four of them who were injured.

Since the weekend the Matamoros General Hospital Alfredo Pumarejo was surrounded by military troops.


  1. Tamaulipas is a very dangerous state and Americans/Mexicans should avoid going to Reynosa to Nuevo Laredo highway because the Zetas and Gulf Cartel clash there daily and other parts also like Villa Hermosa, Ciudad Mante, Mier etc. Tamulipas is Mexico's most dangerous state with the highest murders, so many people are killed in that state but people don't know because the local medias are too scared to report or are bought by the cartels or military. In Nuevo Laredo 30 people were killed last week, what happens in Tamulipas stays in Tamulipas.

  2. Hope Military/CDG can push Zeta's out of Matamoros, before it turns into a war zone.

    Seems like the Z's are striking back, showing they are not weakened in northern Mexico.

  3. @ J

    Yeah it seems the military is aiding the Gulf Cartel in their fight against the Zetas since the military seem to kill only Zeta gunmen and their associates hence that's why the Gulf Cartel puts logos on their trucks so that way the military won't confuse them with Zetas. I live across Nuevo Laredo and 23 children were left orphaned in Nuevo Laredo from last week's fight. I hope the Gulf Cartel can retake back Nuevo Laredo and push the Zetas out of Tamaulipas.

  4. Again the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and its surrounding area has been targeted, most notably shootings and granadazos narcobloqueos triggered at different points.

    The first incidents occurred shortly after 21:00 pm when a police booth in Tonala was attacked with grenades, so far it is unknown if there are dead or wounded on the site.

    He then presented a narcobloqueo Park at the height of Montenegro, motorists witnessed the violent acts which caused said gunmen pure terror.

    Authorities received a report of a second narcobloqueo on Lopez Mateos Avenue, at the height of the Bowstring Bridge, members of organized crime set fire to a passenger truck.

    While south of the city, on the peripheral were two narcobloqueos.

    The Nissan dealership located on Avenida Vallarta and Road Central, was attacked with grenades, other granadazo also occurred on the premises of the Universidad Panamericana.

    A shooting also occurred in Zapopan, on Lopez Mateos and Las Fuentes.

    So far unknown number of wounded or killed by violent acts.

  5. Its funny that the military is helping out the Gulf Cartel because a while back Z-40 had paid millions to them to help take down the Gulf Cartel which I think might have been around the time when Tormenta got killed. How the tables have turned

  6. So you think nuevo laredo is worse? We just came bck from there...

  7. "The Military" they are just as corrupt, its a shame..the only people they intimidate is the local innocent people. They know who moves what and when and where they move it to

    Son unas Marionetas


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