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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

25 children abandoned in the streets of Nuevo Laredo

Twenty five barefoot and under-clothed children were found by police while wandering aimlessly without adult supervision through the streets of the northern Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo, officials said Wednesday.

Eight boys and 17 girls, including a newborn, were found in several different parts of the city just across the border from Laredo, Texas, the DIF family services agency said.

Two of the girls have already been returned to their family members while the remaining 23 minors were placed in a shelter while authorities try to locate their parents, DIF said.

“The corresponding authorities are carrying out the necessary investigation into what led the minors to be (left alone in the streets) and therefore only they can issue a statement in that regard,” the DIF said.

But a DIF spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, suggested that statements from the minors suggest their parents may have been "picked up" by organized crime gangs.

Although State authorities have neither confirmed nor denied this statement, internal reports prepared by local authorities show an anonymous call was received at 3:41 am alerting them to the fact that 7 children, including a newborn, were abandoned on Luis Donaldo Colosio Blvd near the Valle Hermoso subdivision.

A second call received at 6:22 am alerted authorities to the intersection of Carlos Canseco and Medusas in the Reservas Territoriales neighborhood where another 11 children, aged 2-10, who had been abandoned.

A third and final call received at 11:20 led police to the location of the last group of children, who were found crying in an abandoned house in the Madero area.

Sources: and EFE


  1. I love nuevo laredo...i hate to see all this violence..mexico is a great country, its so sad it has to b plagued like this...

  2. I can tell you this, if one of these children were a child or a grand child of mine, I would hunt down the fat bastards that took the parents and kill them in a way the devil himself would wince...and shame on the fathers and mothers of these children that they live in this violent society and havent banded together as means to protect themselves.

    Mexico will only be safe again when the people band together and stand up fight back!!! Get guns and start neighborhood watches and do not allow anyone into the neighborhood that does not belong there. One neighborhood at a time and finally take back your citys and towns.

    Put up enough of a fight that the cartels will not mess with your town but rather go to a weaker one and when that town becomes strong they will move to another weak town until that town gets strong get the idea. TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM AND FIGHT BACK!!! rtc

  3. I agree with the previous post. The people of Mexico should band together and confront these bastards. They need another Pancho Villa or Emiliano Zapata to lead the way. El pueblo unido no sera vencido. Your government is not going to help you. They are protecting these cartels, that's how they are becoming rich. Mexico stand up for what is right again and take back your country and your freedom.

  4. This kind of disgusting treatment of human beings will only end when the drug war ends the MASSIVE profit incentive for people to behave this way.

  5. What a shame that these innocent children are left alone (one a newborn)in a country thats a stones throw across a muddy stream from us and
    we cannot find the Balls to help these people. I
    read yesterday that a father and his 6 year old
    son were shot to death, Yes a 6 year old shot with his father! Where are the Police? Really
    where are the vigilantes???

  6. OMG..That's terribly sad! When I am rich, I will make sure the children of Mexico grow up to be strong people with morals and education so they won't fall pray to despair abandonement or abuse..

    This is heartless to leave children with no parents...

  7. There parents could have been members of organized crime, either way really sad situation. In the US we get worked up over a single child who has to go into 'the system', this is 25 kids, and no system. If there parents were Zeta's living/operating in NL, and CDG members kidnapped them, that's a scenario that I thought of.

  8. It seems very easy for someone to make suggestions on neighborhood watches, and people getting together to fight all this violence...getting guns and taking the country back, the sad truth is that as much as someone may want to fight these animals, because that is what these cartels are, they are so powerful and well funded with these massive guns that are confiscated when arrested, and the army of people that are associated with them...all that is left for us on this side of the border is to pray that ONE day we will be free to step on Mexican soil again to visit our loved ones. God bless all the innocent.

  9. where there is a will...there is a way...

    i am convinced the will is not there among the Mexican people


  10. The Mexican people have a lot more 'will' than Brito wants to give them credit for.

  11. I would not let the people take care of mice.

  12. All goes to show, if guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns. If the Mexican government can't and won't protect it's people, it's time for the people to take arms and protect itself. It's blatantly obvious by not allowing the citizens to arm and protect themsevles, leaves them like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Which is exactly what is happening now.
    All aspects of law and military enforcement of Mexico, has for decades operated corruptly, many times expecting a bribe, to look the other way. It's no wonder that the country is in the sad state of affairs that it's in today.
    I say, give the people the right to purchase their arms, and protect their lives, property and loved ones. Since it's so obvious that depending on their government to do it, is not ever going to work.

  13. I will bet that some of those children will end up being sold to the rottenest scum in the world, the human traffickers. The drug problem in both countries is at the root of all these vile crimes. If you read these blogs you will see that we all know and comment on the problem but no one seems to propose a solution that had any chance of being effective. Let me try. 1. legalize almost all drugs, produce them in the USA, tax the bejesus out of them, and use the money not only to treat those who get addicted but to pay for the law enforcement and military personnel needed to carry this through. As far as the addicts, if after 2 tries to help them medically they don't stop, they should be incarcerated. 2. Declare a state of martial law and let the military decide which gang members and criminals to shoot on the spot. That would take care of our own criminals 3. Give any illegal alien 30 days to get out of the country. Then summarily execute any caught committing a crime and deport the rest. 4. Execute any one illegally crossing the border into the US. After the first 5 are killed no one else would even try. 5. Require any LEGAL alien that has petitioned for US citizenship to be fluent in the English language, have a stable job, health insurance, auto insurance if they have one, live here for 5 years without any trouble with the law, pay taxes like the rest of us, and renounce their previous citizenship before even being considered. All this sounds draconian of course but so is beheading, and torture, and murder, and all the rest of the horrors going on not only in Mexico but also here in the USA. Violence must be met with violence. There is no other way. Mexico must be left to solve their own problems while we solve ours.


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