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Friday, February 25, 2011

US raids net nearly 700 linked to Mexican cartels


Authorities have arrested close to 700 people in an ongoing US-led international crackdown on Mexican drug cartels, US officials told AFP on Friday.

Operation Fallen Hero-Bombardier was launched Thursday, just over a week after the shooting death of a US immigration officer in Mexico, with raids in the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Central America.

President Barack Obama meets March 3 in Washington with Mexican President Felipe Calderon amid rising concerns about security along the US-Mexico border and drug violence that shows no sign of abating.

There were 676 arrests as of 2200 GMT Friday, US Marshals Service spokesman Alfredo Perez said by telephone from the city of Houston, in the state of Texas bordering Mexico.

Authorities have seized $12 million in cash, 467 kilograms of cocaine, 21 pounds of heroin, almost 40,000 pounds of marijuana, 282 weapons, and 94 vehicles, Perez said.

Jaime Zapata, 32, and a second agent for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), came under fire on February 15 while driving in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi in a region plagued by drug violence. Zapata died from his wounds.

"This coordinated effort shows that ICE special agent Jaime Zapata will not be forgotten," said Robert Rutt, special agent in charge of ICE-Homeland Security investigations in Houston.

The Mexican army said Wednesday it captured a suspect, Julian Zapata Espinosa, who was identified as the leader of a group of hitmen for one of the bloodiest criminal gangs in Mexico, the Zetas gang.

Zapata Espinosa allegedly confessed to the attack but said that the US agents' armored car had been confused with one belonging to a rival gang, Mexican media reported.
"While the murder is personal to ICE, we are arresting transnational gang members and drug traffickers who have links to Mexican cartels because of their criminal activity and not simply out of retaliation," Rutt said.
In addition to raids in several US states, other operations have been carried out in Central America, Brazil and Colombia, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The killing of US agent Zapata was the first in Mexico since Enrique "Kiki" Camarena was kidnapped, tortured and killed while working undercover for the US Drug Enforcement Administration 26 years ago.


  1. I'm curious to see how many of them will have the ACLU and every other liberal shit bag lawyer by their side to get them out trouble on count of racial discrimination, arrest without cause etc etc and all the other things our legal system has to offer.

    It's nice to know our law enforcement sits idle on information of armed criminals and only acts when something like the murder of an ICE agent transpires. How about sending a drone into Mexico and taking out a senior Cartel guy's mansion or send the Israelis in to plant bombs under cartel vehicles since they do so well with that in the Middleast. I have no idea why they needed a dead ice agent to act aggressively towards ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in MY country linked to serious criminal activity including have weapons........Is anyone else infuriated as me, that we get pulled over for speeding, have our nuts busted for having 3 drinks and driving, yet these a-holes piss all over our country and get away with it??? WTF

  2. Out of those 700 arrested how many even go to trial or get convicted. There has been so many complains in my city alone about this sweep even to the point that the authorities are abusing their power and searching without warrants or accusing even detaining innocents. We want to know how many of these are actually working for the cartels and how many of them are proven guilty.

  3. Yeah they really got their panties in a twist over this. Don't fuck with those ICE guys - 'cause they'll swoop down and -- and deport ya.

    So they been sitting around or too busy to deal with these guys but one of 'em gets killed and now it's on. Does anybody have a frikin' plan? It would be nice to think somebody had a plan.

    So now Calderon is breaking Obama's balls over reducing the number of druggies in the US and stop selling guns. Why don't you tell your fucking Mexican customs guys to start doing their job? The ladies caught with a million+ dollars going into Mexico were caught by US guys before they got to Mexico. So now we have to do ALL the work Felipe? I'll give him one thing, that Calderon's got some cojones.

  4. Some of us here in South Central Texas know these tricks of the "oh look how many we got so soon" and "it's okay- we're working on it real hard now!" press releases from departments feeding this drivel to more than all-too-willing lapdog mentality media outlets, who's overall outlook on you as a common citizen is just that- common, little, stupid and lazy enough to accept most anything repeated often enough. Ive been watching a few years here now, I don't like what I see, but, Earnie, my opinion on conspiracies is that; while yes, they do exist and play out constantly, there are so many coexisting and interacting that the events we can and do see (mostly) are actual total fuck ups within their (the "bad guys") schemes of things.

  5. Anonymous 1212 said Calderon has cahoonies...I agree...I mean this guy comes here and lectures us about Arizona and our laws when the root of the problem is corruption and inability to create jobs in Mexico. Then he insults us for building a fence...It worked in Israel! Yet this guy is building a fence on his southern border with Guatemala. Hyporcrite. Then we are blamed for the guns in which I agree a lot of it is our fault, but half the guns used to kill people are government issued weapons and just as drugs are illegal here, guns are illegal there yet criminals have access to both. Even if the USA stopped all gun traffic to Mexico, they'd get the guns elsewhere, Venezuela, Russia, etc. Plenty of countries willing to help LOL.

    I'm stil in utter shock that our law enforcement as highly paid and trained as they are, decide to take action now instead of all of the time.

  6. @EarniesWorld

    who cares how many of them get off on illegal this or that. everyone knows jury trials are a crap shot. people confess to murder when cops have nothing but mental games.

    so out of these 700 they pick up every single one will be interrogated and im sure more then a few will talk and the USA will find out knew things that it dont already know. after all knowledge is power

  7. This boils the Buela blood...I agree with anon, Why did it take ONE AGENT DEATH to provoke the agencies and departments to do their job??? To me it makes them appear in a negative light, as if they knew what to do and where to go but did not give a shit to do their jobs.

    same with Messico. The so called assassin sure was picked up fast, so why didn't they pick them previously? since they knew where to go and all....and since the "ässassin" had skipped bail?

  8. here's one for you, Cabron, I mean Calderon lectured California for the propsoed MJ law. Totally 100% against it, that it would heighten the Drug War...
    all the while...
    Mexico inacted a law that drugs for personal use was a-ok...good thing since Messico has a fast growing huge problem with drugs. All those little Halcones are paid primarily with drugs. I am telling you people this coming "Pobchis" generation is something to fear.

    SOmething to ponder; the overwheming majority of assasins in Juarez are UNDER 21 year of age.

  9. I meant to post this hear....duh. They wanted "hot" plazas, they'll be getting it now! This is about to cook at a whole new temp. Not that most of this couldn't have been accomplished earlier, it's just that it is truly cheaper to cut the whole limb sometimes-Chapo, Calderon, the boys in charge have to spend this kind of "collateral" to keep the media satiated. But look at it this way, it opens up more jobs for the literal cannon fodder that is today's youth in North America.

  10. I just wonder when the Cartels will really turn to increased terrorism, holding innocent Americans hostage at hotels and beach resorts or targeting American tourists as retaliation....My prediction is vacationing in Mexico will soon be as risky as going to a 3rd world Muslim country where innocent Americans could be targeted.


  12. jajaja...i would like to see some of the big bad "connected" cartels pinches putas getting arrested and doing the head down walk to the back of the cruiser...and the humiliation of having the hand on the head as they load them up ... bet they don't get their toys back...

    and B i agree ..fuck cow pie der ron..obviously he is set to profit from mota staying illegal here....

    all of Mexico is some sort of criminal enterprise any way...the fuckn leaders are all corrupt and that makes every body else have to be the same way ..the body follows the head

    i am way tired of seeing Americans busted for growing pot while the imported shit is coming in from Mexico in tons...

    i love Mexico ..but it is truly fucked up...ask any Mexican here or there and they will tell you the same thing

    we really need to get some sane immigration policy ASAP..and we need to legalize and regulate mota ASAP

    but i agree with everybody else aint gonna happen..too much money being made by the international criminals on both side of the border..including the fuckn invisible blameless canadiens

    maybe us Americans are kinda slow to pick up on shit and slow to react...but when we do better bet the boot will go all the way up the ass to the knee

    i predict a big backlash against the almighty mexican narcos...we might even see another chango chico bush elected just on immigration reform or to punish and reduce the invincible cartels

    so fuck it... get self sufficient as possible..and grit your teeth and hang on


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