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Friday, February 25, 2011

Not so fast with the dinero, ladies

Today, agents from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) arrested three women who were trying to leave the the US with over 1.4 million dollars hidden in various suitcases. A spokeman for CBP, Felix Garza said the money was confiscated at the port of exit at the US international bridge that links the city of Hidalgo, Texas, into Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

CBP agents, in coordination with personnel from the Border Patrol, were conducting routine inspections of commercial transport vehicles when the bus that was traveling from McAllen back into Mexico was intercepted.

Thanks to x-ray equipment and the use of other high tech visualization equipment, the federal agents were able to detect the numerous packages of money in the three pieces of luggage.

The spokesman, Felix Garza said that after a secondary inspection they were able to inspect the suitcases that belonged to the three women. A 22 year old US female citizen was found to be carrying $404,126 US dollars in cash, another woman age 35 was carrying $554,121 and a third woman age 55 was found to be carrying $500,626.

All three women were from Dalton, Georgia and both the 22 and the 35 year olds were US citizens, the 55 year old woman was identified as a Mexican national.

He said the money seized from the three passengers reached a total of 1,458,923 US dollars. The money could be returned if the proper owner comes forward and can attest to its origin and lay claim to the seized currency.

By law any person wishing to enter or leave U.S. territory must declare if they are carrying more than ten thousand dollars in cash, you must also declare the source and its final destination.

Source: NotiMex


  1. this won't do shit! All this mean is a bunch of mexicans were arrested. You think all 700 are gonna get convicted?

  2. They wanted "hot" plazas, they'll be getting it now! This is about to cook at a whole new temp. Not that most of this couldn't have been accomplished earlier, it's just that it is truly cheaper to cut the whole limb sometimes-Chapo, Calderon, the boys in charge have to spend this kind of "collateral" to keep the media satiated. But look at it this way, it opens up more jobs for the literal cannon fodder that is today's youth in North America.

  3. If I had over 1 mill cash, I certainly wouldn't be taking it to Mexico. I'd have a different i.d. & head to the islands. Dalton GA is not far from where I live, sure they probably got on the bus station they left from here in Atlanta didn't check the suitcases either?

  4. yeah, really? like someone is going to claim the missing cash!???

  5. lol do you not know how this works? The people arrested are not the owners of the money (most likley) they are just couriers/runners taking it to people in Reynosa, who most likely have to turn most of it over to some even higher up. They aren't smuggling out personal fortunes.

  6. Hey that's my money. I made it selling tamarindos and it's going to a charity for orphans. Now gimmie, gimmie.

  7. J i understand that it is not their money, but still I would high tail it out of america and never give it back...haha

  8. i wish some big narco asshole would let me hold 400,000 dollars...

    and have a good time in jail you stupid bitches ..selling out your own country..they should be tried for treason and shot

  9. brito, i agree with you, but they will probably get a slap on the hand and return to their normal lives. that is the problem, no one gets impacted by their wrong doings!


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