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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Per WikiLeaks, President Felipe Calderon Medical Records in Narcos' Hands

The website Wikileaks released a diplomatic cable from the U.S., where it is revealed that the medical records of President Felipe Calderon was given to a group of drug traffickers.

The message sent on January 20, 2009, signed by Anthony Garza, who at the time was the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, reads: “It was given to a drug cartel by a corrupt member of the first circle of the president.”
The secret cable was sent in connection with the arrest of Arturo Gonzalez Rodriguez, a member of the Presidential security ministry. The diplomatic text noted: “The arrest is the gravest security violation to date, but it is not surprising considering that senior civil servants have been accused of corruption in the past six month,” assured the then ambassador.
“Gonzales Rodriguez received $100,000 per month from the Beltran Leyva cartel to report on the activities and travel plans of President Calderon. In the days of his arrest he was also accused of leaking military intelligence and providing military-restricted weapons to the cartels, including the Zetas,” the cable noted.
“The case demonstrates that the Ministry of Defense did not properly investigate and supervise an officer who participated in providing security to the President. However it states the military is serious about fighting corruption. Although he was not part of the president’s inner circle, the case also shows the cartels have managed to infiltrate a significant area of the security apparatus of the government of Mexico,” said Garza.


  1. I guess God was too busy working in pretend land to save those 4 Americans killed. He must be a busy man. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. OK, poster @ 9:19 AM, what's that got to do with this article? Did you post in the wrong place?

    This arrest doesn't surprise me at all! I bet there are more like him too, unfortunately ! And so they have his medical records; that's not going to change his health any! It's the other things he sold out that might!

  3. Cartelistas have the medical records of Felipe, Oh MY!

    The medical records of Dick Cheney were pretty much an open book but Osama couldn't really use that info in any real way, so I doubt very much that the Zetas or whomever in Mexico can do much with any info they have about the big pimple on Calderon's big butt either. Perhaps use it as a target for their slingshots?

  4. @10:25am

    the previous douchebag was too busy laughing at the deaths of 4 Americans to realize he posted on the wrong article.

  5. Thanks for the laugh, Ardent. You said it better than I did! LOL


  6. How can he make fun of the 4 Americans demise? How disgusting!

  7. @ ardent

    laughing at the pimple comment. I suppose the original author(s) wanted to bring attention to how high up the chain of command that the corruption has reached - not necessarily that the cartels have Calderon's records.

  8. I think he was trying to prove something to the religious people who have been posting up God comments lately. I don't agree with the laughter at dead American's but in a sick kind of way he made a good point. Where was God for these people who were handing out his Bible?

  9. What could be used from medical records? Pretty much nothing! I completely agree with Ardent tho.

  10. The person who laughs when people die in mexico. u.s. and other countries, and (gets off) pleasure from seeing the pictures, is none other than my friend (ernie). Ernie, your soo much remind me of my socio-path friend. Like i said, i studied him for 7 years, and he's just like YOU> FULL OF HATE FOR HUMANITY, AND GOD, AND COULDN'T EVEN BE GOOD TO THOSE THAT LOVED HIM. THAT'S YOU BUDDY..!!!i BET YOUR NOT you not even married.!!!

  11. I agree with Ardent, but it's to show intimidation and that nothing is safe or secure at the highest levels. What's the worst thing they can find in his records??? Herpes..LOL

  12. @ 1:03

    Ernie has not even posted on this story.
    Not that i agree with much that Ernie least he has something to say.
    All we ever here from you rose is GOD and nothing else.
    This story is about corruption in the higher reaches of the Mexican government, yet god is in your post, god is in all your posts...just a shame he chooses not to intervene when someone is getting dicapitated alive.

    Just sayin.

  13. 1;39, you sound alike like ernie. i said other things, even addressed some things to him....Men have a hard time validating anything a female says, so sometimes it better to address the people in this post as a male, because, the tendancy to {accept something more validating, it's usually when it comes from a man}. Tell you story.. Once, i gave a certain gave a male some advice... I told him this advice for years, and years, but as usual, it took a Man to say the very thing i was telling him to see what i was saying. It's in the nature in (males), not all males mind you, to believe another male. Even females tend to validate other males...>>Just something i had notice for years. I have worked with literally hundreds of people, and after awhile, you'll notice certain behavioral patterns of people...My best plot...Act dumb...That's how you can get someone to really reveil themselves. Life is a game>>People are games....Understand the the rules and play the game....

  14. Surely Mexico can overcome this tide of violance, but when you see this level of corruption it seems like they have a long and hard struggle ahead of them.
    Lets hope Gonzalez Rodriguez gets the type of time that will make others in his position think twice.

    Another post with nothing to say about the story.

    It is getting boring.
    I think you pulling out the gender card is
    pointless and very juvenile.
    You would be surprised at how many men actualy listen to what their partners and any women has to say.
    The fact that you show blatent disrespect for people on here does not bring you closer to your god.

    Grow up.

  15. 1;39... If you read any of my last posts, i have said that satan controls the 1;governments of the world. 2.the educations systems. 3.econocmy(stock market)4. all major religions...So your saying corruption IS at high levels in mexico?? Isn't that the same thing i have been saying, other that im using other wording and phrases.... Life is a puzzle....Look at the puzzles.....People are waking up, and they are starting to become aware of what;s really happening....Example..The u.s. dollar is practically worthless....Buy gold and silver to retain your wealth....Everythings gone to shit, and it's only going to get worse.!!!! The u.s. is going to shit tooo.!!. All im saying is people WAKE UP!!!

  16. Oh Ernie;; Your such a jackass;!!! The same tactic you just pulled on me, was the same, same, thing my socio-path friend would do.. He would find out things that i would say, and then turn it around, and use it against me...You have no BALLS BUDDY!! aND UNFORUNATELY, there is no cure for a socio-path..TOO..

  17. @ rose

    relax. if your smart people will listen. all this, male this male that, people are games talk you spout just sounds immature and silly. If you make sense, nobody cares on a stupid message board if it's coming from a chic. Perhaps you seek the approval of men to feel validated... I don't know but spare us your philosophy on male female socializations because they are wholly inaccurate...


  18. It seems as 10;04 is a very smart, educated, monkey;!! Who's your mommy?? Is it Lucy!!

  19. Rose..
    You are way off on the male vs female complaint.

    I never minded you religious posts I read quite a few of your posts because inside usually I would find something worth while. even today you are so correct a/b gold & silver. I bought at 700 and the US dollar is in trouble and countries want to challenge its position as the world currency, now do I think that will happen? Nope. but I see where you come from.

    but this thing about men not accepting what you say because you are female is way off. The guys at BB have been very supportive of me, they may challenge my op now and then but for the most part very accepting and supportive. The times that I have been given shit is usually from a female. In fact I believe you slammed me a few times in the past. Thats fine, just don't re-write history or call a poddle a jackass.

    My Dos Centavos..

  20. Buela, What i said was;, that once i gave a man adice about a certain topic, and he refused to listen to me...The same advice i gave this man , (another man said the same thing to him), and to HIM HE DID LISTEN TO; (and took that same advice that i was saying)...Sorry you misinterpeted me, and i(also) said that not all men are like that...And also that (sometimes), women tend to validate men more (often)than other women. Why do you think there are (many) more rulers and leaders that are male, then female?? Think about it!! Just being born a man instantly gives (someone) more of an advantage in life..Why do THE chinese preFer males OVER females?? THINK, THINK.

    My conversation was directed only to that fool that doesn't believe in GOD (GENERATE AND DESTROY) The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of GODS creation of man in the flesh.. tHE BIBLE HAS so many proffs that's it's authentic, Example; DNA just discover in these generation, yet, the bible has it. Dinosaurs, it has it, what we call UFO's, it has it...People just don't have the proper tools,teachers and (desires) that others do..CHRISTIANS WHO TRULY LOVE GOD..

    Yes i probabably offended you because i said you had too much pride: in order not to ask God for help when it came for the people you have helped in your charity...(It appears to me that you don't want God to take any credit for those that you have helped.) And it also appears to me that you have a personal and private conflict when it comes to God... And yes, i too have pride. I'm not immune from the (negative) personality traits that most human beings have. Believe me, I fall short, just like most people do...
    You were questioning me on why God answers my prayers; (which you think are petty), and not (intervine), and something more important like: a innocent childs well being.... The difference between you and me is that;, i put my pride aside, and i do ask God to watch over me and my loved ones.. I'm down on my knees everyday in the morning, and i make a petition to God to watch my son, who is INFLUENCED BY the drugs, and his friends (influences)..... (He's young, and he listens more to his peers, than me.) I ALSO HONOR, LOVE, AND DEFEND GOD...In humility i request a certain thing, and in love that petition is received...I and my son should of been dead a long time ago, but only thru righteous prayer, and request have i been saved... You and i can not intervine in anybody's free-will, even a (murderer), so I am smart enough to know what POWERES I DO HAVE, AND WHAT RESOURCES [GOD], (TOO.)--- that i can use to help me...Don't you want the same resources i have?? >>>Well then, for your own sake, put your pride away, and ASK God. That simple...And lastly; iF YOU didn't hear a word i said, put it in a shelf, and maybe next time, you will hearken to my

    We as people;, ALl discriminate againist each other Young against old..Male against female....Religious to atheist.... white to browm....Mexican to American, ete, etc. Is that so hard for you to understand??....And if you don't understand me, forget i said anything in the first place...

  21. Sorry Rose I am confused it was not the story it was these words;
    ....Men have a hard time validating anything a female says, so sometimes it better to address the people in this post as a male, because, the tendancy to {accept something more validating, it's usually when it comes from a man.

    that;s all, and really it is ok, not a big deal, just an observation, I am treated pretty well by everyone for as many comments I post there will be those who don't like me or what I say.

    I couldn't remember the problem you had with me, just remember you said something. and you are correct I don't ask God because my belief is we have a free will that directs an outcome. Why should He chose to save one child and not another? Or cure my cancer and not the adorable child we lost a few mos ago in Mx? I believe in doing. thats my deal and it works very well. I can sit and pray and wait for a miracle or I can try to create one in honor of my belief in God and what I have been blessed with. Pretty simple. and works for me, I do not care what anyone else says or interprets. I was going to say I don't discriminate but I have to say I probably do against atheists. I see a lot of discrimination in Mx. against the poor, against central american migrants, against indigenous peoples, against those with darker skin, against the disabled. It is painful.

    But I did listen to your words and you have the right to believe and I hope you are correct and your son gets through this time in his life. I never exp that with my children or grandchildren, never had problems with drugs or school dropouts or alcohol, really good kids and outstanding adults, we all serve society, but I did not sit and pray, I was very involved and vigilant. it worked for me.

    Thanks Rose


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