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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is Julian Leyzaola Perez' Appointment on Hold?

The Mayor of Cd. Juarez Hector Murguia Lardizabal in a press conference announced yesterday that for the moment he was not thinking about replacing the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Laurencio Rodriguez Contreras.

He said that when he made his decision he would meet with the media.

"It is not good to anticipate or to delay decisions, the decision to appoint a Municipal Public Security Secretary is the sole responsibility of the mayor, if I had news to announce to that effect I would have given it," he said in press conference.

He said that at the moment he stands firmly behind Col. Laurencio Contreras Rodriguez as Municipal Public Security Secretary.

"I think airing to the media any decisions that have to do with public safety, whether  in advance or delaying them, is not suitable for public safety strategies for Ciudad Juárez, so I'll reserve my comments", he said.

This has come about because of last weekend's unofficial announcement that Julian Leyzaola  Perez, the former head of the Tijuana Public Safety, would be serving as chief of police in this city.

Murguia added that if that decision is made it will be announced at the time that the decision is made and that the duties are being capably handled by current Secretary Rodriguez Contreras.

He reiterated that the sole authority to appoint the secretary is the mayor, and to date no decision has been made for nor against the appointment.

The mayor said that in coordination meetings with the three spheres of government he has not been asked to change the head of the Ministry of Public Security.

"We never talked about this issue at any of our meetings of "Todos Somos Juarez" and said that anyone in the City's Administration is subject to be changed, with the exception of the mayor - "unless I decided to leave or was killed" - he was after all favored in a popular election."

When asked to whether he had held discussions with the former Secretary of Public Safety to come from Tijuana to Ciudad Juarez, he became annoyed and responded, "that is a not a public issue."

When asked if he had given thought to hiring Leyzaola Perez for Secretary of Public Security, the mayor said he had  thought of several, "but I have not given any thought of replacing the current secretary, I have not thought about replacing the Secretary of Public Safety Laurencio Rodriguez."

He insisted that such decisions are not ones that should be speculated on, "whether I make a decision or not, I'll tell you, I'll be the first to tell you."

He also added that he had instructed all city officials that the only one authorized to speak on this issue is the mayor, in order to avoid this kind of water cooler speculation. This arose after last weekend announcement that the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security Juárez was hiring the former head of the Municipal Police of Tijuana, according to unofficial information.

Julian Leyzaola Pérez served as head of the Municipal Police in Tijuana, Baja California, under the previous city administration led by Jorge Ramos Hernández.

The Lieutenant Colonel, led the police force in that border city from December 2008 to October 2010 and is well known for his work against crime because under his leadership they were able to achieve a significant decrease in crime rates.

Leyzaola Perez developed an extensive career in the fight against insecurity with his time in the Mexican Army, he served in Oaxaca, Puebla, Guerrero, Yucatán and Mexico City.

Until last week he had held the title of Secretariat of Public Security for the State of Baja California, when he resigned (according to rumors that he was coming to Juarez).

Source: El Diario de Juarez


  1. honestly I don't believe this appointment won't go through.

    if one reads between the lines I think it is a case that someone rained on Hector's parade and he is pissed. He wanted to stand up with his big "catch" at his side.

    or maybe i am wishful thinking..

  2. who gives a shit??? honestly the narco news has been flooded with this recently and all i can think about is what is actually going on not being reported!


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