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Monday, February 14, 2011

Leader of Los Zetas in Nuevo León "El Sonrics" captured

On Monday afternoon, authorities from the Secretary of National Defense presented the recently captured Juan Carlos Olvera Acosta—better known as “El Sonrics”—to the media. El Sonrics was one of the top leaders of the criminal organization Los Zetas in the state of Nuevo León.

El Sonrics operated in the municipalities of Linares, General Terán, Allende, Montemorelos and Santiago, and was detained on Sunday along with some of his “business-partners,” including police officer Yesenia Elizabeth Bocanegra Garza and Víctor Manuel Ramos Garza in the town of Guadalupe.

The arrest occurred around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday and also led to the seizure of three rifles; a handgun; 19 magazines of ammo, 370 bullet cartridges; equipment for radio communication; cash; and a vehicle.

Reports indicate that El Sonrics was involved with with Los Zetas for a little over four years and is responsible for a number of violent acts carried out in Nuevo León.



  1. I guess the big question now is: Is this THE Sonrics, or just "another Sonrics"?

    Supposedly he was killed back in August..unless the apodo just keeps getting recycled for leaders in N.L.?

  2. Good question. That Milenio article lists the "Sonric" as named Víctor Mata Guerra while the other identifies Sonric as Miguel Ángel Abrego Nava, even though they're covering the same incident.

    Can someone offer any explanation?

  3. Well who knows im glad hes captured:) && hope he doesn't return to the streets. All those cities are little towns where horrible things have happened to innocent people thanks to los zetas.

  4. Piece of shit. I'm glad this monster asshole is caught, but the reality of it. Is that he probably will escape in a few months.

  5. how about plugging him into the wall ..i would watch that one ..fukn Z bastard

  6. another terrorist bites the dust, dosen't Mexico have an island somewhere that it can make into a good prison camp for these terrorists
    we could lease gitmo to them, or alcatraz

  7. hope they send him to america. i know we just dieing to get are dirty little hands on any leaders so we can debrief them. types of torture porlly used to get info. i would imagine a combination of water boarding and keeping them awake for 5 days at a time thats allowed under geneva convention.

    i know thats how they started on Saddam Hussien

  8. The frustrating reality he will not have to escape. WIth the "överhaul" and new impossible to achieve standard of guilt he will be set free. That is the norm.

    so much evidence but never enough, Messico needs a true judicial and prison overhaul that will secure these arrests and imprisonments

  9. another zeta has been caught,wow!not shock,not impress at all!after his capture a few calls were made now theres abt 100 fools that just took his place! ...IF YA BORDERLANDBEAT FOLLOWERS DNT HAV ANYTHING REAL TO SAY, THEN JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF OR JUS GO BUY YOURSELF THE JUSTIN BIEBER ALBUM AND SIT AT A PARK AND EAT YOUR BOLOGNE SANDWICH IN PEACE!

  10. Y como estan las cosas en piedras negras no se oye nada pero yo se que algo esta pasando todavia aunke se ve la gente muy tranquila y ya volvieron a regresar todos los americanos y sus carrasos... q onda

  11. Most probably this guy is going to do 7 years or so with a good lawyer. I wonder why the media doesn't report on the convictions of captured individuals involved in the drug trade.

  12. Interesting how all the media reports are captures of 'top' guys. Wanna bet this changes nothing on the ground? As another poster said, 100 guys have probably already been in line waiting to take over anyway. The life of the individual gangster is short and nasty but the institution that created him lives on to eat it's young.

  13. Can't they just set up a fake ambush by the Sinaloa Cartel on the police van taking this piece of shit to prison? that way the Sinaloa Cartel would deal with this asshole their way and i'm sure they'd love to. That would be justice.

  14. @anonymous
    there may be 100 guys inline to take his place but what are the quality of these guys, how much can they be trusted and how qualified are they for the job??

    you see we keep taking down key people and eventually they start to fill positions with less qualified people who make mistakes

  15. @February 15, 2011 3:43 PM

    Good Points, have to kill those 1 percenters, and like you said it will be fill with less qualified people who make mistakes

    And @February 15, 2011 5:50 AM

    And Yes Mexico does have an island prison its called Islas Marías, its currently being renovated to handle dangerous high profile prisoners but for now it mostly handles low levels inmates for example inmates who committed burglary, theft, drug dealing things of that nature.

  16. He couldn't pay protection to the higest rank of extortionist, the law enforcement in Mexico. Or he was traded in place of someone else who was threatened to be "captured", someone who is of higher ranks...


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