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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Juarez: Man and 8 year old son shot and set on fire

A man and his 8-year-old son were shot and their vehicle set on fire in this violent Mexican border city, the Chihuahua state Attorney General's Office said Thursday.

The incident took place around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in a poor neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez, located just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.

The young boy, Brayan, his father, Fidel Andrade, and an unidentified man were traveling in a red Chevrolet Suburban when group of armed men intercepted them and opened fire. After shooting them at least 39 times, the sicarios doused the vehicle with gasoline and set it ablaze.

"The boy suffered burns to one hundred percent of his body and his father at 60 percent. Another male adult survived the attack and was taken for medical assistance for burns.", said local police.

The second adult in the car managed to flee on foot and is being treated for burns, municipal police said.

With more than 3,100 homicides last year and nearly 300 so far in 2011, Ciudad Juarez is Mexico's murder capital and one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Chihuahua as a whole, meanwhile, accounted for 32 percent of the more than 15,000 gangland killings reported nationwide in 2010. The mayhem is blamed on heavily armed gunslingers working for Mexico's rival drug cartels.

Sources: EFE, El Universal


  1. Fucking cowards. Seriously, and 8 year old boy?

    There's a special place reserved in hell for these illegitimate wastes of human space. May retribution and suffering visit them punctually and with abundance.

  2. I like you, 6:15!

  3. I'm starting to wonder si estos cabrones andan matando nomas por matar. Como si estuviera a la moda. Who are these guys trying to scare or impress? They're only scaring innocent people that have nothing to do with the cartel business. They obviously ain't scaring their enemies because no one is just givng up any ground willingy. And nobody is impressed. So really what's the purpose of this cowardice?

  4. Where's Rambo when you need him :( Poor Kid.

  5. What is going on in Juarez? We need a write up on Juarez cartel and the violence in the city. For all those guys they arrest, where is the insight into the cartel, like we see with almost every other organization?

  6. We just read the statement by (supposedly by) CDS. Are they snitches now? Classroom moniters? If they know these things why are they not dealing with it themselves?

    This last attack has caused fear for the first time in CDS. The zetas did something that could potentially spring the trap for all. It seems this is a finger being pointed in hopes that later they hope to be an ally with the US.

    This attack will take a few weeks to hit the entire US. The US news will begin to soften the idea of a response by allowing US news agenicies to report how this "brave man who swore to defend the constitution was executed". Give the preachers a few weeks to work the masses. The outcry will begin.

    Soon, there will be a response by law enforcement. There will be a mass roundup of illegals to satisfy the public. They will be shipped away only to be replaced. In Mexico, things will be very good for Americans because of this incident. "Stirring the pot" and "Heating the Plaza" will begin to cease for a time.

    The cartels will take time to build as a unit against the zeta in a way never seen. They eventually will win and although the zeta will never be exterminated, they will become monkeys performing for the masses.

    I think there was a huge tactical error made by the zeta. When you are a dog who is fed by your master, make sure you do not bite the hand who feeds you. The dog can not the good life alone. He must be fed. He must have water. He must have shelter.

    The zeta bit the hand of the master. The master resonded and has been bitten by a hyena who waits on the outside of the fight. The hyena waits for food once he sees the fight. He knows he can take the food from the winner and eat the winner as well.

    The vulture flys above all. Waiting for the fight to end and clean up the remains. When the vulture decides to strike, he does so in numbers that can not be ignored, even by the hyena. The vulture picks and chooses his time to strike and eat from the dead. When the vulture's appetite is satisfied, nothing remains.

    Mexico take care, the vulture is overhead.

  7. Where are the decent people of Mexico, enough is enough. Even the other Cartel members should take out these assholes. I feel sorry for Mexico, and the honest people stand up and take your country back or you are all going to die. an eight year old boy, are you kidding me. Mexico you are truly a country that no one cares about, now think about that.

  8. Mexican people need to stand the fuck up for ur people. your to money hugery to do that thought. This will never end tell the hole country stands up like what happened in Egypt. This is coming from some how lives in the borderland.

  9. An 8 year old boy is burned to death for what? And why doesn't America do every thing that it can to prevent these senseless deaths!!! (if Liberal America wanted to end the drug running it could) These News reports aren't being reported on the nightly news in America because the Liberal mainstream media doesn't want us Americans to know! The only way we find out about these things is by cruzing the web or listening to "RIGHT WING" radio.
    Two hours of reading the News and comments on this website has given me a respect for Mexicans and the citizens of Mexico that I previously did not know..
    The Liberal BS tells you daily about how evil "Republican" Americans are the ones that HATE Mexicans but there is not a single conservative American that I know that would not try to stand with you and stop the evil in your country, while Liberals try to convince you that if you only be nice to them they will be nice to you, then they blame every one but themselves for your death.


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