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Thursday, February 17, 2011

El Canas caught: confesses to Neza Massacre

The Justice Prosecutor for the State of Mexico (PGJEM) presented Juan Carlos Vasconcelos, who has been accused of the execution in the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl

EL Universal

The PGJEM presented Juan Carlos Vasconcelos, 24 years old, and identified him as the person who planned the murders that took place in Chimalhuacán, Nezahualcóyotl in the zone of Santa Martha, which was motivated by drug money debts, vengeance, and for fear of being ratted out by his own people.

Drug money debts, vengeance, fear of his own people. These were the motives of Juan Carlos Vasconcelos Montalvo, (a) El Canas, age 24, ordered and participated in various executions which were reported in the municipalities of Chimalhuacán, Nezahualcóyotl in the zone of Santa Martha, located in the Federal District.

"Cuando llegamos al lugar yo llegue a lo que tenía que hacer. Porque andaban de chismosos... y para calentarle el lugar", When we got to the place, I did what I had to do. Because they liked to gossip... to heat up the place

responded El Canas to his interrogators from the Mexican judicial system who questioned him on the motives. His testimonies have been made public by the prosecution through means of a video.

Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, justice prosecutor for the state of Mexico during a press conference along with Juan Carlos Montalvo. Both were detained in early in the morning by authorities from the Iztapalapa in the D.F.

At the time of his arrest, El Canas  was carrying a sub-machine gun which has been identified as the murder weapon in multiple homicides.

He is considered the mastermind behind the tactical planning  of several executions the were reported on February 13th of this year in colonia Zona Urbana Ejidal located in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl. He is also implicated in the massacre of 15 people, which happened on January 16th, in the colonia La Michoacana located in the zone between Chimalhucán and Nezahualcóyotl. This crime was allegedly ordered by a man nicknamed El Rokero.

According to the prosecution, the criminal cell led by El Canas, was involved in drug sales, stolen vehicles, and extortion, they were also involved in kidnapping.

Last Monday, the prosecutor from the state of Mexico presented 8 members of the cell led by El Canas who has ties with  "La Familia Michoacana."

The prosecutor has also stated that 12 people were also being held for questioing in relation to these multiple homicides.

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  1. La familia is the same as the zetas which they hate.

  2. Is he pregnant or a failure at being the world's first Sumo?

  3. Why is the cop on the right have what looks to be an e-tool?


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