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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Federal Police capture El Chapo’s right-hand man

Washington accuses him of controlling the movement of drugs in the Golden Triangle.

Adam Salazar Zamorano, Don Adam, one of Mexico's most wanted alleged drug traffickers in the United States and confidant of Joaquin "El Chapo Guzman, was captured Saturday in Queretaro by the Federal Police.Described by the DEA as a dangerous man, who moves in private jets all over Mexico, Don Adam is not part of the list of top fugitives in the country, nor his son Jesus Alfredo Salazar, El Indio, a licensed pilot linked tonarcoataque against the town of Creel, Chihuahua, which left eight people dead in 2010.

DEA accuses him of controlling the production and drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle, comprising Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa, as well as El Indio. U.S. intelligence reports, Mr. Adam was born in 1944 in Chinipas, Chihuahua, and faces charges of conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute in the Western District of Texas, according to the record W150769237. His son, Jesus Alfredo, W330767029 related to the case, is accused of cocaine trafficking and conspiracy, but none appear in the list of most wanted in Mexico.

He belonged to two cartels

Despite the profile of the accused, who a few years ago belonged to the Juarez cartel, the Attorney General tried to keep the operation secret until yesterday when it was announced that the suspect was placed in detention for further investigation.

Even the PGR became entangled with the history of Zamorano Salazar since in a statement identified him as a suspected drug supplier in El Chapo Guzman and "The cell leader Salazar criminal organization within la linea, led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes" alleged leader of the Juarez cartel.

This despite the fact that El Chapo, through its group of assassins called “Gente Nueva”, are waging a bloody battle with la linea, the armed wing of the Juarez cartel, for control of drug trafficking in the border area of Chihuahua. The office staff indicated that anti-drug division of the Federal Police arrested the alleged drug trafficker in response to an order of presentation and location of the Federal Public Ministry.

The PGR also won a second federal criminal court order of detention for 40 days "for investigation of organized crime, drug crimes and what results."


  1. Right hand man? I thought Zambada was? Hell even el Ondeado is higher than this guy... its amazing what the media does, just how they said El Cumbias was from gente nueva, but in reality he from la linea...

  2. Nice 'stache. He's missing the rhinestone studded hat and accordion though.

  3. Have you noticed everyone that joins chapo, eventually gets caught!!!! What up with that?

  4. Hmmm.. So he is both Chapo's right-hand-man and a Cell leader for La Linea? I read the Milenio version.. the translation is spot-on but that still makes very little sense... For one thing that seems to be a contradiction itself, and for another... Why would Chapo's right hand man be leading a single group of low-level sicarios? Even if its for la Linea, I would think Chapo's right-hand-man would have better things to do than watch a few beheadings.. you know how La Linea do...

  5. Que si seran pendejos por no dicirles mas feo. Este wey no es la mano derecha del Chapo. Ellos dicen eso para no arrimar peste con el verdadero cartel. Este camarada trabaja para Carrillo.


    1. Todos estan bien pendejos este vato es de la gente nueva de alfredo salazar de navojoa todos son gente del m100 y el m100 es gente del chapo... puro sonora y sinaloa mi compa fierro

  6. I thought La Linea was the armed wing of the Juarez cartel?

  7. @No Smurf..the DEA cites him as controlling the production and drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle for el chapo..the confusion came when one of the PGR informants stated in a previous statement that Adam Salazar Zamorano was working for la linea as a cell basically the PGR became confused who Zamorano was really working for.. el chapo or Carrillo?..I think I should of added that when I translated this story.

  8. I bet he's in jail talkin bout "Gimme some chon-chon"!!! lol On a serious note tho this guy has to be a fall guy so that Chapo and his socio Calderon can continue doing business. Was he a mole working inside La Linea for Chapo? Or puro pedo?

  9. Smurf, you are right, doesn't make a lot of sense. Up to the Milenio paper he was a sicario cell leader for Juarez a few years ago. And he moves to Sinaloa and becomes Chapo's confident?
    Seems to me the Federales arrested a mid level goon and the PGR tries to spin it to look good.

  10. Thanks for the translating the article Pancho!!!

    Maybe he did work for La Linea at some point... I'm not sure when LL was formed, if it was BEFORE the war with Juarez, (2004 when many of the people working for the Carillo Feuntes organization left to join the Sinaloa cartel), then he could have jumped ship... climbed up the "corporate ladder"... That may be the source of confusion?

    Just a guess on my part.

  11. Don Salazar trafficked heavy in the Sonora area. He used to move drugs for Juarez but switched sides after the war and moved drugs for chapo. Just like alot of operators that used to operate for someone else and now operate under chapo

  12. Yeah this guy worked for juarez cartel but they ere getting their asses kicked. El Bravo y el Peinado put him on a kill list but Chapo decided not to kill him. Which was probably when he switched over. This dude has been around for a long time and has dealt with a lot of people. Right hand man? Don't know about that but he is kinda a big deal

  13. Futt Bucking Ugly !

  14. I think the really interesting idea here is that neither Salazar or El Indio are on the "list of most wanted in Mexico".


  16. Sonora is bout to become a war zone...........First El jabali then Paredes now Don Salazar..........That is the problem with the drug war you decpitate the head and u have the workers fighting for territory.........You still have dos mil who is highly violent

  17. el no tiene nada que ver con la linea, su grupo es la gente nueva que esta en todo sonora, chihuahua y parte de sinaloa y durango, su base estaba en navojoa sonora, aunque el y su hijo jesus alfredo salazar (el indio) son nacidos n chinipas chihuahua, tienen años trabajando en esa zona y si estan relacionados con el chapo guzman,y estuvieron enfrentados a muerte con los gueritos o numeros (enriquez parra) de san bernardo, alamos hasta que se extinguieron los enriquez parra o numeros, no tiene nada que ver con el cartel de juarez ya que estan en disputa, y no es mano de derecha del chapo es colaborador en sonora como lo fue raul enriquez parra el 9 asi que no inventen tantas cosas

  18. I doubt this person was El Chapo’s right hand man. Please! I am certain anyone directly affiliated with El Chapo or any other drug lord would not be targeted. They invest too much in the US economy, so they use fall guys. Maybe the US needs to start looking at Las Vegas for signs of laundering and high rolling bets. Trust me; “The Drug Lords” are so protected from the public, that no one knows who is associated with what cartel. If this was true, I think the drug cartels would have been brought down a long time ago.

  19. come over to SONORA where the real and oldest cartel is....LOS NUMEROS AND GENTE NUEVA DEL SENOR M100......Y ARRIVA EL CHARCO!!!!!!!

  20. si es sierto no hablen pendejadas este vato es el bueno junto con su hijo alfredo el 04 son celulas del y son los buenos en sonora ellos son los jefes tienen varios pesados asu mando como es el 01,r5,011,r8,020,50 y a varios mas nada k ver con la puta linea ni kn juares y puro sonora clika r5

  21. He once was working for the juarez cartel but like many others when chapo got out of jail he switch sides, and now at the sinaloa cartel he was the one who controled sonora under chapos ordera...
    .......puro CDJ


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