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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cartel Video Game: is Nothing Sacred?

Honestly, I know I’ve played GTA and similar games… But this seems a little to close to home for me to feel comfortable with this. Makes you wonder when the 911 game is coming out. Perhaps we can turn THAT tragedy into a fun, action packed game as well. Perhaps something set in the Sudan? Another game that caused similar controversy was the Fall of Baghdad which featured Saddam Hussein as the villain. WTF is going through the minds of these simpleton game designers? I would like them to spend a month in Juarez, really learning and living the nightmare in that violence stricken city, I would like the developers to bring their families to live with them in these run down colonias, with no power and then tell me what how real their game is when compared to the real thing. Thanks to Buela, for bringing this to my attention.


The Gamer’s Hub

2/7/11 - Announced today, the new game Call Of Juarez: The Cartel is set in the the modern day. It’s franchises two previous games (Call of Juarez and Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood) have been set in the 19th century but now with the new entry to the series, we know Call Of Juarez: The Cartel will be set in modern time.

With the name including The Cartel there are suspicions that the story will deal with the mexican drug cartel’s and with no news on the story line just yet we can only make assumptions. We also know that the game will be set in both California and Juarez, in mexico so we don’ t know what to expect just yet.  But for now all we can do is wait for more details from Ubisoft on the title which is expected to release this coming summer.


  1. where can i get that game i wanna play it :^)

  2. What's the difference between this and the books that sensationalize the narcos, the stupid narco-corridas, everybody dressing like the narcos in that ugly ed hardy shit, etc? Oh that's's an american video game so it goes over the line.....

  3. No mames ta mejor call of duty black ops

  4. Well, as long as all the weapons one can use in the game are smuggled from the US and there is absolutely no spill over of violence into the US, then it is OK.

  5. Agree with Anonymous #1. I hate it, but it's just as valid as Telemundo and Univision's narco-telenovelas. Who knows, maybe something "good" will come out of this. Anything that brings more awareness to our fucked up hometown.

  6. ''lito'brito @ 9, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    as much as i agree that this is sensationalist exploitation of the horrible situation in Mexico, it is a sign of the times, and demonstrates how atrocitys such as those occurring in Mexico are soon reduced to the level of caricature be a source of amusement for the masses

    Mexico should wake up to the fact that their country is no longer seen as a tragedy but has now passed into the realm of farce

    maybe this fact will serve as a cataylst to encourage the elites of Mexico to become serious about providing better government for the people of mexico....

    because to the rest of the world , Mexico now exists as grim entertainment

  7. I don't know, none of the cyber sicarios look like the real thing, at least be realistic, there are plenty of mug shots on BB to campare, these pathetic looking thugs look nothing like the ones in the game.

  8. Perhaps it is because of my experience, that I object to this. and clearly they have the legal right to create such a game, but morality and ethics tell me it is wrong. I would say the same if a game was created of any social issue that renders innocents being killed.

    if we have such games, impressionable children will play and their mindset/opinion may be shaped negatively against citizens of foreign countries.

    Maybe I am taking this too seriously, if so than so goes the world who have objected to this for the past week.

    There also is a new game, a cell app that is a smuggling Mexicans game, if I recall the goal is to get a green card, I honestly am open to that game tho I have to have more info for the thumbs up

  9. I am waiting for the game that comes out where private companies and individuals are given letters of marque and reprisal by the Mexican and US governments to kill and capture cartels. I would call the game Letter of Marque: Cartel Hunter. lol

  10. Sensationalist exploitation for $$, nothing else. This will sell like hotcakes in non-border states. To them this war is a minor skirmish that they think we southern 'racists' (meaning we are called racists simply because we want border control) blow out of proportion. I showed my sister and her in-laws from northern CA this blog and they couldn't believe it. What's reported here is unfortunately not in the mainstream consciousness of most of the USA.

  11. I wonder if the game will have missions where you have to disappear someone or torture them to death and then chop their heads off and skin them. Maybe you can have a mission where you have to chase your victim's mom around and shoot her in the head before she get's the populace too worked up. That'd be great, can't wait for the 'gritty realism'. F*ckin' a-holes. This game will totally play into Northern Mex's fascination with gangster culture, I bet the sicarios will love playing this game. It'll give 'em a coffee break from ass raping and boiling people alive.

  12. call of duty blows, battlefield bc2 is better

  13. They don't look like the real thing because Ubisoft (aptly named I think for video dicks who spend too much time playing these types of games) is a British company and the figurines look like something out of some United Kingdom, White skinhead's fascist National Front dittohead's imagination. Britain can definitely compete with our own homegrown American neoKKK types in the stunted growth adolescent department.

    For those of the moronic fascist ideology coming onto Borderland Beat with your own Americanized brand of USA USA idiocy, you can go to the National Front's website to see how stupid your We Are The Superior Race! brand looks in GB ...


  15. Hopefully the soundtrack will contain Beto Quintanilla and El Tigrillo Palma

  16. another example of how the fomenters of death profit from the misery that they inflict
    these games are just a variation on the endless war movies that they manufacture , narrating and glorifying war,violence and conflict
    these particular criminals appear to be only opportunistic and not directly involved in any way other than profiting from the destruction of of societys such as Mexico
    if you purchase or play any
    of these games you are a participant in the crime

  17. hey uhrny

    thanks for the link to the national front of Britian...i never knew they existed...kinda like

    but with fish and chips

    or this one con salsa

    or this one with greens

    interesting to know what is out there..pride in diversity

    @ MATT...yesss!!!!!

    that is a great idea...lets develop could be the next interactive online sensation..turn the tables !!


  18. Great... I can't wait to play it.

  19. Zog and Ernie - get over yourselves. What a couple of whiney little minds.

    Moronic fascist ideology...USA USA dicks...white skinhead fascist national front dittoheads...fomenters of death profit from the misery they inflict... ..."these particular criminals ... not directly involved IN ANY WAY... Oh really! Gee what a relief that is. I don't suppose you two shit-for-brains have anything interesting to say. Your comments ALWAYS SAY THE SAME THING.

    It's a fucking video game. Don't watch/buy it if you don't like it. Next case!

  20. people are too fucking sensitive nowadays...its a fucking video game, how come there was no outrage when another game was based in Juarez? Ghost Recon advance warfare 2? ive lived in Juarez when the shit was about hitting the fan, and i dont care. im pretty sure there arent going to be cartel factions, like La Linea, CDS, Zetas, CDG, LFM, CPS, so please shut the fuck up, with all the faux outrage

  21. Some of you are complaining about this game, why?
    You all probably play Call of Duty, Socom, etc or watch war movies...
    These are movies/games portraying war with American soldiers that give their lives for our freedom and for cartels not to be running around in our country beheading peeps.
    Drugs, drug dealers, drug addicts, drug users, corruption will never be eradicated.
    Real recognize real

  22. Im sorry to say but I would buy this game. It is no different than any of the other violent games.

  23. What are you so shocked about, Smurf? Buela? BB and others publish graphic photos of people chopped into pieces, heads chopped off, heads skinned, peoples hands, feet, genitals cut off. All in full color close-ups taken from multiple angles. With full commentary and description. A 6 year old boy shot through the chest and commentary so you know he was probably killed before his father.

    And now you're gonna get your panties in a twist about the latest video game which is just like 100 other shoot'em up video games except it's called Juarez and looks like Mexico. You think they're making light of Mexico's problems? You want to punish them for making a video game that won't even come close to the brutality that is Mexico today.

    Come on, spare us the righteous indignation.

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  25. At best this is bad taste, they can make profit off it if they wish, but i hope large piles of money are enough to drown out their conscience... making money off these types of tragic situations by turning them into entertainment is simply wrong IMO... This is nothing new, people have been trying to exploit the situation in Juarez for their own financial reasons...

    "MAC Cosmetics has faced intense criticism after bloggers caught wind of the new fall makeup line the brand is co-launching with "it" girl designers Rodarte.

    The line, ostensibly inspired by a road trip Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy took along the U.S./Mexico border, include blushes, lipsticks and nail polishes with names like "Factory," "Juarez," "Ghost town," "Del Norte" and "Quinceañera."

    The fact that Ciudad Juarez has been named the most dangerous city in the world seems to have been lost on the designers, who told reporters that their Fall/Winter ready-to-wear collection (unveiled in February 2010) was influenced by the lines of women workers they'd see on their way to factory jobs in the middle of the night. Compounding the offense is the marketing campaign surrounding the makeup line, which features ghostly pale women who look as if they have been raised from the dead. Even the blush compact is streaked with ribbons of red that look like blood. Juarez is known mainly as the center of an epidemic of violence against women, which local government official and police have turned a blind eye to. Local residents and NGO's estimate the number of women who have gone missing or been murdered since 1993 to be somewhere around 5000.

    Both MAC and Rodarte claim ignorance and have issued apologetic statements. "We are truly saddened about injustice in Juarez and it is a very important issue to us," insisted the Mulleavys. "The MAC collaboration was intended as a celebration of the beauty of the landscape and people in the areas that we traveled." MAC has promised to donate the part of the proceeds of the collection to those in need in Ciudad Juarez."

    I only hope these developers DONATE SOME OF THE PROCEEDS OF THIS GAME TO A FEW WORTHWHILE CHARITIES IN JUAREZ!!! It would be wrong to do otherwise and simply count you're C-Notes as people die.

    Again, I'm going to Pre-Order my copy of Sept 11th: The Video Game.

    I call dibs on playing the Mohammed Atta character!

  26. This is no different from the corridos aired on radio here in the states. People buy that POS music that idolizes capos.

    El Okie-Dokie

  27. 11:49

    With all due respect, I think there is a difference between translating the news (with pictures that mainstream media sweeps under the rug), and making an entertainment-driven piece of software that is based on the cartel violence...Although I think El Okie Dokie brings up a REALLY good comparison.

    Look I see your points, I'm not daft.

    I just think its some BS that should be called out.

  28. Thanks for bringing up MAC, Smurf. When I read your post this morn, I was immediately reminded of that.

    My videogame knowledge ended in the Pacman era, but from afar, these games appear to me as though they are designed, in part, to prepare young people for war, and to that end, I have even heard soldiers comment that with the sophisticated war machinery they employ, it's "just like playing a video game."

    As for where the designers of this game will get their protype for its female protaganists, they need look no further than the scantily clad ladies on Telemundo or Univision, which brings me to my next point. As many of you point out, the glorification of the capos is everywhere from narco-novelas to narco-corridos. But that doesn't mean it's ok.

    With regard to the music, something has fundamentally changed over the last ten years. I mean who doesn't turn up the radio when "Contrabando y Traicion (Camelia la Tejana) comes on? But that song is more about a woman's scorn, than about drug-trafficking. Nowadays I find today's music intolerable. Not only is it poor quality and unoriginal, but it glorifies violence in an unforgivable way, and as often is the case, its greatest enthusiasts are the biggest victims of the lifestyle it elevates.

  29. there IS a difference between news and some bullshit video game that makes some assholes in France richer

    but war movies , is all just gratuitous violence anyway..

    i still thinks Matts idea is the i could go for that ...

    fiction and reality blurred beyond any possibility of separating the two

    why not just go join a militia and maybe actually get to shoot somebody for real...

    seems like that would be more fun...

  30. It's too early for this kind of stuff. Need to give it at least a decade after the whole cartel war dies down, and then it will become Mexican folklore for centuries to come. I can imagine children asking their parents how the drug war era was like.

    It's funny because I'm currently enrolled in school working towards my bachelor degree in Gaming Media & Arts, and I even had the idea of one day creating a game, tracking the events of the drug war.

  31. Fuck yeah! I've been waiting for a game like this for a while. I wonder if they'll have multiple storylines? Imagine being able to choose between being a sicario for CAF, Sinaloa, CDG, Zetas, CDJ? They'd better done their homework, I don't want a narco-video game based on some American's distorted idea of what's going on in Mexico.

  32. I bet you that these game developers were using some sort of illegal drug e.g cocaine,weed,speed,opiates,ect..... In a way these game developers helped out the cartels, and lets not forger the video game users. Do you think these kids are drug free? America is a free country-the market will dictate if these game sells. Don't hate, congratulate!!!!!!

  33. quit crying brito you know u pre-ordered it you wannabe cholo . brito is the number one guy on here who would give anything to be considered a sicario but he's just a pandahose jjaja. game looks badass probably a lot of fun im hoping beheadings and torture bonus rounds are available. i wonder which narcorrido bands are on the soundtrack ?

  34. @ any mouse

    hey fly i am gonna make a cake hambre?'s got frijoles

  35. I am beyond disgusted at this. I can't even rant and rave. This is wrong. Playing a fucking videogame about people dying in the streets? Innocents and children? What is wrong with Americans?

  36. people stop crying. if you are against this game, then don't buy it. period! war is war. it is already instilled in the fabric of our culture. what makes this drug war any different than the vietnam war or the iraq war? and what makes this game different than any of the other countless violent video games? just becuase it's about a subject that you find personal.

    get over it.

    it is what it is. it's not right. it's wrong. but we all have a curiosity for violence. when we were all young, the girls played with their dolls and the boys ran around outside shooting each other with plastic guns. now, corporations have merged technology with violence to entertain us, and we keep buying this crap. why? becuase we like it. now, girls play with their dolls and boys shoot each other on their xboxes.

    the world would be a better place if people killed each other in video games instead of actually killing each other.

    @ J

    what is wrong with americans?

    you ask such a silly question as if you are somehow detaching yourself from the rest of us when you are just as responsible for paying for these violent videogames, movies, t.v. shows and books, or when you press play to see a torture video.

    what's the difference, if it's in the streets of juarez or the jungles of vietnam? war is war. violence is violence. entertainment is entertainment.

    in this world, no one can ignore violence. it is everywhere. that's just the way it is.

    but if you are against a product, then don't buy it.

  37. You know Frito and Hernie already ordered theirs so they can come one step closer to their ultimate fantasy...becoming a narco.

  38. Smurf
    Thanks for the revealing comment about preordering a copy of the 9/11 video game and wanting to play the Mohamed Atta character. So you do hate US.


  39. Sorry J, but 95% of today's videogames are "...about people dying in the streets? Innocents and children? "
    Your crusade is about 25 years late. PacMan ate ghosts.... where are all the people to stand up for those poor, exploited, multi-colored ghouls? Frogger endorsed using cars to run down defenseless frogs who were just trying to get to the other side of the road (border?)and a better life.....

  40. @ any mouse February 10, 2011 1:57 AM

    hey fly..

    that cake is still steaming.. and i know you are hungry...stop buzzing around and just land know you want to


  41. I accept perhaps I may be overly sensitive, and honeslty Smurf I hope you buy a copy to give feed back, and if it is offensive as I suspect then destroy it and send to the media or mfg with a love letter of why it hurts us folks in Mx. I love your idea of inviting the company to speand a few days in Juarez. Tell you what "I'll buy-you try" jeje, but I am confused you say you are buying it...did you modify your opinion?

    as for MAC...the apology was lame, and the gratuitous "part of the proceeds will go to causes in juarez" I can tell you that means 1-10 %...anything subtantial would be in print, admitting an error in judgement would be sincere if one stated "ALL proceeds will go to Juarez" then you know one is apologetic.

    remember folks...i understand they have the leagal right, just as I have a right to voice my dissappointment. I hate companies that take social issues and exploit. Last month I was enraged when I saw on line classes teaching how to be a pedophile...hated that the worst.

    is ANYthing off limits to you gamers?

  42. 2:59

    I was using sarcasm and absurdity to get my point across. I obviously don't want to buy a 911 video game. Please look up the word "Satire" as well if you have the time.

    Absurdity (def)

    1. Ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable. See Synonyms at foolish.
    2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or value in human life or in the universe.
    3. Of or relating to absurdism or the absurd.

    Sarcasm (def)

    1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.
    2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.
    3. The use of sarcasm. See Synonyms at wit1.

  43. @ smurf

    that is so funny ..i was just about to post that i thought you were being satirical

    you do realize that this article has guaged the deep stupidity of some of the readers here ..

    especially the any mouse division...

    kinda disappointing to know who the readership is sometimes huh?

  44. For you folks saying "what is wrong with americans" etc., please keep in mind this video game company is a european company, not an american one. It is not clear if they are using american developers but nevertheless, don't have a kneejerk blame USA for this please.

  45. Yes, Anonymous 9:21 Am of course is right.

    Us US citizens used to be considered honorary European colonial imperialists. Nowadays, the European Middle Class, increasingly factory hamburger fed their ideology, are honorary American imperialist pigs! Wheeeeeeeeeee! Woo, pig sooie!

  46. @ Brito

    So true.... But hopefully BB can help enlighten folks....

  47. your style joven...
    i thought you were being sarcastic but then reading other comments I became confused, I am old I have a built in excuse for confusion.

  48. @ smurf

    You are a great reporter. BB isn't the same without you. I was concerned when your name disappeared from the front page.

  49. @ borderland beat

    Why would you let someone disrespect one of your reporters with the F word?

  50. @ buela

    no body says it like you hussy...smack the flys....


  51. I think it's easy to gloss over with justifacations and rationalizations, we can do that with anything. It's not personal to me, I have never even been to Texas, much less Juarez, but by reading about it I feel it is just so wrong to develop, market, and PROFIT off a game which makes a mockery to a place where kids are being lined up and murdered. Anywhere. I would be disgusted if they made a Tijuana video game, like Ebert says, there is nothing artistic or genuine about this games, it's just violent bullshit for idiot kids, in a violence obsessed society. Me? When I was 10 I was reading books about gunfighters, pirates, FBI, Mafia, CIA, reading books on weapons, and amassed an arsenal of fake, swords, pistols, rifles, machine guns to play with. I think there is a difference though, between creative imaginary games, and a child gunning down people in Juarez in a videogame, mindlessly. It's not the second Holocaust, it's just totally classless, trashy, and devoid of all taste and decency.

  52. Hey old-timers, this is starting to sound like a "back in my day" discussion. People like playing video games where they destroy shit, fuck prostitutes, and kill people (innocent or not). Deal with it.

  53. @ buelita

    Its not cool to say F' YOU to smurf after all that he does to keep this website going and all the great articles he brings to us and he does'nt do this for the money either. But respect to the staff of BB for giving all of us the opportunity to say what we feel.

    @ hasta la madre

    You're crazy. You tell it like it is.

  54. Ajulio...
    Oh I so agree it is extremely disrespectful and Smurf is a cut above, but whereas I think it is great you voice your op it is imperative comments are not edited because they speak for
    , show a persons true color.

    These reporters work their asses off, for zero monetary gain just to make a difference, doing their part. I am a huge fan of all of them especially Ovemex and Smurf as they post stuff I am most interested in, when I seek out their posts I know I will be interested.

    To Hasta:
    I am not prude, for sure, but my op is this is wrong AT THIS TIME, legal yes, but I am not objective, I have seen and heard so much pain that I do not like the thought of making a game of it.

    It is having a social with it

  55. I read this yesterday and laughed. Seems in Japan it is unlawful to portray existing people/countries in such a way...but they sure did find a way around that little issue..READ BELOW FROM THE ARTICLE WHICH FEATURED THE NEW CARTEL GAME..
    From media;

    new game "Homefront," scheduled to be released in March, takes place in the year 2027, when after 15 years of economic meltdown and widespread global conflict, the once proud America has fallen and is occupied by the “savage, nuclear armed greater Korean Republic.”

    "Homefront" has already caused problems in Japan, where the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (“CERO”) forbids the portrayal of existing people and/or countries in video games. In order to comply, THQ has had to cut all mentions of Kim Jong-Il, including in opening cinematics. Instead of mentioning Kim by name, the game now references a “Northern Leader,” and all previous mentions of North Korea have been changed to “A Certain Country to the North.”

    For the US..A certain country to the south?

  56. why buy a stupid video game ..just go to can do all that shit for real...but you only get to lose once

    or live vicariously through stupid fake ass video games..with all the gratuitous violence...

    join an army.. or a band of outlaws..really

    ..go to Mexico..or Somalia...kill or be killed..

    my problem other than the time waste factor is that these games reduce some peoples factual reality to fictional bullshit

    ..where from a safe distance you get to kill thousands of people/lifeforms... and if you lose you get another chance

    as long as proper perspective is maintained there is no problem..

    remember in the first gulf war...where we saw people being killed on video screens ..and the American pilots ..laughing about it ...just like kids playing video games...oh wow..did you see that one, hahaha

    these were live human beings

    i just think that blurring reality between real and games is not good

    get in some fights ..go whoring ...get your ass killed for all i care

    but these rich assholes who make and sell these games promoting, profiting from and reducing death and destruction to the level of innocent game playing wont be there by your side ..thats for sure ..

    they will be protected by security who is monitoring your movements on a video screen...and if you ever get in their way or pose any threat to them... you may be the next little running figure to explode on screen ...whoah!! did you see that one

    we are all addicted to violence in one way or another ..BB is living proof of that
    so i am not trying to be all high holy or anything .. and it is just a game ..and i am not trying to put any body down that wants to play it(them) just disturbs me a little i guess

  57. You know what's so great about this country i live in? I can CHOOSE FOR MYSELF if i want to buy the game or not. It seems many of you would like to make choices for others or have you choices made for you. Speak as A CONSUMER. Use your wallet to voice your opinion. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Simple.
    Anyway, this game will be rated M, or Adult only or 17+, however the rating system works where you live. Children have no business playing it and shouldn't be able to get it without an adult's consent. If kids are playing games like this it's their parents fault. If an adult wants to play a game that glorifies violence and murder then that's their business. Prohibition doesn't work in any shape or form. Banning the game will only drive the desire for it.

  58. i dont understand how this is not an issue for some this is so disrespectful to our people(innocent) who are dying in mexico. can you imagine what our country will become when we expose this to our children or better yet when the want to be gansters american or illegal see this and want to be like the guys in this video game i have much respect for our armed forces but this game is only going to bring more violence to america :(

  59. and the Bownsville sheriff weighs in.
    The game setting is Los Angeles to Juarez,

    two viewpoints;

  60. Shit like this makes me think Mexico deserves all the ridicule it gets. You idiots have an almost total breakdown of your society, yet you want to complain about a video game? Grow the fuck up. Stop sending tons upon tons of narcotics to the rest of the world and i might give a shit how a video game makes you look. This game is the least of your worries.


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