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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"El Güicho" Cell Taken Down in Tijuana

AFN Tijuana

Officers of the Preventative State Police (PEP) arrested 13 members of a cell that was operating under the direction of  Héctor Eduardo Guajardo Hernández, (a) "El Güicho", who is working for the Sinaloa cartel in Tijuana. The officers also found them to be in possession of drugs, weapons and cash.

The arrests occurred when a citizen alerted the authorities that there were armed men occupying a small business that was located in colonia Maestros, which is a municipality of Ensenada. PEP was able to respond rapidly and quickly took 10 suspects into custody. Inside the vehicles, weapons and drugs were found.

One of the people detained was was identified Cristian Moran Matus, age 23, mentioned that his father worked for a man named ‘’El Güicho.” Another suspect was known as "El Trejo." Both are accused of trafficking arms and kidnapping people.

They also confessed that they were looking for a rival group that was transporting drugs in a '89 BMW at the time of their arrest.

Another vehicle was located near colonia Lucio Blanco that contained several packets of "crystal" and marijuana.

As the officers drove away from the initial scene of the arrests, they noticed that a Nissan Altima was following them The vehicle contained the last 3 members of the cell, who were trying to see if they could find an opportunity to  liberate their detained comrades. They were taken into custody and found to be in possession of an AK-47 and several packages of marijuana.

Total amount of drugs and weapons:

20 kilos of marijuana, 290 grams of heroin, 39 grams of ‘’ice’’, 1 AK-47 with 30 rounds, a .22 caliber handgun with 85 rounds, a 9 mm handgun with 14 round, 1 silencer, 1 mil 300 pesos y 4 mil 232 dólares.


  1. Swift Justice- Take them all out back and put a hot bullet in thier worthless heads and I'll bet they will never , ever break the law again.LOLOLOL!!!

  2. I agree, do it quick and be done with them...

  3. The PEP unit involved in this arrest is an elite unit operating under unusual constraints and directions that do not apply to other PEP personal.

    The have been in operation as a unit a little over 3 years.
    Of the original 24 there are 16 left.

    Good job boys .


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