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Sunday, February 27, 2011

70 bodies found at property of "El Pozolero".

 AFN Tijuana

 Fernando Oceguera, president of the Citizens Association Against Impunity, informed the public that this Saturday that around 4pm, the bodies of several people were found in the basement of a house in colonia “Loma Bonita.” The property is believed to have once belonged to José Santiago Meza López, alias "El Pozolero".

Oceguera said that after four days of searching, investigators have found a number of people who disappeared from colonias 3 de Octubre, Maclovio Rojas, El Niño and el Vaso de la Presa.

Cadaver dogs led investigators to a yellow house with pine trees lining the driveway. SIEDO officials and ministerial state police soon discovered the presence of  human remains.

(SIEDO) “Deserves a vote of confidence on behalf of the Association" Oceguera said. In the same statement he informed the public that at least 70 corpses have been found buried in an area that was considered an illegal target shooting range operated by "El Pozolero" that was referred to as a "Stand" de tiro.

“This is not the best situation for a grieving family but at least its a small bit of closure that can be brought to those who want to know what happened to their loved ones." said Oceguera.

He added that he has begun calling the families of identified victims, and to publicly denounce the actions of Santiago Meza. As the exhumation of the bodies continues, the number of victims of this terrible crime may rise.

Santiago Meza was arrested last January of 2009. He is beleivd to have participated in the murder and disposal of over 300 victims of Teodoro Eduardo García Simental, alias "El Teo" who was at the time allied with the Arellano-Felix cartel


  1. BB wrote:
    "Santiago Meza was arrested last January of 2009. He is beleivd to have participated in the murder and disposal of over 300 victims of Teodoro Eduardo García Simental, alias "El Teo" who was at the time allied with the Arellano-Felix cartel"

    Either you guys are misinforming, or construing your thoughts incorrectly. Santiago Meza (let alone El Teo) was not affiliated with CAF at the time of his apprehension. Oh, and if I recall correctly, Meza was only charged with "clandestine exhumation".

  2. "hasta la madre said...Either you guys are misinforming, or construing your thoughts incorrectly. Santiago Meza (let alone El Teo) was not affiliated with CAF at the time of his apprehension. Oh, and if I recall correctly, Meza was only charged with "clandestine exhumation."

    Dude, don't make a fool of yourself!

    I am from Tijuana, I live and was born in Tijuana and YOU are wrong. El Teo was a LT for the CAF during his arrest, he use to work for the Sinaloa cartel before that a while back. and Santiago Meza did disposed many bodies for CAF that fell under El Teo. But don't take my words, do a google search, I did, and I found at least 30 instances where they talk about this claim, have you been hiding under a rock???????

    I can guide you to tons of material, this fact is well known and anyone that has a basic knowledge of the CAF knows this as a fact, you my friend are lacking, yet you are trying to correct BB, who have hundreds of material, that you probably have not even read?

    Santiago Meza Lopez, known as the "Pozole Maker" after a local stew, is accused by Mexico's military of disposing of 300 bodies for Teodoro Garcia Simental, a suspected former lieutenant of the Tijuana-based Arellano Felix drug cartel.
    Teodoro García Simental (a.k.a.: El Teo and El Tres Letras) is a former lieutenant of the Mexican criminal organisation known as the Tijuana Cartel.
    Despues de una fuerte balacera que ocurrio en el ejido Maclovio Rojas en el este de Tijuana, entre elementos del grupo de elite GAFE (grupo aeromoviles de fuerzas especiales) del Ejercito Mexicano y pistoleros del cartel Arellano-Felix, se dice extraoficilamente que detuvieron a una veintena de miembros del CAF, entre ellos a Teodoro Eduardo García Simental alias “El Teo” poderoso lugarteniente de la agrupacion, asi como media docena de policias municipales. Secomenta que tambien esta detenido junto con ellos “La Perra” y el famoso “Muletas
    El texto oficial apuntaba: “Cabe señalar que de la primeras indagatorias se desprende que los inculpados presuntamente pertenecen a la célula delictiva que encabeza una persona apodada ‘El Güero Camarón’, quien es lugarteniente de Eduardo García Simental o Eduardo Rivera López (a) ‘El Teo’, este último integrante de la organización criminal de los hermanos Arellano Félix.

    Lay off the wacky weed for a while and read a little more before you correct anyone, please!

  3. Did you even read what I wrote?
    At the time of his apprehension Meza was longer working for CAF. The split between CAF and El Teo occurred in April of 2008.

    Also, you mad bro?

  4. "Authorities had been on García’s trail for five months, but the operation to detain him early yesterday was over quickly as Federal Police, soldiers and marines closed in on the two-story residence in an upscale neighborhood of the city about 900 miles south of Tijuana. Hours later, García was in Mexico City, in handcuffs as he was forced to pose for photographs with masked and heavily armed federal agents. A one-time member of the Arellano Félix drug cartel, García is being blamed for 300 murders, including the deaths of numerous police officers."

    You know what "at one time" means right?

    O te lo traduzco al español?

  5. Ok genius, and who was El Teo working for exactly when he was arrested????? Sinaloa?
    There was no split, never was!

    Not mad, I just get tired of so many of you clueless making corrections, when you don't know what you are talking about. El Teo was still active with CAF up to his arrest, everyone knows that!

    Please go back and read a little, everything is well documented, if you need specific references from ZETA, Milenio, Progresso, and so on, I can direct you. Just hate to see make a fool of yourself when you correct with wrong information, it's just crazy!!!!

  6. I just posted a quote from an article and it didn't get published (Come on BB, you guys censor now?)

    Here's a link:

    "If you have been following events in Mexico's drug war even casually in the last year, you know that violence levels in Tijuana sharply spiked in the spring of 2008. That's because El Teo split off from the AFO in April, got the backing of the Sinaloa Federation, and started his own little war against what was left of the AFO in northern Baja. Life in and around Tijuana has been pretty brutal ever since, and it's mostly because of El Teo."

    Here's another one
    "Tras la captura de Eduardo Arellano Félix, alias "El Doctor", el 25 de octubre de 2008, "El Teo" rompió con la organización y emprendió una batalla por el nuevo liderazgo del cártel en contra de Luis Fernando Sánchez Arellano, alias "El Ingeniero", lo que desató una ola de violencia en Tijuana. "

  7. I know this was translated directly from AFN Tijuana who has a reputation of integrity in their information and most likely correct.

  8. hahahahah
    did you just refer to "Proceso" as Progresso? That's some good tomato sauce.

  9. BB always takes liberty with the translations though.

  10. "borderviolenceanalysis" usually get their info from BB, hahaha! The bottom line, what do you want to hear, and I will find it somewhere!

    Quit spiking la sauza de tomate man!
    My dad is bigger than your dad, hahaha!

  11. lol you guys are taking it a little seriously.

    Teo was a long time Arellano Felix member, since the early nineties, I believe, started low, worked his way up to lieutenant, had a lot of loyal people, built his own branch of CAF, but when Inge wanted him to stop kidnapping/extorting, and tried to have him killed, he fled TIjuana, after the April 2008 shootout. Allied himself with El Mayo, in some loose agreement, recieved crystal and weed from Sinaloa connections, and returned to wage war on Fernando Sanchez. That's it. He wasn't Sinalao cartel, he was indepent, backed loosely by Sinaloa cartel proxies. thats it.

    Pretty crazy, El Pozolero, this has been a long time coming, surprised it took this long. We'll see what happens in Tijuana, El Teo was the worst the city had ever seen, but some of these CAf defects aren't much better, but I doubt Engineer can control the city like in CAf's heyday, probably have to settle for the western side.

    To the poster from Tijuana, whats going on with Enginner/CAF what do you hear?

  12. The ad hominem comments are really classy.

    Here's a quote from one of the articles you guys translated:
    "Garcia rose through the ranks of the Arellano Felix cartel in Tijuana but later broke from the group and forged his own operation, Pequeno said. The break set off a battle with his former gang members that plunged the city into a period of unprecedented violence, with more than 1,500 murders since the beginning of 2008."

  13. Man good vote anon TJ won hands down.
    AFN is one of the best sources for TJ/Baja news.

  14. Hey J,

    I still think it's kind of deceiving ( I don't care who the source is, could be Stratfor or the TBI Institute at USD for all I care) to say that after April 2008 El Teo was an Arellano-Felix lieutenant.

    According to Zeta--and I would take anything they say these days with a grain of salt--El Inge is nowhere to be found, that "El Franky" is now the guy in charge in what's left of TJ.

  15. Agreed with you, but I wouldn't worry about it. I don't know what that Zeta is talking about, I have heard note one thing about Engineer no longer being in charge, we'll see, I think that Zeta quote may just disapear into the rumors and half truths that the narco business has so many of.

    The BB translation said 'Fernando Sanchez is practically desperate', whereas the google straight translation said 'practically gone', I'm not sure what either of them mean, in the context they were used.

  16. Here it is:
    "“Fernando Sánchez Arellano está prácticamente desaparecido. Se ha venido escuchando la mención de otro sobrino, aparentemente hijo de Benjamín, al que apodan ‘Franky’, pero la madre y este joven tienen sus familias y lealtades con el Cártel de Sinaloa. Sin embargo se sabe que ha estado operando aquí y en coordinación con sus familiares políticos del CAF”, explicó un investigador."

    Translation by HLM:
    "Fernando Sanchez Arellano has practically disappeared. There's been word going around about another nephew, apparently a son of Benjamin, one nicknamed "El Franky", but the mother and the young man have their families and loyalty with the Sinaloa Cartel. However, it's known that he has been operating here and in coordination with his family by marriage members of the AFO"

    I don't know if they meant by "familia politica" literally family by marriage, or if the guy screwed up and meant to say "extended family"

  17. Meaning he's operating according to the politics of CAF under El Inge. 'Practically disappeared' that has always been the case, I don't think he's giving up his position just yet. I know the San Diego DA or whoever Laurie Duffy hates CAF with a passion, and wants Engineer bad, as do the DEA. We will know sooner or later what the situation is.

  18. Hey Hasta,

    Little clarification... I meant that El Pozolero disposed most of the 300 victims for El Teo when Teo was working for CAF... From my understanding, J is right, Las Tres Letras became an independent contractor later on in his criminal career. Teo was affiliated (like El Tomate,) but not actually a member of, the CDS at the time his arrest...

    As far as El Inge, I'm working my way through some of Zetas articles about him, I missed two recently, they talk about how the CAF and El Inge are both struggling to maintain what remains of their power base. I think that Tijuana is a much more complicated plaza than we think: the rules that apply to the supposed "Federation" (CDS,CDG,LFM) doesn't carry the same weight in TJ. CDS and LFM factions are at each others throats in BajaCali. Even the "peace treaties" don't always get respected.

  19. Santiago Meza was arrested last January of 2009. He is beleivd to have participated in the murder and disposal of over 300 victims of Teodoro Eduardo García Simental, alias "El Teo" who was at the time allied with the Arellano-Felix cartel

  20. If you read the way i worded that... i can see how it could be taken that way.

  21. Ya me cae pinche este joto de anonymous!! Stop hogging the blog little bitch and get a life!

  22. ..jajajaja....any mouse1 versus any mouse2...ding ...round one

  23. Hey Smurf,

    Tha's why I said:
    "Either you guys are misinforming, or construing your thoughts incorrectly."

    Meaning that it was a possibility the wording of your information was ambiguous, but meant to say what is now common knowledge. Nowhere in my comment did I say he was a member of Sinaloa, just that after April 2008, he was no longer with CAF. Thanks for the polite clarification.

    Hey Buggs, why did you change your comments from your username, to anonymous? You could at least stand by what you say...

  24. What the hell are you talking about, the one about the headache I erased? Are you just looking to a pick fight with people or what, please play right and stop the nonsense!
    Thank you!

  25. Not trying to pick a fight, could have sworn the TJ comment was yours, my bad.

  26. Hasta la madre- smart enough to speak not smart enough to hush


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