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Friday, January 14, 2011

Shootout kills 14 in Xalapa, Veracruz


A shootout between Mexican security forces and suspected gang members has left 14 people dead.

Some 100 soldiers, marines and police in Xalapa, in the eastern state of Veracruz, had surrounded a house that, it was thought, was being used as a safe house by a gang, officials say.

The occupants opened fire and a six-hour gun battle followed.

Police say Xalapa had so far been spared the gang violence which has afflicted some other Mexican cities.

The town registered 12 murders between 2007 and 2010, officials say. Thursday night's shootout more than doubles that figure.

'Heavily armed'

Gen Carlos Aguilar Perez, the commander of the region, said his men had gone to the house after receiving a tip-off from local residents about the presence of armed men there.

The general said his men were shot at and had to return fire to defend themselves. Twelve suspected gang members and 2 soldiers were killed in the shooting.

The security forces found five long-range and three short-range weapons, as well as grenades, bullet-proof vests and ammunition inside the house, said the general.

According to Mexican government figures, more than 34,000 people have died in drug-related violence over the past four years.

But officials say more than half of the murders occurred in three northern states, with some regions of Mexico almost untouched by the violence.


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  1. in the picture at the top, look at all the nosey mexicans in the background...funny how we all have a curiosity for violence even though most of us try to avoid it.

  2. theres alot of zetas over at Veracruz i proved it by going to Cordoba and in every two blocks there was an halcon looking at everything in movement and i saw one of them in a truck that had a zeta painted in the front :/

  3. La libertad económica es la base de todas las otras libertades

  4. Wow! The great wisdom of Heritage Foundation now available to us in Spanish! Aren't we all the great lucky ones? .'.lol...


    Gag me!


  5. Just because you are an Anglo, ajulio, is no reason for you to be calling Mexicans 'nosey'.

    'ajulio said... in the picture at the top, look at all the nosey mexicans in the background...'

    I wouldn't want people to think that you are a racist, because I'm sure that you're not.


  6. Gag me!

    January 14, 2011 9:51 PM

    now that is one fine idea...

  7. who are the dead CDG or Z ?

  8. shut up e1 the only reason you are even posted is because you donate to BB you just buy your way in

  9. @ ernest uno

    Chill out Ernesto. I was being sarcastic but everyone knows that mexicanos have the tendency to be metiches.

  10. @ 11:24

    donations do not affect your level of "free speech" on BB, everyone is treated the same. E1 is no different, hell he can testify to that. Ive more than once had correspondence with him, if he feels like talking about it, ask him yourself.

    Money is not a motivating factor in why we do this, or what we publish. Comments or otherwise. In the spirit of being fair, everyone gets their say (unless its completely belligerent and full of personal insults or racist statements).

  11. @ smurf .... spoken like a true politician. Come on donations don't affect free speech on BB? No seas mentiroso

  12. 1:57

    Believe what you wish, nothing I can say is going to shake the foundation of conspiracy theorists, How did Shakespeare put it about folks such as yourself?

    "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

  13. Smurf is right. I have not yet donated any money to BB, in fact. I appreciate what BB has done to this point and may soon donate something to help pay for the continuance of this site, but have not yet done so still. Unfortunately money is tight for me right this second due to a family emergency.

    'Money is not a motivating factor in why we do this, or what we publish. Comments or otherwise. In the spirit of being fair, everyone gets their say (unless its completely belligerent and full of personal insults or racist statements).'

    In the past, I have donated both time and money to some sites and then had them sledgehammer me with 'their 'moderation' simply because they hated me dissing Obama and the Democrats as I do. Here on BB many consider my posts to be way too far out on the Left for their personal tastes but I can assure all here that I have been censured the most by Democratic Party leaning places and even Marxist web sites, than by Right Winger places where I almost never post on.


  14. I stand corrected, apologies BB

    he should have to pay ,such drivel as i have never heard before

  15. soooo... now that we have given the requisite 15 mins to 'OL HOPPY...were the dead CDG or Z?

  16. I just check to see if a post is by Ernest, Brito, or Buela and skip right over it as I'm tired of their rants.

    Anyways, I was surprised to see this story on t.v. Just the other day I saw a show on Mexicanal about Veracruz. The city's atmosphere seemed completely untouched by the wave of violence we've seen these past years. My congratulations and condolences to the soldiers and their families.

  17. thanks for skipping my "rants"...any mouse

    so does that mean in the future you intend to keep your observations about them to your any mouse self..

    gee i hope so...

  18. Oops, see what I mean? After I wrote my previous post on this thread I felt a little bit guilty so I went and donated a small sum of money to BB for the first time ever! What happened to me then? BB went and pulled my post on another thread almost immediately!

    So once again I will say it...

    'In the past, I have donated both time and money to some sites and then had them sledgehammer me with 'their 'moderation''

    Be careful in donating to anybody on the internet since it seemingly earns you nothing in goodwill.


  19. Also reported yesterday AM was Veracruz police commander was kidnapped as well as his bodyguard...

  20. Brito

    I think it is good the mouse skips us. I wish evryone would pick a name so one can evaluate if we wish to read what is written. I never have read Mouse's stuff don't know what his op is.

  21. @ B

    i was surprised when you got mentioned make more sense than any one usually

    mee...well... yeah i get a little rowdy sometimes...

    and ernie also...damned if i know what is up there can any mouse be kicking E1 if they are kickin you and yers truly at the same time ..

    sum funny shit..i don't think they have good comprehension skylls er sumthin' ..anyway it don't matter as long as we all get a good ass kickin i guess..jajajajaa

    so far i have failed to lure, taunt , tease or entice an anymouse over to MY NEW BLOG for some personal abuse ...cobardes...jejeje

  22. so any updates on whether it was CDG or the Z...just curious

  23. Well, the folk who diss my posts anonymously in such mass seem to prefer reading Heritage Foundation stuff instead. That's OK....

    They seem to need the sap fed to their brains from Think Tanks, Radio Talk Jocks, Tea Party Evangelists, any and et al, but not from poor little e-troll, E1??? Makes me want to cry it surely does.... Why's everyone always picking on me? It hurts my feelings!


  24. awwww urny ..pobrecito

  25. Descansen en paz los bravos soldados Mexicanos que fallecieron. Den los cuerpos de los sicarios a los marranos, como alimento!


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