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Saturday, January 15, 2011

La Familia operative arrested in TJ: Details on CAF/LFM connection

The Mexican Army has detained Rigoberto Andrade Renteria ” El Cenizo “, an operator for LFM, who was arrested on Jan. 9 with two of his colleagues, David Bustos López Aguilar and Raul Franco "El Papaya.."

Elements of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), based in Tijuana, Baja California, arrested the drug trafficker, who tried to impede the process by providing a false identity, claiming he was Roberto Sánchez Padilla. However, he was positively identified by military personnel three days after his arrest.

The operation seized 26 kilos 800 grams of synthetic drug crystal meth, a 9 mm pistol, and 44 bullets of the same caliber. investigators also found a car and 820 dollars in cash.

Tijuana operator for LFM

El Cenizo “was responsible for the trafficking of synthetic drugs for La Familia Michoacana and their introduction into the United States. He was also “the person who was responsible for developing the “glass”- a synthetic amphetamine-type psychotropic drug that has greater effect than cocaine.

El Cenizo “is considered by authorities as one of main lieutenants of LFM, in the chain of command under Jesus Mendez Vargas” El Chango “, a leader of the criminal organization with Servando Gómez Martínez “La Tuta," Both of them have a five million dollar bounty for their arrest

For the Attorney General’s Office, the head of Rigoberto Andrade ” El Rigo “worth five millionpesoss, based on the reward offered to those who provide information leading to his arrest. His brother, above him in the organization of La Familia Michoacana, worth double for the PGR, ten million pesos.

La Familia Michoacana between criminal drug trafficking activities (especially synthetic drugs), in addition to murder, kidnapping, extortion, piracy, money laundering and arms trafficking.

La Familia Michoacana remains in a violent and open war front against the Zetas in northeastern Mexico, which required the support of the Sinaloa cartel and the Gulf. The second war fronts to keep is located in the south of their own turf, the State of Michoacan, and Guerrero, mainly in the tourist resort of Acapulco , where it faces the South Pacific Cartel and Los Zetas, information provided by U.S. intelligence agency.

Information Reveal suspected LFM/CAF connection.

TIJUANA.- drug trafficking cells working for La Familia Michoacana pay “derecho de piso” (pay to play) taxes to the Arellano Félix cartel, explained Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, state SSP for Baja California.

Anaya said that LFM doesn't hold any permanent bases in Baja California, a major difference to the Sinaloa cartel, who are constantly solidifying their positions within the state.

“(La Familia) pay some sort of cuota (tax) to commercially transport drugs, these types of massive transportation have to be coordinated between all the criminal groups, so as not to interfere with one another s operations."

Those groups that seek to establish themselves permanently are often arrested. Last year, the authorities detained several members of LFM, which led to major arrests against the organization in Guadalajara, Nayarit and Michoacán.

“But it also cannot be said that one group controls the entire area. This is the result of a series of blows suffered by all criminal organizations in this state." said De La Rosa Anaya.

He also referred to the presence of the CDS in Tijuana and the fact that they are trying to establish themselves in the area. however there have been a number of arrests against that particular cartel recently which began last Monday.

Follow-up article with more details on these arrests coming soon by Borderland Beat.

Investment in Security

The SSP also said that 291 million pesos were spent this year in Baja California to dismantle the criminal structure, 4% increase over 2009. More police officers, patrol vehicles and K9 units were operating in the state last year.

According to the figures from 2010, there was a drop in criminal activity by 9% in the entire state. In the case of Tijuana, this citysaw the most reduction in crime from 2009, by 13%, although admittedly, there was an increase in the number of homicides.

Sources: El Universal, and partial translation provided by


  1. damn what is that about 52 lbs of meth.?..dang thats enough to make a bunch of methheds run around the house a few times...

    thats a lot of drain cleaner and ephedrine..or whatever that shit is made out of

    wonder if the gob will straight up give it to the zetas ..or make them buy it

  2. I think the CDS is going to make a serious run at Tijuana. The fact is the CAF, although still very strong, is not the same organization it was 10 years ago. The only thing keeping the CDS out is prob the close connections that the CAF has developed with the state government of B.C. over several years of business ties. (IMO)

    The CDS can always take potshots at the CAF and perhaps claim that certain cells went rogue, due to their new strategy of compartmentalized drug gangs who operate independently of one another. I'm sure this is all on El Inge's mind.

  3. I feel kind of the opposite, like, if Sinaloa wanted Tijuana they would put 'boots on the ground', and run through it like Poland or whatever in WW2. They have much more soliers, people, and money then CAF, and have had for some time, even 5 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago. Esp. with the kidnappings of Mayo's nieces, I mean a few beheading, killings, maybe as a direct result, but nothing major.

    Also, the markings on some of those seized marijuana tons, were marked 'Engineer', and the relative calm of Tijuana, I think they have some sort of deal/arrangement. Inge is a young guy, he maybe sees the futility of the whole thing, and just wants to cash out while he's here. It is a delicate thing though, which could potentially explode at any time, but if Mayo's nieces being kidnapped couldn't break the agreement and send both sides into conflict, maybe it's stronger then we think.

  4. Good point about El Mayo's niece, but if I were a betting man, I wouldn't take the odds on Chapo sitting on the sidelines: the guy strikes me as an ego-maniac. He won't be happy unless he controls the entire market.

    However I also agree El Inge is a smart guy, he has treaded carefully through the minefield that is being a leader of a cartel in a very intelligent manner. If he makes it out of the business without being arrested, killed by marines, or assassinated by his own people, he will have proven to be one of the most successful narco's in recent history.

    Second to Chapo

  5. I stick by Chapo taking TJ in 2011...
    I have seen his teaser take over attemps this year, first hand in my city. a little here a little there, we are collectively waiting to exhale...

    Chapo has my vote

  6. I hope he doesn't, it won't be pretty, unless it's a corporate merger, and not a takeover. I stand by my theory, that if he wanted it, or wanted to go to war, it would already be happening, or he would have followed up Teo's offensive two years ago. If not now, when? Juarez is no closer to being finished either.

    Inge has my respect because the dude is young, untested, and started off with a nightmare scenario, a loyal, and much respect lieutenant breaking away, and taking a lot of good soldiers with him, then running to Sinaloa for support, and making Tijuana a living hell for the fall of 2008. Then his last uncle standing went down, and it seems like everyone was waiting for Inge's group to be finished. Now, Teo is long gone, and there is relative peace in Tijuana, they arrest his people in San Diego, and still seem to be no more closer to arresting him.

  7. I just got this link sent to me...


    Article from San Diego offshoot paper, kinda lacking in concrete info, besides the stating that the east side of Tijuana belongs to Sinaloa, where as the rest is Arellano. I don't know accurate that is, but one thing to remember, the Sinaloa presence in Tijuana are traitors, who ran to Sinaloa, because they were marked men. They are essentially rogue operatives, loyal to Sinaloa, but I suspect mostly themselves.

  9. I guess reports are that the youtube picture of Engineer, are really him, they were published by the PGR yesterday.

    He looks to be about 24 or so in those pictures, and he's 35 now, but still a more accurate picture then the high school yearbook one.

  10. jaja now i dont feel so bad bout posting that clip. I remember we were all debating whether it was him or not. Honestly, looks like someones honeymoon pictures.

  11. and Engineer youtube video pics was just discovered by Mexican prosecutors, and they now use the pics on their Most Wanted site....
    How long ago was that when we were discussing if/if not it was Engineer? Sure took Mexico long enough

  12. The article from October says that he was described by El Pit (captured CAF member) that he was barely 5 ft tall. In the pictures he is substantially taller then his girlfriend/wife, so is she 4 ft something? Or is someone not telling the truth? The rest of the description pretty much fits though, although I'd think he would be wearing more expensive clothing. I don't see any european designers in that photo set, as the article mentioned either, but his could have been 10 years ago. Fascinating story either way, is this the first time this happened? A standing/at large cartel leader having intimate pictures of himself available to the public?

  13. I've always wondered why these guys resort to youtube to post stuff, ego I guess. Truth is all the feds have to do is get a court order to trace the IP addy via the accounts email required for activation and they are screwed. It is interesting that that youtube account only has that one video uploaded in 2009. Maybe the girlfriend? Another odd thing is the account user name, it is pretty cryptic.

  14. I don't think el Inge posted them. more like someone close to him, an Iago type of character who put them out there.

    @ Buela

    Took them long enough right? I'm going to repost in the next article about TJ

  15. @ know that really is a puzzlement how long it took the authorities to discover the pics. But then again, maybe they were having the same dang arugument we were "is it him? or is it not?"

  16. @ Smurf, Buela...

    Now they are saying the pics were just a bad joke, and not even Ing...Who knows. Here's the new link:

  17. Yeah, I saw that earlier today too. It's some kid from Ensenada, makes a lot more sense, though the resemblance is striking, and given Inge's age and what little we know about him, easy to think that was his life, it's probably at least a little different. Those people are upper middle class, imo.

    It's actually a funny joke, because the guy looks a lot like what Inge could look like, but given the narco violence in Baja, probably a little too far to have it you youtube. And, way too far that it got posted, the kid is scared to go clear it up probably, they'll torture him like Leyazola was doing to those cops.

  18. They arrested some more Teo/Sinloa operaties in Rosarito yesterday, 'The Boxer' an cell leader for Guicho, a Teo fallout. These guys look filthy, what a bunch of sloppy criminals. The Teo guys always look like that, I read in some Zeta article The Boxer did two balls of crystal a day, lol he looks like it. I always heard the Teo outfit was heavy into crystal use. Why does Sinaloa work with these bums?

  19. I've heard of El Boxer, I think he worked for Guicho... I'm gonna put something out on TJ soon.

    Two Balls of MEth a day? Look, I've met a tweaker or two and that is a jaw dropping amount to use. You would be hallucinating at that point. I love ZetaTJ but that sounds downright impossible, they tend to exaggerate from time to time if we are being completely honest here.

  20. And also, I was thinking this question over today about what kind of people are into this line of work anyway and I came up with an answer.

    1. People who love money
    2. People who love power
    3. People who love drugs

    I think the first two types try and keep the 3rd type from being anywhere near the top of the organization. But hen i read a story about some some singer, (Alejandra Guzman) who was singing at a Zetas get-together that was organized by El Lazca. Some of the door prizes where kilos of coke. So I guess depending on the cartel, they either encourage that sort of behavior among their ranks.

    Which really makes no sense. I can't think of any other business where you would WANT to hire coke heads.

    But I can't imagine Chapo is sitting around like Tony Montana getting blasted on coke, amd still manage to run a successful business like the CDS. He has to be smarter than that. But as you know, in any fortune 500 company, the CEO rarely does any of the hiring...


    That's the article I saw it in, I think it says they doubt it too, but someone detained said the guy did two balls a day, although it may be different measurements, or a complete lie. Wouldn't be surprised if he did two crystal, when you see his picture you'll know what I mean.

  22. I think Chapo probably has enough competent people under him that he can indulge in a little coke binge when he wants to, by some reports Arturo Beltran was a heavy cocaine abuser. Guys in the narco business aren't always bug drug users, but it's a part of that culture like the women, the guns, the cars, the Remy Martin, the corridos, everything. Some of these guys like Mayo, and Chapo are getting old though, there days of cocaine and corrios may be about over with. I'd love to see a report on drug use in the narco world, would be really interesting.

    The low level guys are practically force fed the coke, as we've seen in that video of Sinaloa gunmen. Keep them high, and they won't question what they are doing, and why they are doing it for so little money.

  23. Ese wey no es el Inge, es un cabron de Ensenada que le hicieron una broma sus compas. Solo basta con ver la ropa que trae puesta y la moto culera en la que esta montado.
    I remember when that was discussed in Narcotijuana and it was pretty apparent that is not Sanchez Arellano.

  24. Yesterday, LFM allegedly released a statement announcing they are disbanding. No word yet on the validity of the message.

  25. Puro la F.M. fuck the zetas

  26. el hermano de rigo el cenizo y su familia viven en michoacan en un rancho que se llama los olivos ahi se esconde el cenizo ignacio andrade renteria


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