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Monday, January 17, 2011

Confessions of a Zeta

Javier Nicolás Ortiz Miranda, alías El Flaco or El Javi, is currently a resident of the Cancún, penitentiary. During 2010 he was a member of one of the most ruthless cell of Los Zetas, participating in over 23 murders including the murder of 2 police agents.

El Javi was born on 11/20/86, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. After dropping out of high school he became a sicario for the Z, at one time earning 8,000 pesos monthly for his services.

He was arrested in 7/17/10 and is currently awaiting trial on several murder charges.

During his presentation he confessed to having criminal ties to three people. He also claimed to be addicted to marijuana and cocaine. He had several tattoos; one of a clown wearing a sombrero and another that wore a crown of thorns, one on his right arm was of Santa Muerte holding a pistol, the one on his back had the names Javier, Monica and Irma inscribed under the patron saint of drug dealers.

In his confession which was obtained by Novedades de Quintana Roo, he accepted the charges against him of kidnapping and murder. El Javi stated that he had been in Cancún for 5 months and he was originally invited by a man known as El Comandante Pelón, whom he met in Reynosa. El Javi was offered a job in the southern state as a Halcón (lookout) for Los Zetas.

He accepted without hesitation, his hometown had become dangerous for him. everyday he ran the risk of being killed by the Gulf cartel, who was hunting any Zeta they could find. He boarded a bus and headed for the famed tourist destination.

For "working" as a Halcón the Z payed him 4,000 pesos every two weeks. Upon arriving to the city he was assigned to a neighborhood called Pok Ta Pok, which is in the hotel district.

Among his duties was keeping the jefe of the plaza and the rest of the crew informed of all suspicious police activities, and sounding the alarm if they needed to flee the safehouses. Among the residents of Pok Ta Pok were the bosses of the criminal cell; Comandante Pelón and Comandante Mayuyu, who gave orders and paid the rest of the gang, they alone made the call of who lived and died in the neighborhood.

"After three months of working as a Halcón, El Comandante Pelón pulled me aside and told me I was going to be promoted. Starting in May, I would be participating in operations," said El Javi during his interrogation, though he didn't specify how much his pay increased.

As an operative he was in charge of security of a house in region 103, a place were the gang kept their kidnapping victims. In those day (April 2010) they had 5 people detained there, among them a 17 year old girl, whose father was a drug dealer for a rival crew known as Los Chapulines.

"The girl was held for two days. The only thing I did was bring her food, but I El Jairo would take her into the bathroom and he would rape her. He did this on several occasions, and we could hear the whole thing every time," he said. His voice grew weak and he paused while he told this story.

They also kidnapped El Gramero, a local drug dealer working an area called "El Crucero", without Zeta approval. The owner of Las Palapas restaurant was abducted and held for a one million peso ransom. Another high value target was a person known simply as "The Architect" whose family did not pay the ransom and he was therefore killed.

El Javi made references to the kidnappings of El Pocho, Chapayanki or El Chapa, El Chiquilín, and Joel Antonio Solís Ramayo, alías El Zaico. These men were taken from small store at Región 233, on May 25, 2010. The Z arrived in 3 vehicles and 15 men in military uniforms. They formed a perimeter around the narco-bodega.

There was a confrontation during the operation, a sicario named"La Pulga" failed to properly secure the cuffs on one of the abducted men (El Chapa), who managed to remove his restraints and grab a nearby AR-15. El Chapa fired upon his assailants and managed to escape.

At that moment El Comandante Pelón ordered them to execute the other three men they had attempted to kidnapped. They dumped the bodies on the side of the road in Región 246, a neighborhood that is next to the local police academy. The dead men were identified as Víctor Arturo Garcías Díaz, alías El Pocho; Joel Antonio Solís Ramayo, alías "El Zaico", and El Chiquilín or Jarocho (real name unknown), all of whom were Chapulines.

Three weeks later, a woman who had been abducted for over a month was left for dead in a ditch in Región 246. Her would-be killers thought she had dies, but she managed to crawl out and call for help. When authorities arrived, they found the narcofosa (gravesite) nearby which contained the bodies of El Pocho, El Zaico and El Chiquilín (or) Jarocho.

El Javi confirmed a man named El Chilango, was murdered by a member of Los Zetas, El Memín, on the orders of Comandante Pelón and El Mayuyo.

He explained this person was killed because he came from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, with the intent of forming his own criminal group. El Chilango would hustle drugs through a system of taxi drivers working in the hotel district, and he did this without the approval of the local Zeta boss.

"He was abducted and transferred to a house in a neighborhood called Residencial Las Américas. El Memín took a butcher knife and beheaded El Chilango while he was still alive," said El Javi, quien añadió: "I watched him as he did it. Afterwords, he stuck the blade into the the body and kicked it repeatedly."

They had also tortured Chilango before killing him, asking him for the name and location of his supplier.

Ortiz Miranda (a) El Javi is being held for his involvement in the murder of 6 people, all of whom were found in a shallow grave in Mérida on July 6th, 2010, and investigators are questioning him of knowledge of a massacre of 12 people on June 18th, 2010 in the neighborhood of Villas Marino, among other crimes.

Javier Nicolás Ortiz Miranda was arrested on June 17th of this year by members of the PJE.



  1. So, for people who think it's all the same, you think Zeta's are the same as any cartel? Similar, sure, at any point in that did you see anything regarding drug TRAFFICKING? It's all extortion and kidnapping.

  2. Interesting story would like a more full version of it with more detail it is very interesting to see the story of these scum.

    Anyways Z are the same as every other cartel except they prefer kidnapping and being dicks.\

    Also more pictures of the "kidnapped victims" and his fellow commandantes would be nice

  3. @ j

    good point...murder rape and robbery..real nice bunch...this guy needs painted with honey and staked over an anthill...commanche style

  4. Los chapulines don't exist, the original article meant that they were chapulines, grasshoppers, meaning that they jumped to the enemy's side.

  5. El Amarillo zaeta founder has been capatured. I could not be happier, this bastard was repsonsible for the abuse and extortion of CA migrants...

  6. I am not certain I added the correct it is and I added some text

    MEXICO CITY – Mexico's federal police have arrested a founding member of the brutal Zetas drug cartel, a man who controlled drug smuggling routes and the kidnapping of Central American migrants in southern Mexico, officials said Tuesday.

    Flavio Mendez Santiago, 35, was arrested along with a bodyguard outside Oaxaca City. He was in charge of operations in the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and Veracruz, said Federal police anti-drug chief Ramon Pequeno.

    Pequeno said Mendez Santiago, known as "El Amarillo" or "The Yellow One," controlled the smuggling of Central and South American migrants and was in charged of moving them to the northern states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, on the border with Texas.

    The Zetas are suspected in the disappearance of more than 40 Central American migrants in Oaxaca last month. The travelers were last seen Dec. 16 near the city of Ixtepec along the sun-scorched transit route for thousands who ride northbound freight trains.

    Mendez Santiago also controlled the main overland drug smuggling routes from Central America, Pequeno said.

  7. you are funny J...
    are you thinking Zs are not DTO are all? JAJA
    they are ther most diversified cartel..depending on who you believe apx 50% of their business now is drugs the remainder, software, dvd piracy, kidnappings, quotas, deisel etc...some put it at 60%..

  8. lol I was pretty sure you would point that out to me. I mean, no offense, but where did I say they were not a DTO? I am aware of there 'diversification;, (which I perceive as having to diversify, because they weren't able to fund themselves with drugs, because they lack the resources), but look at the portrait of a everyday low level Zeta, there wasn't even RETAIL distribution in there, much less moving product North to the US, importing it. Just extortion, kidnapping, murder, rape, of innocents, a lot of them. Which is why they are the scummiest of the cartels, imo.

  9. Very true, they are the scummiest of them all for sure. I don't think they were ever on the level of pushing drugs as CDG let alone CDS or Beltranes. I mean it makes all the sense in the world, why would you want to diversify into kidnappings, extortion or piracy when your pushing plenty of drugs? You wouldn't because that is petty shit to any true narco. I mean the facts are stated these dudes don't push as much weight as anyone else. But they are a criminal organization to the T. They could hijack a few PEMEX trucks full of diesel, sell truck loads of DVD'S, extort all the public and they still won't have more funds then what CDG and CDS is pushing. Plain and simple.

  10. The zetas do sound diversified but there is too much info to ignore that they are drug dealers too.

  11. No one said Los Zetas weren't a drug cartel, they simply dedicate a larger share of their illicit activities to extortions, kidnappings, "cobro de piso", than other organizations.


  13. @J
    at any point in that did you see anything regarding drug TRAFFICKING? It's all extortion and kidnapping

    "all" definition=total mass, the whole, sum total...

    still like you..just could not pass it up, you know that

  14. @ J Los Zetas are almost exactly like the Sicilian Mafia. They rely on a lot of their profits in extortion, "cobro de piso", pirating of DVDs and other electronics, oil smuggling schemes and other white collar crimes. The only difference is that the Sicilian Mafia has been rooted in Sicliy for generations so the backlash is minimum as opposed to the Los Zetas which are relatively new to the public so a bigger backlash is expected. I'm sure the Camorra, Nrhangheta and other Italian organized groups are very similar to Los Zetas also.

  15. Hey people, when the articles are talking about "chapulines" (grasshoppers), they are referring to the act of wanting to take over whatever the other group has claimed as theirs. For example, you're at a bar and you see a pretty lady and begin making your move. All of a sudden your cock-blocking buddy beats you to the punch and buys her a drink. He just committed a "Chapulineada" or jumped over you like a grasshopper.
    Thanks, will be here all week

  16. yea I got that part got lost in translation. It happens. But BB readers can usually clarify. Thanks.


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