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Monday, January 17, 2011

Comandos attack Monterrey, 10 Dead, 2 Wounded

Five people, including two innocent bystanders, were killed and two injured when an armed comando, (groups of well trained, heavily armed gunmen used in hit and run attacks'), opened fire on a group of youths in front of a corner store in the Moderna area of Monterrey.

The incident took place around 5:00 pm Monday at the intersection of Olivo and Mirto.

The sidewalk just outside the store, said neighbors, was a known hang out for a group of youths who presumingly sold drugs in the area.

According to preliminary reports, the innocent victims were a housewife who went into cardiac arrest during the attack and a man who, just moments earlier, had stepped off a bus directly into the attackers gunfire.

The woman was identified by family members as 43 year old Araceli Martínez Rodríguez. The man has yet to be identified.

Witnesses state the assassins arrived in two trucks, one being a white Cadillac Escalade, and opened fire on the youths without warning, killing three of the youths and injuring three others.

Paramedics from the Red and Green Cross arrived to treat the wounded and the area and surrounding blocks were blocked off by marines and soldiers.

Unofficial reports have identified the deceased as Raúl Salazar Caballero, Jesús Gustavo Torres Elías, both 18 years old, and Luis Alberto Rojas Rocha, aged 19 who died of gunshot wounds to the head and thorax after unsuccessful efforts to save his life in the University Hospital.

The wounded have been identified as Armado de Jesús Castillo Meléndez, 20, and Maricarmen Sebastián Caballero, 19. One of the deceased youths, who has yet to be identified, is reported to be younger than 15 years of age.

Minutes before the attack a mobilization of state and federal forces at the Topo Chico Penitentiary was launched after unidentified persons launched two grenades over the exterior wall which exploded in the sports field/recreational area of the prison. No damages or injuries were reported.

An earlier attack related to organized crime occurred around 9:15 am when gunmen armed with AR-15 attacked and killed three brother's while they worked in their taco stand in Southern Monterrey.

The three brothers were identified as Benito "Ël Beno", Juan "El Pirri", and Heriberto "El Guacha" Cardoza Vazquez. Benito and Juan, it is said, had run El Beno's tacos for over 10 years, Heriberto was in charge of the liquor store next door, El Castillo.

In a separate event, the body of an unidentified man was discovered around 7:00 a.m. in the rural area of El Carmen, Nuevo Leon, 35 kilometers north of Monterrey.

The victim, who was reported to be between the ages of 30 and 35, was dressed in blue jeans, a denim shirt, and one cowboy boot. Authority state the victims hands were cuffed behind it's back and showed visible signs of torture including bruising and trauma to the head, face, and buttocks.

Sources: Grupo Reforma, Milenio, Telediario, Twitter, NarcotraficoenMexico.blogspot


  1. telediario reported it was six killed..

    this is the second incident regarding young dealers being killed in broad daylight in this same area...about three weeks ago the same thing happened on the corner of 13 de septiembre and luis g urbina in colonia tampico..about ten blocks away..i heard that the police were there right before it happened...and also heard that a group called los contras did it

    also the killing of three men in the white four door chevrolet malibu?..was one street away from olivio, on durazno..i think that happened sabado pasado

  2. oh yeah..this is the same incident as i mentioned in colonia moderna

  3. This is CDG making inroads into the city right? Reynosa and Mataamoros must be more secure then we thought, if the Gulfos are laying siege to Monterrey.

  4. The three brothers incident is just blocks from my stomping ground... The area is saturated with Zetas, if CDG wants to clean house, that would be the place to start.

  5. bueno dias Regio

    i am discreetly trying to get some info on who people think it is..but you know how it is ..everybody is pretty closed mouth, and i don't want to appear to nosey

    the thing i have heard is that all three incidents are by the same people..."los contras" i don't have any idea who they are

    telediario is still saying 6 killed ..but millinio is saying 10 ...who knows

    maybe it will come out in a few days..what ever it is there is something going on...Madero seemed more alive yesterday ..maybe it was the good weather

  6. This year Monterrey will be a blood bath over 35 people are already have been killed due to organized crime and about 8 or 9 of them were cops.

  7. Love how BB copies stories from other reporters and dont credit the real reporters and agency who are in the line of fire with their REAL names plastered on stories. Please give proper credit to us real reporters. it is only that when someone complains BB comes back and gives proper accreditation. For the record some BB so called reporters do give credit.

  8. anon 7:44

    are you blind as well as stupid?
    or have you confused BB with BDN?

  9. i am not so sure i would want my name plastered all over the internet if i was reporting on the cartels, actually i am sure i wouldn't

  10. el amarillo captured in mexico city..cut off dick one little slice at a time untill he tells all that he knows,then apply red lipstick and put in prison

  11. @10:26

    That is a start. I don't think the Mex. gov is doing enough to get info out of these animales. Another good example of that is when El Tomate was captured. You figure they would of got enough out him to bring one of the Narco Cash Cows down by now.

  12. lito brito, good morning.

    Yeah people are closed mouthed when it comes to murders by the Cartels.
    I don't know if these guys were affiliated or not but I do know that area has always known to be rough. I remember trying to get a Taxi in El Centro to take me back to the neighborhood... I never had any luck. They would not venutre up the mountain, instead they would leave me en la carretera at the bottom of the serro....

  13. @ U R SO BLIND... ,

    Sources were posted after my comment. I do understand bloggers are always searching and adding to their posted story and could have been an oversight.

    Elena De La Garza -Montemayor
    Grupo Periodistas Autónomo de Cerralvo-Sabinas
    Cerralvo, NL

  14. @ BB,

    Thank You for your correction.

    Elena De La Garza -Montemayor
    Grupo Periodistas Autónomo de Cerralvo-Sabinas
    Cerralvo, NL

  15. Got it! Makes sense, it has been my observation that BB is careful to give credit..

  16. I hate how people get so up in arms about, credit, perceived lack of credit, and journalism, like they are on a BBB task force of righteousness and fair reporting. Sit down somewhere.

    I don't know who expected El Tomate to lead to any big arrests, the guy was a bottom feeder, never even met Mayo, def. not Chapo, or any ranking Sinaloa members. He was a joke.

  17. "Sources were posted after my comment."

    Don't be so rude, BB is usually good about giving credit, why do you have to be so rude to people who work hard to provide a service????????? I am surprise they even posted your worthless comment!

  18. @ brito, I've never heard of a group called los contras before, but CDG calls the Zetas (and other enemies) "contras", I assume the Zetas say the same thing about CDG, so if the people you talked to support the Zetas, it's likely contras would refer to the CDG ("la nueva federacion"), or vice versa.

    Most likely it's CDG cleaning the plaza of drug dealers working for the Z's anyway.

  19. @ regio

    yeap..i had to walk all the way from zuazua to felix u gomez from the centro in the rain one night ..because no taxi would pick me up...they wouldn't even slow was after 11 Pm.....if they thought they was i was walking pretty fast..not looking around ..just trying to look like i was at home..but my ass was scared...never again

  20. Update:63 dead so far in Monterrey and 11 of those are police officers. Just saw in Multimedios news while I was eating lunch.

  21. @ Elena De La Garza -Montemayor,

    Please forgive the oversight.

    This post started out as the three brothers killed near the camino antiguo a Villa de Santiago..I was ready to post, after taking notes from Grupo Reforma, Twitter, and Forums, Milenio, the news, etc, when I decided to add the body found earlier in El Carmen.

    From there it snowballed into the grenades at Topo Chico and the deaths in Col Moderna. Again, I was ready to post when I saw another death had been added and more info on victims came out.

    En fin, it was a late night rush. When I sent it for proof reading and got cleared, I simply didn't think further and hit submit.

    My most sincere apologies.


    @For those who are giving Ms. Elena De La Garza -Montemayor a hard time, take a chill, it WAS MY BAD and she was most definitely in the right to bring it to my attention and call me on it.

  22. Don't kiss her ass Ovemex...
    She was taking a direct shot AT YOU! notice how she says "some so called reporters do give credit"?
    and the "only when someone complains to REAL reporters get credit"
    That is either wrong or a lie. BB is very careful.

    and Ms. Elena Line of Fire... where I can understand why you would object to not receiving credit for your work, it was your arrogance and rudeness that is objectional. are you thinking none of the BB reporters are in a line of fire? We appreciate the BB service provided to english speakers, the translating of stories into english is a godsend for us in the english speaking world...

    they do not earn one peso for doing this work, nor charge for the service. I bet you cannot say the same, being a "real reporter" and all.

  23. Don't come here to the BB turf and try to put down our reporters without getting challanged by the fan base!

    But I do give you credit, you got guts, usually your type of rants don't get past first base before getting zapped by the moderators!

  24. @anon

    yeah for some reason i think it might be the CDG..or maybe some police backed death squad...but whatever the reason...there are more people out on the streets already... i know it is stupid to favor one gang of crooks over another..but seriously before the Z ran in here it was pretty chill ..and nobody messed with any body who wasn't in the "business"..except the normal street crime shit , which for a city the size of Monterrey we not much..

    and give the BB reporters a can get your ass killed talking about this shit here ..what is just yap in other places dangerous to do here ..if i was a reporter...i wouldn't want anyone to print my name ever

  25. @ Ovemex.....No hard feelings taken. (se me hace que haci se dice en los EUA)

    My intentions were not to disrupt/hi-jack your blog.

    I was told about BB by other free lance reporters. My self and colleages are thinking about maybe feeding you all stories and pictures some want to do it anonymously. We have a big "red" of free-lancers across the republica in which we could possibly send you info from different areas. What makes us mad is when bloggers take our stories and watermark their blog name over our photos or stories. This is just a hobby for us and we do not charge for most of our stories or pictures. There are times we have to pay a mordida to get in a crime scene and take pictures so obviosly those we sale to the bigger news giants that are willing to buy them.

    I will gladly send BB stories. I do know it takes you a while to post some events until the dust clears up and i dont have a problem with that.

    For those posters that have attacked me and talked down on me I LOVE YOU, the more you hate me the more power you give me. If you would perform half of what we do you would excrement in your calzones.

    I beleive in giving people the credit for their stories specially those covering the battlefield risking their lives for your pleasure of reading.

    I was a new comer to BB I was told about BB, I acted on what I saw (yeah i admit i opened my big mouth) I applaud at what BB does. It keeps the english speaker informed. If you would only understand the level of seriousness and passion this is to us reporters you would understand. Not a cheap shot at BB but why do you think BB reporters use screen names? Ay se la dejo de tarea a los que abrierion el osico sin saber lo de que hablan.

    BB you guys are doing a good job in what you do.
    Keep up the good work. I will keep in touch with you.

    Elena De La Garza -Montemayor
    Grupo Periodistas Autónomo de Cerralvo-Sabinas
    Cerralvo, NL

  26. @Ms De la Garza- Montemayor

    PLEASE contact me.(send me a message through the BB email) I need to speak to you.



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