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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bodyguard of the Mayor of Juarez is Killed By Feds

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Hector Murguia Lardizabal categorized the murder of one of his bodyguards by elements of the Federal Police as undeniably intentional. This was in response to an incident that happened a few yards from a police barracks of the federal police.

At a press conference the mayor provided details of how federal police agents killed one of his bodyguards while providing security outside the house of the friend, father Hesiquio Trevizo.

The mayor, who is supposed to be the highest ranking governmental authority in Ciudad Juarez, said that Jorge Humberto Muñoz, a municipal police officer assigned as his personal security escort, was outside the priest's house in company of another body guard when two members of the federal police began to yell at them in a loud voice and scream insults at them while demanding for them to identify themselves.

Following this confrontation the two guards lowered their weapons, and told the federal officers that they were the mayor's bodyguards, but one the Federal Police officers discharged his weapon at point blank at the face of Agent Muñoz, who fell mortally wounded.

The second body guard immediately dropped to the ground with his arms to the side, shouting that they were officers with the Municipal Police, and pleases not to fire. After the murder of the body guard the feds fled the scene.

Mayor Héctor Teto Murguía displays to the media one of two spent casing that was allegedly fired by a federal police officer to the face of one of his bodyguards, who was instantly killed at the scene. The shell casing was inside a small plastic bag and the Mayor said it was picked up by one of his bodyguards.

Immediately following the incident the security detail evacuated the mayor from the house of father Trevizo, and took refuge at the headquarters of the Federal Police, located in the downtown area, at the Imperial Hotel. There they requested to talk to the commander on duty, but instead of tending to their request, the federal police officers turned their weapons on the Mayor's escorts, who in turned pointed their weapons at the federal police.

"If I had not intervened and ordered my men to lay down their weapons and demanded of the federal police to respect the municipal authority, we would be talking about a much more serious situation, and in fact, I would not be standing here talking to you all," said Mayor Hector Murguia .

After telling the media the facts of the incident, the mayor categorized the whole incident as extremely arrogant on the part of the federal police. He went on to say that the event was about abuse of power and was a totally a cold blooded murder.

He was Hopeful that the head of the legal judicial in Juárez would move to arrest the murderer and that the federal government turns him over to the Attorney General so he could be held behind bars.

Municipal police ordered to unmask
Mayor Hector Murguia Lardizabal, ordered all of his local police to uncover their faces and to stop the practice of using hoods as has been customary.

This is a result of the attack of his bodyguards by federal police who were said to be "encapuchados" masked. The attack resulted in the death of one of the body guards.

The mayor said that the goal of this order is to allow for the local police to be visibly identified and to hopefully prevent incidents as the attack on his bodyguards.

"No municipal police officer should hide behind a hood," the mayor said at a news conference, adding that the municipal police officers acting as his body guards did identified themselves to the federal police at all times and accused the feds of calculated murder.

Mayor demands justice

The federal police later reported that they have made available to the State Delegation of the PGR four officers that could be potentially involved in the murder of local police assigned to escort the Mayor. For his part, the mayor held a news conference requesting that federal authorities turn over the persons responsible for the murder to the attorney general office for prosecution of the crime.

In a statement the Mayor said that he was told that one federal agent had been detained by the PGR and was suspected of the murder of the escort but so far had not been charged with the crime.

Meanwhile the office of the federal police said in a written statement that the prosecution is up to the Attorney General and that it is necessary that an investigation to determine the facts must be carried out in order to determine who was involved in the crime.

Sources: Observador, ObservadorNoroeste and juarezpress


  1. What else is new? The PF hate the municipal police. Both agencies are corrupt. They fight each other. They engage in no coordination, communication or collaboration AT ALL. Everybody drives around in black suvs. Everybody wears military type clothing. Calderon just suggests having one national police agency and everybody wails and cries oh no we can't have that! Every two-bit village in Mexico has it's own police who work for the local cartel. The Feds work for the local cartel. The army (in certain areas) provides protection for cartel drug shipments. No wonder no one can tell the riders from the horses so they shoot everyone and sort it out later. Sure sounds like chaos to me.




    Mayor says he went to the PFP hotel and demanded an explanation:

    ""the mayor's further claim that when he went to the federal police base in a nearby hotel to demand an explanation, he received a volley of insults an had a gun pointed at him.

    "Only God knows why they didn't kill me. It was a very difficult situation," Murguía said. "If they can do that to the mayor of Ciudad Juárez, what can they do to ordinary citizens?"""

  4. Wasn't the assumption that Federal Police are with Chapo, and local with Juarez? For the most part, and only those who are corrupt, of course. This whole thing reminds me of what I just read in 'Murder City', something like 'people are kidnapped, killed, tortured, and people try to make sense of it with theories of rival cartels, cartel bosses, local gangs'. Exactly what I was doing there, and barely realized that.

  5. Juarenses yelled at calderon to remove the military from juarez, so he did. Now they are crying that they are not happy with the policia federales. Now that just leaves them with the local policias. To have to rely on the municipal police is a worse scenario. I did visit juarez a couple weeks ago and I did not see enough policia federales. It felt like the people were not being protected enough. You would think that the most dangerous city in the world would be the most protected. It's not. Pendejo calderon!

  6. @ J

    From what I understand PFP has been with the Juarez Cartel since the beginning..Since AMADO Carillo, they protected the cartel and his family.

  7. PFP changed sides when the war begun.. they are with chapo, also word on the street is that the local govt (you be the judge of who) is with la linea. So who knows what was going on, I am sure Teto and his people are scared of the feds... this whole situation is a big mess..

  8. I know somebody wrote "Aztlan 21" in the bodyguards own blood on the sidewalk hours later. Does anybody have any idea what that means?

  9. @ 10:52

    There is still no real word on who or what Aztlan 21 is in reference to...This link gives two possible theories: a gang, similar to, but much smaller, than the Aztecas..

    and 2) a possible group of "policia rebeldes", defiant/rebel cops..

    Here's another link that says (unofficially) that AZTLAN 21 is the code name of the PFP that killed the mayor's guard:

  10. Pinches asesinos!!!

  11. Federal police got killed in Cd. Juarez now, possible retaliation? Wouldn't put it past these people.


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