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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American woman dies after being shot near San Fernando, Tamaulipas

by Katie Lopez
Valley 4 News

Authorities are investigating the death of an American woman who was allegedly shot near San Fernando and came across the Pharr International Bridge seeking help.

Investigators told Action 4 News that 59-year-old Nancy Shuman Davis is dead following an incident that around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials confirm that a woman came to the United States seeking medical attention.

Pharr Police Chief Ruben Villescas told Action 4 News that his agency is investigating the case.

Villescas told Action 4 News that a woman later identified as Davis was rushed to the McAllen Mediical Center where she passed away.

Davis' husband told investigators that they were traveling on a highway outside San Fernando when they were confronted by a group of armed men.

He told police that he sped off and that the gunmen opened fire wounding his wife in the head.

The man said he sped back to the United States where he asked for help at the bridge.

A tweet posted by the Beavertown God's Missionary Church in Beavertown, Pa., said Davis "has gone to heaven as a martyr."

"Missionary Nancy Davis has gone to Heaven as a martyr," the online post states. "This afternoon, after 38 years of missionary service she paid the ultimate sacrifice."

Statement from Pharr Police Department:

On Wednesday January 26, 2011 at 12:25 p.m. a Pharr Police Officer assigned to the Pharr International Bridge observed a 2008 blue Chevrolet pick-up truck on the international bridge travelling northbound against traffic towards the U.S. Customs primary checkpoint.

Pharr Officers and U.S. Customs Agents approached the vehicle which had stopped due to traffic and contacted the male driver who had already stepped out of his vehicle asking for help. The male driver quickly directed officers to his spouse who was in the front passenger seat suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. An ambulance was immediately summoned and the victim, Nancy Shuman Davis 59 year old of Monte Alto, Texas, was rushed to a hospital in nearby Mcallen, Texas in critical conditions. At 1:54 p.m., the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital and a Justice of the Peace conducted an inquest.

The preliminary investigation indicates that the victim and her spouse were travelling on a Mexican highway about 60-70 miles south of Reynosa, Tamaulipas when confronted by gunmen occupying a black pick-up truck. The gunmen were attempting to stop them and the victims accelerated in efforts of getting away from them. At a certain point the gunmen discharged a weapon at the victim’s vehicle and a bullet struck the victim Nancy Shuman Davis on the head.

The spouse drove at high rate of speed not allowing to be stopped by the gunmen until reaching the Pharr International Bridge and getting the help.

The victim and her spouse are missionaries and travel extensively into Mexico. We will be interviewing the spouse to learn more facts to include the nature of their visit in Mexico.

The Pharr Police Department has been in contact with Mexican authorities who have confirmed that they are investigating the shooting and indicate that it occurred near the outskirts of the City of San Fernando approximately 70 miles south of Reynosa, Tamualipas. We are being assisted in the case by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.), F.B.I.-Mcallen Office, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. We will be working with Mexican Authorities in the investigation providing any assistance they might require.

We are asking anyone with information on this Murder to contact Pharr Crimestoppers at 787-8477 or 800-648-8477. Mexican citizens with information can contact Crimestoppers at the same toll free # 800-648-8477 or they may also call collect 24 hours a day at 956-787-8477 .


  1. it was probably CDG they always kill innocent people

  2. I always hear conflicting advice of what to do in this type of situation, h=it would appear outrunning the other vehicle was the correct action but I have heard not to do this to comply. It is confusing.

    These people spent almost 40 years in Mx. 6 years ago Sam Davis had a horrible accident in Mx as he was cleaning machinery gasoline ignited and he had 3rd degree burns from his chest to his knees. He was air lifted to San Antonio and obviously survived but was close to death.

    not to place blame on the victim but my friends in Mx doing humanitarian work never take trucks or suvs to Mx any longer, that is probably what they were after.

  3. The war comes home to Pharr.... but what on earth did these missionaries think they were doing out there in the war zone? Some people seem just a little short in common sense.

  4. I just read this from CNN...strange is they report the lady was driving the truck, that makes no sense to me, especially since the report says they cartel drove up along side the driver did the husband which places without being shot? and control the car? and outrun the cartel? The report says they had been shot at before.

    something not right here...or perhaps the report is in error?

  5. Buela on the detective role again, one day you will catch some crafty husband, I'm just joking, nothing malicious meant to you.

    I have a few thoughts, I don't think it's a good idea to be driving (expensive) new model pick up trucks thru that area, point blank. You have CDG patrolling for Zeta's, Zeta's trying to ambush CDG, Zeta's/others robbing people, trying to steal their cars to use. So many scenarios, so, what the hell were they doing their? I think it's respectable to be a missionary, and everything, but this seems thoughtless, respectfully.

    As far as the right thing to do, that's one of those things where there is no easy right answer, because if it's Zeta's trying to kill you to take the car, best choice is to run, if it's CDG looking for Z's, and you run, and they fire, wrong choice. Best option is stay out of the way of that area. A sad thing though, regardless.

  6. Report is in error, most likely. I am sure they were after the truck, it fits a profile of a sicario vehicle. Four doors, new model, black, everything.. it was probably the Z, only them think its ok to try to steal vehicles from anyone... my buddy was in torreon a year ago, and at a stop light 3 suburbans got next to him. One of the guys yelled "we are zetas, and my boss likes your car, follow us or we will kill you", he has a red Audi TT. He started following them, and all of a sudden he said to himself "why should I follow them? They are going to kill me once they get the vehicle". That's when he decided to bail. He stepped on the accelerator, as he did that one of the suburbans got next to him and tried to block the road. He had enough room to go through, but he lost part of the fender. As he was leaving them behind, he could hear shot being fired. He drove for 3O minutes till he got to a shopping center where he left his car.. he waited the situation out. After that, he decided to take the bus to torreon. The reason he was taking his audi was to impress a girl from torreon, lol.

  7. I believe the husband shot his wife and knowing she was gonna die, made it seem that he was trying to at least help her...previously a man from texas drove to laredo, killed his wife and attempted to make it seem like it was a narco-hit...pretty pathetic if you ask me...

  8. riiight anonymous lol.. and of course a man wanting to kill his wife would race her in the truck toward the border and America where attention to the crime and investigative abilities are just oh so slightly better.. what a foolish response lol

  9. J..
    JAJAJA good one, yep, I even made fun of myself thinking; shit, here I go again the Henry Lee quote "something very wrong here" (OJ trial)

    You are so correct, no trucks, no suvs especially late model. None of my friends drive around in trucks any longer and vans, trucks, and suvs are so important to humanitarians hauling stuff around, but we all have purchased old sedans or cars. It simply is unwise not to do so.

    As for avoiding the areas, in my business we can't. I worry less about dying in this manner actually if I would have to choose this was not bad as it could be. I fear being taken and after seeing those videos and hearing the chopping sounds, Jesus just let me be dead before torture begins.

    But seriously J, what do you make of this couple being "shot at before?"

  10. Same as always... it happens to other people not to me... Human nature.
    When it happens one goes in to shock and says "I can't believe it!!"
    Well shit happens and when one travels in Mexico and hears all the stories especially in the North they would have to be super stupid to put their life in the hands of God!
    With a truck like that what they hell were they thinking??

  11. @January 26, 2011 7:18 PM
    Laugh all you want but anything and everything is possible now these days!! And second they couldn't investigate the crime because it was keep living in your little bubble lol

  12. Tragic, but CNN is more interested in the 'shock value' of the story than the
    'facts' are all the news outlets.
    Remember Geraldo at Tora Bora? Right in
    the thick of it.......two days later.
    Zapata after the Hartley shooting, I saw network hacks reporting as if it just happened.
    You guys and gals here do a great job in my opinion, and I appreciate your efforts.
    Take care, and God Bless.

  13. @ B need to lay off those mystery novels...jajaja


  14. You people are so rude and uncaring!! My family knows these people and they were missionaries giving their lives to help other people and you sit around and say such horrible things about people you don't even know. You really need to get a life and stop saying nasty things about situations that you know NOTHING about!! They did put their lives in the hands of God, because they LOVED God with all their hearts and wanted to help other people know the God they love!

  15. YOU people that said bad things are so mean, Bro Davis did not shoot his wife , get a life he was trying to get Sis Davis help. May God have mercy on your souls.

  16. Buela, they were shot at before? I didn't see that in the article. By the way, reading 'Murder City', just bought it. Bowden has a style that I grow tired of, because he refuses to use concrete factual details, often relying on first person interviews, but the book is....hard to say good, it's like reading a bunch of borderland beat articles at once. it is a heavy book.

    That's all anyone is saying, 8:25 PM, they put their lives in gods hands by traveling out there, anyone does, esp. in a narco vehicle. It is what it is. A horrible thing though, regardless.

  17. The same is happening in Nuevo Leon..Same war, some figures.

    Vehicles are needed. Trucks, SUVS, and a handful of other vehicles will be used, other are sold for cash.

  18. I saw something a few months ago, that CDG hung banners telling citizens of a city/community that I forgot the name of, they were taking their cars, and to stay off the street when they did it. It was right after Tony Tormenta got killed.

  19. You guys don´t get it, GOD left San Fernando and a few other cities in Mexico since 2007, and defyng GOD is just plain stupid and naive. It does not matter that your heart is in the right place, if you go to hell, you get burned. And you certainly don´t go in a vehicle that the devils little demons like/need. Besides we are praying to God and they are praying to santa muerte, which sadly does win sometimes.

  20. J..
    it was not CDG in my town but that happened last spring and again in the summer. They did something I don't ever hear or read about, banners yes, but also flyers. they took 26 vehicles on one weekend, including 2 on the international bridge. I also remember one banner gave safety "instructions" don't wear black, stay indoors when dark...and gave the dates, yes gave the dates that they would be in town. sureal. about Bowden, I would have read Down by The River First. I love his books and his style, but I know what you mean.

  21. @ 8:25PM
    I know it can seem rude and uncaring but for me if I read they have been shot at before, well I have been doing humanitarian work for years in Mx and have friends with that have worked decades there, not one person ever has exp being shot at. we know Mexicans that have been killed, kidnapped etc but not one of us have be shot at. So when I read that Maryanne Wheeler, a friend of the Davises for 20 years says they were shot at before that perks my interest.

    Brito...mystery novels not for me, enough excitment with the real stuff. that was not me that came up with the scenario of the husband killing the wife, but I can see how the person got there, tho not convinced yet. The husband said SHE was driving and they SHOT HER as they drove up to the DRIVERS side. if she is shot, how the hell did he control the car, with the Zs (guessing) next to the drivers window shooting at the drivers side and switch places with her all while out driving, out speeding the Zs? Just asking ...
    the family folkore is I began talking in sentences at 9 months and my first word was "why?" jajaja

    here is the link again about her friends comments




  23. I read 'Down By The River', he was a little more restrained on that one, 'Shadow In The City' is readable, but he took the style to the extreme in there, frustrating book.

    Maybe they fired a shot from a distance, and just kept going, coked up sicarios messing around. San Fernando is Zeta territory right? Where they found the 72 last summer. That damn truck is the problem if you ask me, but depending on the orders, mood, group, etc of the gunmen anyone can be a victim. They could have thought they were CDG or vice verse.

  24. build a fence around mexico
    drop thousands of guns and ammunition all over it
    put in earplugs, turn up radio
    go back in ten years

  25. These people lacked total common sense. I don't care how much faith in God you have you don't drive a SUV or a Truck to do missionary work in Mexico. If they wanted to spread the word of God they would have been safer in Iraq.

  26. There was a time not to long ago that killing an American citizen was like killing a jew in Isreal is today,in otherwords there would be immediate and severe retaliation. Guess its not politically correct anymore, makes you proud.

  27. You know Anonymous @ 8:00 am, I agree with you too! I can bet you my paycheck, as small or large as it may be, that the U.S. will do NOTHING about this! Not politically correct as you say! They can't get anything done because of their "cranial rectal inversion!"

  28. Americans need to stay home and stop trying to help people who there is no help for
    charity begins at home

  29. It is very sad when someone, who was doing God's work, gets killed in the service of God. There is no personal gain in that kind of work, it is hard, and often goes unappreciated.

    However, the message being sent here is that the sicarios and others do not care about anything at all, not a missionary, not a Priest, and not even children.

    You may believe God will protect you, but God also gave you a brain. It's simple, use it and don't drive vehicles like these in Mexico. Help the people leave instead of helping them stay in harms way.

    Alaba a dios!

  30. no, no, no... black truck working as missionaries in St Fernando which it's a sicario town... at least they would put a label on it to identify them from others. Sicarios do not respect anybody even mexicans; till now they have more than 34,000 people killed due to their drug war. So do not visit Acapulco because they are over there too.

  31. Guys, I feel for the passing of the lady. BUT, I have raise some very uneasy doubts which NO ONE seemingly has caught on so far: coming from San Fernando to the Pharr Bridge, this fellow and his wounded wife would have had to drive by several checkpoints: Illegal and otherwise.

    At the very least they must've driven by the Mexican Customs Border Strip checkpoint. And at least three SEDENA/SEMAR checkpoints.

    Then, you mean to tell me that he drove all across Reynosa (which has SEDENA/SEMAR patrols all over it), paid toll and reached the US side and NO ONE noticed a wounded woman passenger nor did he ever consider seeking medical/ law assistance at all ???

    This DOES NOT make sense.
    Sorry. NOT likely.

  32. I agree with the last comment. How did he make it through all the check points with her injured?

  33. Any "feo" worth its Maruchan would have caught up and not let them flee the scene.

    Or would've radiod ahead and have them intercepted.

    This is all way too confusing and suspicious.

  34. @ jan 27 ..12:28

    I did think of going thru stopping points, but thsough I have crossed many border intl bridges I had not crossed Pharr, and each is desgined differntly so I did not venture to guess. FOr ex the one I cross frequently has only one toll stop on Mx side and then nothing until the US POE, most often there is no line and green light at one or more booths, unless 4-6PM or in early morning. But I did think of that and I would like to hear this mans tale from his lips. I could go either way on this, but I keep going back to:
    she was driving...
    Zs were next to the car on drivers side shooting
    how did he move her body and take control w/o injury
    and the circumstances for the previous "being shot at"


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