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Friday, December 3, 2010

Zetas responsible for Panama and Dominican Republic, Arrested

Eduardo Ramirez Valencia, alias “El Profe” was detained on Wednesday along with an accomplice in the state of Hidalgo, who allegedly handled drug smuggling operations from Panama and the Dominican Republic into the US.

Ramirez Valencia was detained with an accomplice Wednesday in Hidalgo state in an operation that fractured a major route for transporting drugs from those two countries to the US. It is said that Ramirez collaborated closely with Heriberto Lazcano, leader of the infamous Los Zetas cartel. Officials hope to further investigate the group and learn the routes that the group used to smuggle narcotics into the US, further crippling the cartel.

Ramirez is said to have been the one responsible for providing security for Heriberto Lazcano whenever he visited Hidalgo, his operating point.


  1. looking forward to the day "La Lazca" gets apprehended! I have a feeling it will be sooner than later.

  2. Mexico has had a place in the American mindset as having always been a lawless country.(Even most Mexican Americans will tell you that) From politicians to the drug trade and all its violence. This image has been enhanced even further by illegal immigrants constantly trying to jump ahead of other legal immigrants in getting to this country as shown on our newscasts every night in the U.S. A great deal of the drug seizures can be traced to Mexican nationals. Sure there are drug gangs of other races and nationality- but right now it is predominantly mexican. All of this leads to apathy on the American part. Why should the U.S. really want to take serious mexicos problems? Mexicans need to someday take the rule of law seriously and join the ranks of highly developed nation

  3. Highly developed nations like the USA? We have the screwy anti weed law. Go figure. Willie Nelson is doing something about it. Join. The Tea pot Party.

  4. Poor soul who cannot distinguish the qualities of "highly developed nations" and pot users. How many habitual pot users have created the microsofts, googles, or cisco systems companies to name just a few? Do you think druggies are going to spend their time creating wealth--or looting wealth that has already been created?

    And don't tell me drug cartels create wealth--not in the legitimate, free trade sense. They extort wealth and prey on the meek and weak individuals who think they needs drugs to live. They are users in every sense. True businessmen are producers and they produce something of value.

    Don't kid yourself into thinking the world would be a better place if everyone could smoke pot. It's the young, developing minds that I am worried about. How many people would be adversely affected if they could sit around and smoke pot all day?

  5. @8:45-"Why should the U.S. really want to take serious mexicos problems.." Because it's not just Mexico's problems. Think about it, if there was no consumption of drugs here, do you think that this whole business would flourish? I refer you to the cases of Paris Hilton and the olympic swimmer Phelps. Also, remember that American weapons are making their way down south. Refer to the testimony of La Barbie and El Grande who mention that they get their weapons from here, which makes sense-why would you drive 20 miles when there is a Walmart 2 blocks away?

  6. If people would give up drugs and face reality would put a big dent in the drug business. Yes, I have smoked some pot before. I didn't see much use in it. I never have done drugs, I never saw the need to get high. Life is a high. I especially am disdained by the Hollywood type of crowd and people in sports. People like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan just get a slap on the hand and are let go. If I was doing the things they do I would be arrested for drug use, indecent exposure and put in prison for a long time.

    As far as Mexico, how can they stop the cartels when most likely half or more of their government, police and military are corrupt?

  7. Wow look who didn't reply to this story 'lito 'brito, I'm shock he didn't take his Cheer leading pom poms out cuz we all know he always cries about the Zetas all the time, look lito brito they caught some major players....where are you so you can stop whining and crying all the time about the Zetas, and the government not doing anything about them.

    thats all i am saying...i mean which one has went from being a tool being a major player....

    you tell me ?


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